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fam is 400 chapters a lot or not a lot for a manga i'm confused

Heya anon! I guess it depends on who you’re talking to?

400 chapters = around 8 years of serialization, assuming no unexpected breaks or hiatus. Since BNHA just had it’s 3rd year anniversary, this means there’s still 5 years left.

For comparison, here are some well-known Shonen Jump manga:

  • One Piece currently has 871 chapters and will have it’s 20th year anniversary on July 19
  • Naruto had ~700 chapters and ran for 15 years
  • Assassination Classroom had ~180 chapters and ran for almost 4 years
  • Katekyo Hitman Reborn had 409 chapters and ran for 8 years
  • Haikyuu!! currently has 261 chapters and ongoing for 5 years

I guess most fans would want BNHA to be long like One Piece and Naruto! At least hit the 10 year mark or something with 500 chapters?

I personally don’t really mind the length, whether it’ll be long or short, what’s important to me is that Horikoshi will be able to tell his story and finish it properly.

Differences between the Anime and the Manga - Intro

I’m gonna be posting the differences between the anime and the manga for every episode. I’ll be doing each episode of s2 as it comes out, and in between each episodes, I’ll be doing s1.

Just like many others, I was hyped for season 2, so I decided to re-watch season 1 of the anime. It was only my 3rd time watching s1, and this time, I decided to re-read the manga as well along the way, just to see what kind of changes the anime team made.

I read the manga more than 10 times, and even though I knew that there were many changes in the anime, I was still surprised by how much.

First, I wanna say that I love the anime, I think the animation is amazing, the voice acting is perfect, and the music is beautiful. I liked watching every scene from the manga animated, and I liked watching fillers that we knew happened in the manga, but they weren’t shown (for example in ep26 that would be Mike slicing up the Titans, that was awesome).

So I’m hyped for season 2, and I can’t wait to watch all those amazing manga panels animated.

However, I don’t like when scenes from manga are deleted or changed, and I’m not interested to watch someone else’s head-cannons.

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Lunami Week 2017: Day 3- Trust

“Why you’re helping me? You didn’t even know my past nor my intentions. I might ended up betraying you again…”

“Nah..I trusted you since the beginning because you are my Nakama”

“hehe you’re a weird one, Luffy………but thank you very much, captain.”


Whoaaaa finally I made picture for day 3~ I plan to draw some comics but I come back home quite late today. ;A;  

So I only ended up with this fanart. This theme was quite difficult for me to draw because there are a lot of Lunami trust moment in the canon manga (kinda confused which one fit the best hahaha). 

btw I’ll be much appreciate if you like or reblog my arts. Also, please visit and follow my artblog..hehe (sorry for this shameful self-advertising). You can find more of my lunami artworks there. hehehe~ Hopefully you also enjoy Lunami week as much as I did..XD

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Hey, can you do something like the MC is like an otaku? Like she totally just sits around and just reads manga or watches anime. And btw this is my first request so excited!!! :)

I relate lololol
Also, woah, first request! I hope it lives up to your expectations!

-He’s probably seen the basic anime everyone has heard of.
-Like some episodes of DBZ or Pokémon.
-Yoosung would be open, to watching anime with you. He’d actually be excited that you like it because he’s always been curious about it and now he has an excuse to watch it without judgment.
-Don’t show him violent stuff. He doesn’t like violent stuff.
-Fluffy slice-of-life will work just fine.
-He might like Sword Art Online or No Game No Life or Log Horizon.
-He’d get blushy if you watched a romance together awwww
-You both have addictions.
-If Yoosung stayed up playing LOLOL, you stayed up with him, watching anime.
-He’d be like “go to sleep why are you still awake”
-And you’d be like “you’re not sleeping either”
-Then you’d both agree to go to bed together and pick up where you left off tomorrow.
-Or you’d both throw caution to the wind and stay up all night together but you both always regret it the next day.

-Zen’s pretty indifferent about it, except for the fact that you’re as addicted to it as Yoosung was to LOLOL.
-One day you told him his past wasn’t tragic  enough for him to have white hair.
-He was so confused.
-You attempted to explain to him that white-haired anime boys always have horribly tragic backstories so you were surprised his parents are still alive and he doesn’t have some sort of terminal illness.
-(His past is still misfortunate but shhhhh)
-“Wait… anime?”
-“…Yeah, anime.”
-“You like anime?”
-He kind of treats it like he treats Yoosung’s gaming addiction but much gentler because he doesn’t want to hurt your feelings.
-He’ll want you to stop watching anime and reading manga for at least long enough to take care of yourself, which means no more pulling all nighters to finish an entire season.
-Sorry not sorry.
-Who knows, maybe one day you’ll be able to convince him to watch something with you.
-Zen would probably like shows like Shirobako but wouldn’t admit it.

