Tim Silver

The multidisciplinary practice of Sydney-based artist Tim Silver is inextricably hinged on time, both conceptually and materially. Working across sculpture, photography and installation, Silver explores the interface between time and decay, particularly in relation to the human body. 

His sculptures are often made from entropic materials, such as fairy floss and putty, which begin to decompose from the moment of their assembly. By photographically capturing these stages of decay, the artist presents us with a microcosmic image of our own inevitable trajectory towards death. 

Happy birthday to iconic American artist, Robert Rauschenberg, who was born on this day in 1925. Rauschenberg challenged traditional categories of art through his inventive combinations of subject matter, materials, and processes. In this brightly colored work, the artist juxtaposed found images and abstract shapes using paint and traditional silk screening. To view more works by Rauschenberg in the Museum collection click here.

Flush,” 1964, by Robert Rauschenberg (Art © Estate of Robert Rauschenberg/Used with permission of the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation)

ANGELA BULLOCH - Five Form Stack: Red, Wine & Beige, 2016, Stack of five irregular rhombus, MDF painted Beige, Red and Deep Red, 150 x 30 x 50 cm, 59 1/16 x 11 13/16 x 19 11/16 inches, Image courtesy of Simon Lee Gallery