Intriguing Conceptual Sculptures by Daniel Arsham

New York based sculptor Daniel Arsham’s creates minimalist sculptures, which combine the concepts of art, architecture and performance. Arsham’s inclusion of architecture in his work is unconventional, it is use for the purpose of juxtaposition, instead of function, which makes his work highly intriguing. To create contrast, the artist introduces ordinary or sterile environments, such as a white wall, and gives it another dimension with the insertion of playful objects such as a chair or mysterious figures. Overall Arkham’s contemporary stance is conceptual and serves its purpose as a trompe l’oeil.

Join us on August 19 to toast contemporary mixed-media artist Anthony Campuzano. The evening will celebrate his recently acquired and installed work, “Forecast,” funded by the Young Friends. Free Young Friends event. E-mail to reserve your spot.

“Forecast,” 1998/2013, by Anthony Campuzano (Image courtesy of the artist)