Console Room

TARDIS Ambient Console Hum
  • TARDIS Ambient Console Hum

Whovians – plug in your headphones, sit back, and close your eyes.


I’ve been up all night patching together these sound files, so I may as well pass them along. Each of these is approximately one hour long and they’re all perfect for ambient noise purposes, relaxation, meditation or playing at a party to impress (or possibly disconcert) your guests.



Came out of cake retirement to make a Dalek cake for a DOCTOR. 

It lit up and had a custom sound board built into the cakestand.  I got to coach Colin Baker on how to destroy a Dalek :)

More photos:

Video of the sound working:


Production Designer Edward Thomas explains the process of designing the TARDIS console room, for when Doctor Who returned to our screens back in 2005.

Taken from the Doctor Who Series 1 DVD special feature, “Designing Doctor Who”.