Orc Fighter and Dwarf Fighter: Is there an orgy at this party?
DM: Roll to see if whats happening at the party
Orc: Nat 20
DM: Fine. Yeah, there is a small orgy.
Orc: Can I join?
DM: *sigh* You know what, sure.
Dwarf: is there any food around them?
DM: No?
Dwarf: can I make a stand and sell bacon pancakes so they can refuel.
DM: Roll to build a stand
Dwarf: nat 20
DM: Fuck it. You build a stand so great it is now a permanent fixture of the village. Are you guys happy now.
Dwarf: yes
Orc: Can I roll for how many boggarts are in this orgy with me?
DM: We’re done here.

“God, you always look so hot” Harry Styles Smut.

Part one

This wasn’t requested, this was just another random creation inspired by the idea of Harry getting turned on by watching you get ready.

Includes: A tiny bit of fluff(?), a tiny bit of frustrated horny Harry, and smut ;)

I don’t know how many parts this will be and I think this part is bad but this will probably be two parts.


please enjoy!

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