A Game of Tease | Conor Maynard Fanfiction

“Stop it, Conor!”, I managed to put forward between fits of giggles and laughs.

“Make me.”

A sly smirk crept up on Conor’s face while his hands still roamed my body, trying to find more ticklish spots. In an attempt to defend myself, I tried to restrain him by taking a hold of his wrists but as soon as my armpit was exposed he used his other hand to tickle me there, causing my attempt to fail.

“Please stop”, I laughed, tears forming in my eyes.

Now don’t get me wrong. Feeling my boyfriend’s hands all over my body was a great thing and I had absolutely nothing against that. It’s just that I was extremely ticklish. And I didn’t like being tickled. Conor knew that.

While one hand remained on my torso, I felt how his other hand moved down my body. His fingers grazed my skin where my shirt had moved up due to all our movements and it sent chills over my whole body. At first I thought he was going to try to make me horny because he briefly stopped when his fingers arrived between my legs. My gaze met his and I could see the lust in it. I bit my lip hard in an attempt not to moan when he pressed his fingers roughly against my jeans, not wanting to give him the satisfaction.

But the lust in his eyes was quickly replaced with smugness, leaving me confused for a second. That was until I felt his hand move to my feet, tickling me again.

My laughter picked up again after dying down for a moment and I tried to get rid of his hands by kicking the air but he was persistent.

Since all of my attempts to rid myself of his damned fingers failed, I had to resort to something I knew was going to work - his weakspot. I mustered up all my strength at once and tried to overpower him. My sudden movement took him by surprise and before I knew it I was on top of him, holding his wrists down. In his wonderfully blue eyes I could make out surprise but also impress.

“You really did make me stop. But do you think this will hold me down forever?”

Conor smiled, showing off his wrinkles. Now that was my weakspot. At least one of them. But I forced myself to not let it faze me. I already could feel him struggling to get out of my grip but I couldn’t let that happen.

“Oh, who said I was done?”

Now it was my turn to flash him a sly smirk. Before he could reply, I lowered my head to his neck and started kissing and sucking on it. He almost instantly let out a moan and I could feel him stop struggling.

“I hate you”, I heard him mutter but I could already feel his bulge growing under me. I couldn’t help but grin, though I continued my small torture. Slowly, I moved my lips and tongue up and down his neck, licking and kissing him, sucking on him until there were hickeys visible.

When I was sure he wouldn’t tickle me again, I let go of his wrists to move his shirt to the side so I could reach his collar bone. His moaning didn’t stop, it got louder if anything. Now that his hands were free, he placed them on body but only to push me closer to himself. I felt his fingers move up and down my back until they settled at my behind, grabbing and massaging me there.

“Fuck”, I heard him whisper.

I stopped the neck kissing for a second and raised my head to grin at him.

“I should’ve never told you about my weakspot”, the brunette mumbled while pouting playfully.

“Oh, I think this worked out perfectly fine”, I responded with a smug expression on my face.

He raised his eyebrows and then mimicked my facial expression. Without wasting another second, he grabbed a hold of my hands and this time it was his turn to overpower me.

“Two can play at this game, you know?”

My eyes widened at his words when I understood the meaning behind his words. I tried to break free but it was already too late. I felt his lips on my neck and soon after his tongue followed, sliding up and down my neck. I tried to hold in my moans, again not wanting to give him the satisfaction. But I knew he knew what I was up to because I felt his lips form a grin on my neck. And before I knew it, he playfully bit me, making my mouth open to finally let out a moan.

“Alright, you win”, I mumble resigned, forming my lips to a small pout. Conor raised his head to grin at me.

“Glad to see we came to a mutual understanding.”

When I saw the wrinkles his face formed when he smiled, I almost lost my facade. But I was determined not to lose my cool, so I kept on pouting. That’s when the smugness left his eyes and it was replaced with something different. Something I couldn’t quite name. But that something was soft, it was tender and full of love.

“That pout doesn’t suit you, you know. I’d much rather see you smile. Or do other things with your mouth”, my boyfriend slyly added with a short smile, though it faded quickly. I bit the inside of my cheek to keep a straight face and when I didn’t change my expression, he slowly lowered his head. Before, our eyes were interlocked, gazing at each other intensely. Though his eyes soon wandered off, taking in every little detail of my face, when finally stopping at my lips. He was still lowering his head, though it was agonizingly slow. When he was close enough so I could feel his warm breath on my lips and cheeks, I couldn’t keep it up anymore. My lips relaxed and parted a little bit, longing for Conor’s touch. His breath smelled so sweet and addicting, it was like a drug. I wanted more and I wanted it to never stop.

