Signs as Students

Aries: The student that is uses their phone during class or eats in class and is crazy loud but still gets good grades.

Taurus: The student who has a super messy backpack and can never find their stuff who loves to freeload off someone else’s food.

Gemini: The student who comes to school in sweatpants and dried drool but still looks good. 

Cancer: Doraemon student who has stationery to lend to anyone literally every single time.

Leo: Model student who has really good handwriten and is admired by most of the other school population.

Virgo: Teacher’s pet who has colour coded notes for everything and always volunteers in class, probably a 4.0 gpa too, but has a 24/7 resting bitch face.

Libra: Favourite student that every teacher loves, complains about a B grade and rolls their eyes at everyone while walkingin the hallway.

Scorpio: Rebel student that violates the dress code, most likely flipped a teacher off before, and is almost always on their phones.

Sagittarius: The student who skips school, lets others borrow their homework, has a ton of friends and is a trend-setter.

Capricorn: Mysterious student who nobody is actually sure of who they are but has somehow heard of their name.

Aquarius: The student who is super interested in English and Science, loves to read, but has very few friends as they are very picky.

Pisces: Popular kid who everyone loves and has a million friends, and will probably willingly share their stuff with you.

my personal experiences with each sign
  • aquarius: such a family orientated person, very INDEPENDENT, emotionally dettached, secretive, always late, caring, will be an amazing parent, into fashion/looking presentable at all times, has some weird habits, looks angry all the time, science hoe, hilarious
  • gemini: weird sense of humor, very closed off emotionally, hates drama, doesn't like sharing feelings, loves so hard, competitive, comes off as mean but is actually a teddy bear, SWITCHES up a lot, loves pizza, can't stand feet, gets excited when people have a similar sense of humor
  • virgo: a LITERATURE freak, passionate, shy, very kind to the people they care about, always makes sure you're alright, has an odd way of showing affection, can come off as a bit mean, loves to annoy you, weeb, woke af, not the type of person you'd expect to like rap
  • taurus: HORNY, so organized, loves to decorate their room, obsessed with their dog, has had a sugar daddy at one point, very kind, is wearing pajama/lounge clothes everytime i see them, doesn't give a fuck about anything, has an attitude
  • libra: everyone loves them, is only a sweetheart to really special people, fun to be around, lowkey a hoe, instantly brightens up your day, is always there for you, super considerate, usually the mom friend, will literally kill anyone who hurts them or their friends, evil, BOSSY
  • scorpio: sassy, crazy, LOUD, gets upset over the slightest inconvenience, isn't afraid to argue with you, always has to get their way, will do anything for the people they love, animal lover, buys whatever they want, the one still partying at 6am
  • leo: a total sweetheart, offers good advice, WITTY, super smart, very dramatic, friendly to everyone, i've never seen them get angry, lazy as fuck, loves to talk about themselves, calm and collected, easygoing, great vibes, does whatever they want
  • capricorn: can keep a secret, pretty QUIET, loves video games more than your average, a great friend, very mysterious, nice to literally everyone, is easy to get along with, very serious but can crack some funny jokes, responsible
  • aries: if they don't like you, you'll know, very VERY sweet to the people they care about, only cares about a few people, artistic, acts like a tough bitch but isn't really, has a crush on everyone, loves the outdoors, eats a lot, compassionate, AGGRESIVE
  • cancer: a NERD at heart, always talking to someone, can come off as shy or quiet but boy r u wrong, very respectful, protects the people they love, enjoys annoying people, when they get angry, they go crazy, always has to get their way, such a good imagination
  • sagittarius: brutally honest, doesn't seem like they have feelings but is actually sensitive af, often CONFUSED, crazy, so much energy, optimistic, can't stop singing even if they sound bad, loves everyone a little too much, always seeking adventure, takes pictures of the sky too often, space hoe
  • pisces: makes sure their friends are happy before themselves, laughs at offensive jokes, quiet, has a lot of social anxiety, can be aggressive, hates change, self deprecating jokes, SMART, angry, takes care of the people they care about, shy

just-french-me-up  asked:

