First trailer for Wonder Woman.


“In the beginning you said that your only sin was that you asked more of the sunset. Meaning, I suppose, that you wanted more from life than was good for you. You were a human being demanding your right and more than that, you were a woman demanding your right. Do you think if two men would’ve walked down a train looking for women, do you think anybody would have raised an eyebrow? Or if a man had led the life you had? And the story about Mrs. H would’ve been extremely banal if you were a man and your conquest would’ve been a woman. When a man leaves his children because of desire, we accept it with a shrug, but with you as a woman, you had to take on a-a guilt,a burden of guilt that could never be alleviated. And all in all, all the blame and guilt that piled up over the years became too much for you, you reacted aggressively-almost like a man I have to say-and you fought back. You fought back against the gender that had been oppressing and manipulating and killing you and billions of women.”
Nymphomaniac (2013) Dir. Lars von Trier