At this point, my heart was beating so fast and loud I was surprised Conor didn’t make a remark about it. Even after six months of relationship he still had the same effect on me like on the first day.

But Conor didn’t seem to notice any of it, he just continued to come closer to me. There were only inches of air keeping our lips from touching and I so desperately wanted to get rid of that distance but I kept still. I couldn’t even move if I wanted to. Every time his breath hit me it was like I was paralyzed. But it seemed like the brunette also wanted the distance between us to fade, so he slowly but surely closed the distance until our lips touched. Though it was more like a brush than a kiss, a light touch if anything. For a second neither of us moved but then I let out a shaky breath and longed for more. When I moved my lips to transform the light touch into a kiss, Conor moved back a few inches.

“Patience”, he breathes onto my cheek when I groan in frustration, though I could hear the restraint in his whisper. At least he’s suffering as well. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes, letting him play his game with me.

When he was sure I would keep still, Conor moved closer again. His lips touched mine again, it was the same as before - a touch but not a kiss. This time I really tried to restrain myself from moving but I couldn’t stop my heavy breathing. Suddenly I felt his warm fingers gently brush my cheek down to my neck and up again, giving me chills all over my body. I felt his other hand settle down at my waist, pulling me closer. Then finally, his lips moved, making it a bit easier for me to control my lust. I felt his lips grazing my chin, slowly moving upwards to my cheek and nose, only to settle down at my right eye, planting a soft kiss on it. He stayed like that for a second and then moved up to my forehead, still only brushing my skin lightly. Everywhere his lips touched me my skin burned slightly, longing for more, for a deeper touch. But Conor was grusome and didn’t give me what I wished for.

The soft touch of his lips continued down to the other side of the face, doing the exact same as before. It was like torture to me - he was there and he was touching me, kissing me even, yet I still wanted so much more. It took all my self control to not pull him into a kiss right then and there. I felt another gentle kiss on my left eye this time and I couldn’t help but let out a shaky breath.

“Fuck Conor, you’re killing me”, I whisper onto his neck.

I felt his lips form into a smile on my skin before he replied: “That’s the objective.”

When I felt his hot breath against my skin again, the paralyzed feeling was back. His sweet breath took away mine, leaving me light headed for a moment. Then he continued the torture, though he slightly changed it. He began kissing me softly all over my face, making my self control slowly melt away. But I noticed him also growing impatient - he wasn’t as slow as before and I could feel him grinding his body up against mine, his bulge now bigger than ever. His hand also moved from my waist down to my ass again.

Finally Conor’s kisses got closer to my mouth and my lips parted again, ready to embrace him, but still he avoided them. He made circles of kisses around them, slowly closing in on my lips. Just when I thought I couldn’t bear it any longer his lips hovered over mine for a few seconds, letting me feel his sweet breath once more, before they crashed onto mine. A feeling of pure satisfaction and lust spread across my whole body as our lips moved in sync, both of us trying to fight for dominance with our tongues. Suddenly I felt my fingers tangled in Conor’s hair, softly playing with it. It happened so fast it was almost like a reflex.

Our kiss started to take a rougher turn, our tongues touching and intertwining, exploring the other’s mouth. I felt Conor’s hand moving from my behind to the opposite side, trying to unbutton my jeans. I grinned when I understood what he wanted. I untangled one of my hands from his hair to tugg at his shirt and when I removed it and threw it off the bed, was the only time our lips weren’t interlocked. But when they met again it was even more passionate.

We continued to remove the clothes off of each other, roaming each other’s body with our hands and teasing the other with naughty touches and kisses. It was also just like before a fight of dominance, but this time with a little more sex in it. And with a little more I mean a lot more.

Ahhh guys! I finally finished it, I’m so happy! I’ve been meaning to write this for so long now but procrastination came in the way.

I would really love to hear some feedback! My mother tongue isn’t English, so please let me know if I phrased something awkwardly or wrong.

I’m also taking request, so ask away! (Be aware that I procrastinate a lot, so it might take a while. But I’ll try my best!)

Also, I swear this oneshot originally had a plot. But then it turned into this lmao
But I will start writing on my original idea soon, it’s really cute!

But anyways, I hope you enjoyed it. Thank you for reading and I hope you have an amazing day! ❤️


For the people who haven’t seen it Dan and Phil vs Conor Maynard !