Maison Margiela Couture Spring/Summer 2017

In creative director John Galliano’s latest Maison Margiela Couture collection, snpachat filters come to life and reality is beautifully altered. Maison Margiela is known for the deconstructionist and oft-surrealist principles of its founder. 

Taking something apart and rebuilding it with off-center skew is as much a part of the house’s DNA as those signature cloven-toe shoes. The controversial Galliano didn’t disappoint; taking that cloven-toe motif and amping up the bizarre factor for this instant-classic couture collection.


As part of the exhibition “Double Je”, at the Palais de Tokyo (Paris), artists Mathias Kiss and Janaina Mello Landini collaborated together to make an installation in a common room. 

Entitled Labyrinth, this room included two works: Golden Snake by Mathias Kiss and Cyclorama 36 by Janaina Mello Landini. 

On the one hand, gilded frames form a long snake and the other a large black rope divides into branches and sticks to walls like a spider web of infinite ramifications.

Photos by Aurélien Mole



March 25 - Dance 802

7:17 p.m., Gentilly.