Conspiracy Theories

looking for an ibf

heyyy i’m looking for a long term friendship, preferably a best friend. i don’t have a lot of close friends irl because i have 0/10 social skills but i find it much easier to find ppl similar to me or with similar interests online so well here i am. let’s get to it, here are some facts about me and what i look for in a friend:

-i’m norwegian

- i watch the walking dead, brooklyn nine nine, how to get away with murder, one day at a time etc. i would prefer if you watch at least one of those shows or is open to watching them

-i have a cat and a dog

-i’m a huge introvert

-i love conspiracy theories and other mysteries

-i love harry potter (the books and the movies, i’m a ravenclaw)

-i might rant a lot, i love rants and i would gladly listen if you want to rant too


-don’t be prejudiced against someone’s sexuality, gender expression, religion, race or nationality

-be open to videochatting when or if you ever feel comfortable enough. there’s an app named rabbit on which you can videocall while watching a movie or tv show.

-i love memes so i hope you don’t mind if i send you memes or funny videos occasionally ajsjdjd

-i make vine references

-i don’t care how old you are, just be mature

if you prefer imessage, whatsapp, instagram or twitter then that’s fine, just dm me and i’ll give you the information.

Disney animators: Awe, this will be a cute little Easter egg to put in the movie

Die hard Disney fans mapping out conspiracy theories, multiple universes, timelines, and assassination plots:

I think a big part of the reason I love cryptids is that they’re literally the only subgenre of conspiracy theories where you can be reasonably assured it isn’t secretly about hating Jews. Like, when people talk about aliens or lizard people or sinister banking cabals, at least 80% of the time when you look up the foundational literature it’s a bunch of Antisemitic rot and “lizard people” is just a codephrase for “Jews”, but there are very few neo-Fascist whackjobs out there claiming that Bigfoot is Jewish.