Source: AD España

Oh dear god! is that a furry sofa? A furry polar bear sofa? I may have died and gone to mid century heaven (or Hell if you’re not into furry sofas….which is most of you). If you keep in touch with this blog at all then this won’t surprise you. You’ll know my taste is FABULOUS bizarre cool quirky……different. So yep, furry sofas and chevron floors make my hot list.

Source: Lichten Craig Architecture

How much do I love this image?!? I think that one of the most attractive features you can add to a house is a good home library and this one is near perfect (in my opinion). It may be slightly indulgent to have a small room dedicated solely to your books and pieces (see what I did there?), but if you have the space I can’t think of a better use.

Source: Lorenzo Gironi

You know when you see something and you go on a manic hunt to find it? Yep - so that happened. I’m slightly obsessed with these chairs at the moment. Maybe it’s because I’m loving pink right now but I just adore them!. I will track them down but in the mean time if any of you lovely people out there know who makes them then please do share!

***NEWS FLASH!*** after much hunting I’ve found them! They are the Elettra Lounge Chair by Arflex. Of course they cost more than my life…. (typical) but a girl can dream.