Conrad Achenleck


I love Valentine’s Day literally just because I have an excuse to make these silly things :)c

Here’s to assuming everyone made it out of that situation alive.

I’m going to be making fanfictional comics that take place after where Tessa Stone left off. I’m not continuing the canon comic’s story, cause I honestly don’t know where Tessa was taking it and I don’t think that’s something I should try to touch, but these will be little side comics. I’m calling them “hinabn: Afterthoughts” Hopefully I’ll get better at mimicking Tessa’s style.

All characters belong to Tessa Stone. I don’t own anything. 

Here I go again, trying to keep dead things alive. I doubt most of my followers will know what this is and I doubt there are very many original fans still searching the tags, but this is Conrad and Doc Worth from the amazing and tragic web comic “Hanna Is Not A Boy’s Name” by Tessa Stone.

It’s been years since it was abandoned and will probably never start back up. But I love it too much to let it fizzle out. As usual, I plan on making some hinabn comics.


Aaand here’s the last of my collection. It’s possible there are a few hiding somewhere on my external harddrive, but I’m pretty confident this is most of it. If you know who commissioned certain images, let me know!

And, of course, if you’ve got some that you don’t see here, please, please share with me! :D