-Jaehee has always thought anime was a kid’s thing.
-It would take some convincing, but she’d try it out and watch something with you, but she’d probably only like a few shows.
-Jaehee would like the pretty bishounen boys.
-She’d probably like Ouran High School Host Club or Free! or any other shows with lots of pretty boys.
-Like Yoosung’s addiction, she’d try to get you to stop. Not because she has a problem with it, but because she thinks you like anime a bit too much.
-It’s okay in short sessions, not when it keeps you for 48 hours straight.
-That’s not okay.
-But, to make you happy, she’d buy you some anime merch when you show improvement as a motivator. Also she just likes seeing how happy it makes you.

-As you were moving all your things into your soon-to-be shared home, there were a few particularly heavy boxes.
-Jumin had gotten movers to help move all the boxes in of course so he didn’t notice them until he tried to reorganize the boxes in the house.
-These few boxes were so heavy. What could possibly be in these???
-He asked you what was in it and you couldn’t remember so you opened the box.
-So much manga.
-Jumin is confused.
-“Oh, my manga!”
-Jumin knows that manga is a like comic books and, like Jaehee, thinks it’s for children.
-Which you’re offended by.
-Say goodbye to all-nighters. He doesn’t like when you do that.
-But he does support your hobby because it makes you happy. He’d even get you a nice bookcase for all your manga.
-As long as you’re not locking yourself in your room and watching anime for unhealthy lengths of time, all is well.

-He’d pick on you.
-He hasn’t seen much because he’s always busy with the whole hacker thing.
-Once he stops working for his agency though, he would actually be open to watching anime with you if you wanted to.
-But lowkey.
-Saeyoung’s probably already seen Naruto not gonna lie,
-He’s pretty much open to all the genres so he’d be willing to watch whatever with you if you want him to.
-His sleep schedule has never been regular but he’s not going to allow you to follow his bad habits. You need to sleep so that you’ll feel better and more energetic.
-You’re anime will still be there when you wake up so just go to sleep.
-Saeyoung would try to fix his sleeping schedule with you so he doesn’t seem lie a hypocrite.
-He’d buy you lots of cute anime merch and new manga when it catches his eye.
-He actually thinks it’s cute that you like anime so much, even if he does tease you and call you an otaku.

-He would always be there to comfort you when your favorite character dies.
-They always do.
-It’s nothing abnormal to him. Plenty of people like anime also. It’s just like liking a specific kind of music to him.
-But, V doesn’t like when you don’t eat (or eat too much) because you’re watching anime, or when you pull all-nighters.
-That’s not allowed.
-V would take you to bookstores often to buy you manga. He’ll make sure to get you new volumes when they come out.
-He has definitely memorized the titles of all the series you really like, no matter how long and foreign they are.
-It’s evident that he would do anything for your happiness, so it’s no question that he’d watch anime with you if that’s what you want.
-As long as it’s nothing too violent or vulgar, he’d enjoy it.

-(Actual white-haired anime boy confirmed)
-He’s of course never heard of anime. Nor does he really care.
-It’s not a big deal to him. It’s just like any other TV show or book/comic book.
-All he knows is it’s originally a Japanese thing?
-He’d let you ramble about your favorite anime/manga and rant about plot and art style and all that fun stuff.
-Saeran doesn’t mind.
-You might be able to convince him to watch an anime with you if you’re lucky.
-Probably likes tragedies. Idk why I just feel like he would.
-He’s not one for the bright and cutesy anime or ecchi, but action and adventure are fine.
-Saeran would do his best to buy you new manga, but he has a difficult time remembering and pronouncing the titles.
-He’ll pull you away from it when you haven’t slept or ate because of it. It’s okay for you to have a hobby, but when it starts interfering with your health, it’s a problem.
-No matter how much you whine and beg, he’s not letting you pull all-nighters to finish as season. It’s not good for you and he won’t let you through away your health just for “one more episode”.
-One episode = 20 episodes and he knows that.

Hange Zoe’s Sex and Gender

So, most of us are aware about the complication in Hange’s gender. In the anime, Hange is a ‘she’, as what we can hear and see in her character voice and image. There are also a couple of times where she wasn’t referred to as gender-neutral but rather a woman. 

