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Pink Floyd, Echoes

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We are delighted to be partnering with Art Saint Germain des Prés. 

Saint-Germain-des-Prés has long been the iconic and historic center for culture and art in Paris. Every year, the association Art-Saint-Germain-des-Prés and the local galleries come together to represent the three main specialties of the neighborhood: Modern and Contemporary Art, Art Deco and design, tribal art, and archaeology.

Get a sneak peek of the event before the opening celebration this weekend! 

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Nada Surf, Weightless

Basile Pesso-Paris © May 2 012-First broadcast September 2 012

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Beautiful City

Pulp, Help the Aged

Basile Pesso-Paris © 2 012-First broadcast September 2 012

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This image had been the opportunity, as it happens on blogs that fulfil their function (exchange, especially of knowledge and not just babbling and threading of clichés) of discussions around the evolution of cities, architecture, what social work had been, what it can mean today (Paris’ case, that I know better than the rest of the places), how it is recuperated, etc. One year and a half later, after the passing of the destructors, my blog on that platform of photography, which was one of the top 5 of all the platform for two years, was a field of ruins, without any possibility of getting the pages back even for myself (actually it was possible but the mention of that has been added by the boss right after the possibility of recovering it). After that, I have tried other platforms and my magazine, in which I speak alone and the crowd listens. It’s not what I wanted, I’m not a king with subjects. I have never gotten back the exchanges’ quality of this first platform, which, unfortunately, was filled with a bunch of heavy trolls, not a lot, but sufficiently obnoxious to break all will to go further in the evolution of mentalities and visions on life and art. All that could have been stopped with something very simple : the action of the responsible to watch, understand, and act. But this person just didn’t like me, or some other people, because they were criticizing (with humour and without insults) some of his choices of best images of the day. Also, he didn’t want to make something tiring : watch what was going on. To click on buttons to suppress people without warning is easier, and in a way, funny for people who think they can dare everything, as well as letting the trolls’ blogs intact. You think this text is slandering ? Then why would I write it ? Because these are just the facts, and because every protagonist of this sordid affair exactly know what their role has been. I don’t love to spoil my images with these things but sometimes some things are good to be recalled. Our memory is sacred, in any field.

Show Room

A show by It’s Our Playground

With documentation of artworks by Eva Berendes, Anna-Sophie Berger, Stéphane Devidal, Ditte Gantriis & Zoe Williams

7.05 - 24.06.2015 at Glassbox, Paris

Brian Hubble - Monogram - upcoming solo show
Opens on the 19 September 2015 at Less is More Projects in Paris
Brian Hubble and our #new artists Gill Button (UK) and James Powers (USA) will exhibit during our second presentation at YIA Art Fair #05 in Paris - October 2015
Visual: drawing by Gill Button - Courtesy the artist and Less is More Projects, Paris

My recent work; small office room design for unique vision HQ in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
as i promised, here is my 10 tips For creating a small room to look and feel bigger;
1. Paint or wallpaper the ceiling to make the room look taller.
2. Use light colors on the walls and the floor.
3. Make use of hidden storage and multi-purpose items.
4. Choose statement furniture that fills the room.
5. Use stripes to elongate the space.
6. Leave your windows uncovered to give a room more depth.
7. Buy glass or lucite items
8. Use rugs or different floor pattern to separate one room into smaller spaces.
9. To create unity, use different shades of the same color.
10. Furniture with exposed legs is key. and Good Luck :)
Small Office Room Designed by Intraform #Interiors #OfficeDesign#customFurniture #furnitureDesign #InteriorDesign #Art #Design #Unique #Contemporary #Architecture #NewYork #Paris #London #Milan #Melbourne #Sydney #Saudi #MyDubai #دبي #الرياض #السعودية (at