“Bailey is a 5 year old, 60-pound blind and deaf double merle aussie. Bailey is a very nice dog with excellent indoor manners who loves to go for ambles in his area. He is a dog that needs a routine as he is comfortable in surroundings he knows. He does not like being left alone and he definitely needs dog friends.” 

Montville and Norwich won’t be mistaken for Canal Street, but Fan’s research points to a unique set of modifications to classic suburbia.

The casinos themselves attract Asian populations across the Northeast. At Mohegan Sun, many Asian patrons arrive by Asian bus lines before playing Asian table games and eating Asian food. The casino’s convention center hosts concerts and pageants that cater to Asian audiences.

Outside casino property, front lawns—a new concept to many Chinese immigrants—are often repurposed into places for growing vegetables and hanging fish to dry. Common now, such repurposing was a cause for debate in the Fan household growing up. “My father’s a first-generation immigrant, a rural farmer, and he wanted to grow vegetables in our front lawn,” he recalls. “My mother, fearing the neighbor’s disapproval, was very much against it.”

Connecticut’s Unexpected Chinatowns

[Graphic: Stephen Fan]