Threading Unique Gardens Of Wool Carpets And Tapestries Which Make Themselves At Home

Artist Alexandra Kehayoglou commences a painstaking journey to weave remnants of yarn into wonderfully real natural scenes of mossy fields, weedy tufts of grass and pastures and water - as a tribute to her family’s carpet factory in Buenos Aires. These lush and woolly carpets transform dull interiors and give them life, as well as a natural touch. From chair coverings to carpets to tapestries, the artist has used different textures and weaving techniques into one piece that mimic the rich gardens and meadows which inspire her.

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Emerald Meadows Estate, Steamboat Springs |  Homeadverts

Tucked away in 110 acres of lush green forest in northwest Colorado, Emerald Meadows Estate offers expansive views of our breath-taking valley and the dramatic mountains beyond.


Day 202: Marcela Bolívar

Marcela Bolívar is digital artist from Colombia who specialized in photomontage techniques. All her compositions are based in photographs that undergo a complex process of transformation, assemblage and detailing, bringing them closer to a pictorial expression.

// better

I am a lost soul

wandering the world

for a place that I belong.

I may not know who

or where I’m supposed to be,

but I know I was born

to create infinite beauty.

To create laughter

and bliss in the lives I’ve touched,

and to leave the world

a better place than it was

before I entered it.

To encourage humanity

to expand their minds

outside society’s superficial box,

and to love so fiercely

that you reveal pieces of yourself

you didn’t even know existed.