(I believe there’s an animated version of the panels below and I guess it’s safe to get the manga/Isayama’s version. There may be difficulty in the translations in English but in the Japanese version, Levi may have referred Hange in gender-neutral)

 Anime-only watchers wouldn’t be quite bothered with her gender because of how clear it is shown in the anime that she is indeed a woman. However, let’s take a look with how Isayama depicts the character in regards with the manga, the series’ source material. 

I observed how the mangaka does quite a bit of changes in Hange’s body. Like for example, there are few instances where Hange looks lean and tall that Hange can be considered as a man because of the lack of curves. If Hange’s figure is consistent, Hange will not be mistaken a woman aside from the long hair (some men grow their hair longer and nevertheless look masculine). However, 

Some panels in the manga confuses me with the chest part. If Hange’s a woman, she will have very small breasts, almost unnoticeable to the point that she may look like a chopping board. But if he’s a man, it will look rather feminine on him and that’s the time that Hange will be mistaken as a woman. 

I wonder why Isayama bothered with the eyelashes when I think it is one of the most  evident part of the body when differentiating male and female (it may be different with other series and their mangakas but I noticed Isayama doesn’t put excessive lines on the eyes of male characters to serve as eyelashes, correct me if I’m wrong). So I’ve come into conclusion that Hange Zoe is female based on her SEX. Basically, it refers to her anatomical reproductive system but she prefers her GENDER to be gender-neutral, where Isayama stated that Hange’s gender is up to the readers. Gender, as constructed by the society in taking masculine or feminine side; with how one perceive his/her gender identity within oneself.

In all honesty,I find it really interesting for Isayama to complicate Hange’s gender. But still, our dearest shitty glasses will always be interesting regardless of her gender. Thinking that she’s open with whatever gender people may view her as, it makes me think of how broad-minded and unbiased person she is with other people in regards to Gender Identity.

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Hello! But did the manga end or it's just the chapter tittle? I'm confused...

Nope, the manga is not over. Even though the editor’s note says “ending credits”, personally I don’t think the next chapter will be the last, considering all the loose threads right now such as Hide’s group.

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Was she in the manga at all, or just in like some obscure side pieces? I don't think I've skipped any chapters but...

yes she was in the manga. admittedly we haven’t seen A LOT of her but what we have seen has been some pretty majorly important stuff. maybe u did skip chapters or something?? are u even up to date? im confused by ur confusion.


she’s first mentioned by name (shimura, her family name) in chapter 57 by gran torino when talking to all might on the phone, and mentions that he believes the man who killed her, All For One, has swung into action again and is the one pulling the strings behind tomura shigaraki and the villain alliance.

her full name, nana shimura, is then dropped by AFO himself at the end chapter 91, during the fight with all might, as he begins mocking all might for spouting off the same lines his predecessor. and in the following chapter, 92, we get our first glimpse of her in a flashback, showing her encouraging toshinori (all might) to be proud of himself.

AFO then begins speaking very ill of her, enraging all might, before he reveals to him that shigaraki is her grandson. all might doesn’t believe him at first, and AFO continues to mock him as he quotes things she used to say, mimicking a smile pose she used to do.

and later after the battle, when all might, gran torino, and tsukauchi (all might’s detective friend) are discussing revelation that shigaraki is nana’s grandson, we see her once more.

any of this ring a bell?? if not and ur actually up to date, im concerned lol.

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Excuse me Bendy? Can toons die of a broken heart? Is it possible for toons to die of sadness? Emotions can either increase or decrease the production of important hormones such as adrenaline. Adrenaline has the effect of narrowing the main arteries, putting a person in a situation where they may die of heart failure. Humans can die of sadness and a broken heart. I just wanted to know about the toons can die of sadness and a broken heart.

“To answer your question… No, we can’t die of heartbreaks.
Our author can draw the death, but we’ll never truly die.

As long as people draw us, we never die.
That’s why I like fan Doujinshis and fanfictions.”


Mamoru brings Chibi-Usa home and between him and Usagi hangs this very awkward silence and again, it’s so refreshing for me that Chibi-Usa is portrayed unlike her 90s counterpart. Instead of coming between Usagi and Mamoru, Chibi-Usa silently follows Ikuko into the house and gives both of them space - and now, they have to confront their feelings (they fail at it, but still). They are both new at this - love, relationships and jealousy - and don’t know how to deal with it, that’s becoming painstakingly clear. At the same time, if not for Ikuko, Usagi and Chibi-Usa might also have the chance to talk - you can see how wistfully Chibi-Usa looks at Usagi. As it is, their relationship is still very shaky and continues to be so.

