Happy #Toonsday everyone! Here’s a fun little treat for you Tex Avery, Joe Murray, and John R. Dilworth fans out there!

Sarah takes this funny business thing very seriously. Here she is warming up for an important shoot. She makes sure to stretch (and squash) before every session so she’s ready for anything the cartoon calls for! It takes hard work and practice to make this look good!

Little do you know I know you’re hurtin’ when I’m sound asleep
Little do you know I all my mistakes are slowly drowning me
Little do you know I’m tryin’ to make it better piece by piece
Little do you know I…
I’ll love you til the sun dies…
So lay your head on me…

Keith’s nightmares in S2 got me thinking…

  • N: (texting in the group chat) isnt it weird that we cant ride any other animals except horses. like if horses weren’t a thing humans would be fucked cause we couldn’t ride any other animals. like riding animals just wouldn’t really be a thing. we should probably be more grateful to horses
  • Leo: elephants
  • N: blocked
  • Hongbin: camels
  • N: extra blocked
  • Hyuk: donkeys
  • N: ultra blocked
  • Ravi: bulls
  • N: mega blocked
  • Ken: that dick
  • N: ... followed

A passageway in the Canal Street Station on the R and W Lines.