I want to know the meaning of every tattoo you draw les Amis and co with ❤

omg!!! Okay hold on thight because this’ gon’ be a loong post:

at the moment les amis who don’t have tattoos are: Enjolras, Courfeyrac, Joly, Marius and probably Cosette. I’m also sure that Eponine has tattoos but I’ve never drawn them because I can’t decide

left arm:
- 3 roses (meaning: unknown)
- black band: it’s a personal reminder of his depression, it works as both a statement for himself, meaning that he doesn’t want to go back into that darkness, and as a general symbol, a black bad/stripe usually means mourn and he feels like he’s lost years/experiences/his smile for a long time, so he’s technically mourning
- “farouche” in cursive: a lot of people call him that, especially Enjolras, so he decided that was his favourite adjective ever
right arm:
- “art.”: a personal reminder that his goal is to make art from life, the full stop means that it’s a statement and that art’s the only thing needed to survive
- black band: it’s a personal reminder like the other one, this time it’s a memo to stay sober

left arm:
- The Solar System: both because of his love for science and astronomy and because “we are so little in the universe”.
- a moth: his favourite animal, not because it’s pretty/ugly, but because it’s naturally drawn to light even thought it’s a nocturnal animal and even thought it could kill it.
- the chemical formula of love: because he firmly believes that anything can be explained through science and yet some things still are a mystery
left side of torso:
- “etre libre” (written in Victor Hugo’s calligraphy): “the greatest thing of all”
- an Acathus (drawn in a classic style): this flower’s meaning are art (but it’s not the case) and friendship, and I went for the second one his friends’ being the best thing in his life.

left shoulder:
- hawaiian tattoo: his origins

I never drew him without a long sleeved shirt, but he has both upper arms tattoed
left upper arm:
geometric flowers: mostly because aesthetic, but the flowers are lilies that represent purity so it’s also an aro/ace statement*)
right upper arm:
-constellations (minimal: dots and lines): in these there’s Little Dipper with the Big Dipper, the Eagle and the Sagittarius. the first because it’s the contellation that holds the Polaris and because they are “twins” constellations, the second one because he lovees the eagle as an animal but would have never gotten it as a tattoo for the political implications, the third one because his “went into foster care-birthday” was the day the zodiac changed to Sagittarius (he doesn’t believe in Zodiac and Astrology tho)

right upper arm:
- a minimal crown (couple tattoo)
under his left shoulder
- a minimal lavander: it means “serenity” and stands both for his calm paced poetry and motto
on his left upper tight:
-geometric poppies composition

on his right hip:
- “what doesn’t break you makes you stronger”: covers a scar, his first car accident, it’s a reminder that he may fail hard in life but he will always come up stronger.
left and right wrists:
- dandelions: it’s his favourite flower

left under arm:
- roses: her favourite flower and a statement of love and passion

- roses everywhere (right collarbone/lower neck area, upper arms/elbows, right hand) : it’s an aesthetic statement and he loves roses though he’ll never admit it
left arm:
- minimal crown (couple tattoo, it’s the arm they hold hands with usually)
- the dark mark of the Death Eaters only that on the skull’s forehead there’s a cross: he comes from a very catholic family and he didn’t agree with that sin-morality, hence the skull with the cross on its forehead and a snake around (also he’s a nerd)
right arm:
- swallows: pirates were the heroes of his childhood and he just wanted to feel like one
- “elegance” in cursive: a motto he lives by
- a barber wire: it’s both because #aesthetic and to remember that he lived through hell (was it a war? A bad past? Depression??? only Jehan knows)
- black band: a symbol of mourning to remember a young crew/gang member that had passed away too soon
- geometric minimal diamond: a memory from his past as a criminal, it’s all smudged because it was his first tattoo ever and he’s still very attached to it, back in the day it was very fashionable and the Patron Minette’s members all did it as a group symbol
- rose and knife crossed inside a circle (minimal): again for aesthetic purposes and because he loved how that juxtaposition represented him
this is all I have for you, it came out so long so thank you to anyone who reads through all of this
*I in no way mean that aro/ace people are “purer”, I just feel like lilies could easily became aro/ace symbolic flowers

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