Usagi feels guilty for the way she treated Chibi-Usa, as we saw in the beginning of the episode. However, when she sees that Chibi-Usa was so close to Mamoru (yet again), she is confused and also hurt. Usagi doesn’t trust Chibi-Usa. She’s afraid that she’s actually a villain, that she works with the people who kidnapped Mars and seeing her so close to Mamoru (who is so trusting, perhaps even too much) doesn’t seem right to her. Yes, there is jealousy. Yes, Usagi has to learn to share the people she loves. But again, Usagi isn’t portrayed as irrational. Her emotions are valid and you can feel for her because they aren’t exaggerated. And Mamoru picks up on that. He understands her which is why he smiles reassuringly at her.

Mamoru trusts Chibi-Usa which is something Usagi can’t relate to (I talk about the reasons at length here) but he is very understanding of her feelings. He sees why it’s difficult for Usagi and tries to mediate between the two of them. He doesn’t come off as patronising (the same goes for Luna); instead, he encourages her to talk. He asks if she’s feeling better. Now, you get the feeling that Usagi doesn’t want to come off as petty, she doesn’t accuse him of anything but she has a hard time doing so. She turns her back to him and stays very matter-of-fact when relying that Chibi-Usa has a Crystal similar to her own. She doesn’t want to make a scene, she wants to appear calm and collected but she’s terribly confused. Again, both of them on their own but also their relationship is so easy to relate to. Usagi and Mamoru are teenagers in their first real relationship - the supernatural themes are just enforcing real-life struggles.

That’s what I loved about the manga, that their relationship developed step by step. It wasn’t easy, there were a lot of misunderstandings but they always talked about it, learned from the experience and moved on. It’s only partly a “Miracle Romance” - if you take out the reincarnation, the superhero battles and the utopian future, their relationship might not be perfect or miraculous, but very realistic which seems to have been Naoko’s intention.

[That’s why I’m so glad that there is an animated version of the manga. Don’t get me wrong, I love the manga and it’s whimsical drawing style, the powerful poses with the flowery imagery, the characters’ expressions, no matter if funny or serious. And I’m sad that some scenes I really liked in the manga were cut in Crystal. But an anime can do so many things to emphasise some ideas the manga could only touch upon, e.g. by using music, time lapses/slow motions, and of course the voice-actors in general - Crystal’s voice actors are amazing, Imo. And I said it before, but Crystal really benefits from knowing the whole five arcs. It’s something that always confused me about the manga/anime industry that they made an anime alongside the manga. I get that it’s profitable to use the hype that might surround the manga or to gain a broader audience for both - and it might work for stories with a loose plot - but for a heavily serialised form with a lot of character development, the anime version often seems to suffer (but this might have changed in recent years, Idk). The same would go for books/movies/TV shows, e.g. it will be very difficult for GoT after the next season without a new book to follow. Anyway, Crystal has the advantage of knowing the characters and their struggles and really focuses on that.]

This little scene right here underlines what I just said. It’s almost the same in the manga: Mamoru tells Usagi that Chibi-Usa might have come looking for Sailor Moon, so she can help her mother. But here in Crystal, it feels as if he’s saying it because he knows fully well that this plea for help might resonate with Usagi. First, he appeals to Usagi’s role as Sailor Moon who saves and protects innocents. And Usagi already proved how seriously she takes her role as a hero. And at the same time, Usagi is very compassionate. She makes friends out of the most unlikely people because she sees more in them and because she doesn’t believe rumours or outward appearances. CrystalMamoru already commented on that special gift of hers, particularly in episode 6 and he’s counting that Usagi will do the same with Chibi-Usa. And you can see that Usagi wants to be the hero Mamoru always sees in her. But wishing for something and acting accordingly are two very different things and at this moment, she’s not ready because she’s so caught up in her own issues. Ah yes, delicious angst, unresolved issues, misunderstandings - count me in. ^.^

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Okay, No, im not going to let those anons shit on a good anime, well decent at least, most of its problems were trying too cram the good but confusing story of the manga, if nothing alse it still one iconic late 90 - early 2000 anime with a tons of amv, specially that one with the evanescence song. just pure 90 otaku aesthetic

I don’t think anyone can deny that Elfen Lied had a great opener either.

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