Article by Caitlin Pupplett // Photography by RCSTILLS

The Feels resemble something similar to Modest Mouse but with heavier guitar tones and slower drumbeats, emitting a sense of laid-back indie rock. However, their live performance was that bit too mellow and left the audience feeling slightly awkward. It seems as if their image is one of indifference and filled with angst - reflected flawlessly through their songs - nevertheless they may want to perfect this image by also still being able to produce energy in their live performance. It may have simply been an off night for The Feels as they played in a venue significantly bigger in space, but this did not detract from their sound and musical talent. Their songs are incredibly tight and really make you want to know the lyrics and get involved, reflecting that 90’s grunge sound we all love. With eccentric guitar riffs, weighty lyrics and vocals screaming to be heard, The Feels complete the idea of heavy indie rock, and with a bit more gigging practice, will certainly be breaking into the Brisbane scene more regularly.

Antics were up next and with a solid group of fans coming along to support them they managed to fill the space of Coniston Lane a bit more sufficiently. Their set started off with these eerie guitar tones, which lasted for a good thirty seconds or so as each of the band members (apart from the guitarist) made their way on stage. With a few clicks of the drumsticks Antics launched into their first song, a medley of deep bass tones, quirky guitar riffs and intriguing lyrics. The rest of their set remained incredibly tight and well rehearsed, something you would expect to see from bands twice their age. Though their stage banter could definitely be improved, they remained upbeat, and entirely passionate about performing, giving the audience an incredibly positive energy. The set was filled with variety, from songs that really slowed down and then broke into dense bridges filled with no lyrics t just incredibly evocative music, to some really funky numbers introducing a keyboard and tambourine. Antics certainly showed their best side throughout this performance through their well-rehearsed and diverse set.

If The Strokes and Vampire Weekend had a baby together, Young Night would be it. A big call, I know, but Young Night simply brought the house down that night at Coniston Lane, drawing in a huge supportive crowd accompanied by a creative and snug set. As this was the launch of their new single, Picasso, the band seemed prepared and ready to reflect their almost newer sound. Meshing together these wonderful and funky guitar melodies, upbeat drums, and well-rehearsed harmonies, this single promises to be a hit. The rest of their set however showed their assorted talent; along with their own tunes they played a cover of The Strokes song, Last Nite, which really got the crowd beaming.  Their stage presence and talent was only reflective of a band who have spent many gigs together, know each others musical strengths and weakness and know how to work that amongst a song. With their witty, yet unpretentious lyrics and quirky pop hooks, this four piece indie rock band, really know their stuff, and are set to continue to please crowds, and amaze new fans amongst Brisbane.

Belligerents Live @ Coniston Lane

The Belligerents are at home in the Valley, at one with their surroundings. Wearing simple white tees, Lewis, James, Konstantin, Andy and White Stag looked so natural on stage I expected to see a recliner couch cushioned in the corner. From the first note of ‘Imagination’, the pace was electric. The crowd took the music and danced with it, heating a windy winter night. The Belligerents fall in line as indie dance, but it feels more like arrival music. Like when nearing a place where fun is expected and anticipated, say a mushroom pick or first day of Splendour — songs that builds a mood. 

The Belligerents were a unified group that responded to each other and the crowd. Lewis’ vocals moved with and above the instrumental play of this five-piece during ‘She Calls The Shots’. They incited the crowd to react and the young dancefloor accepted — Coniston Lane blew for ‘Infatuation’.

The Belligerents act was finely tuned, showing the progression their three years together has made. So wild and flagrant were The Belligerents, sweaty, danced-out faces smiled all around. “Encore” was chanted and the boys returned; there was no deterring the musical motion of this band. A big hug ended the show.