What breaks my heart about the KageHina fight is that neither of them understands that they’re stomping on each other’s biggest insecurities.

Hinata is afraid that the freak quick will become useless and he won’t have any place on the court.

Kageyama is afraid that Hinata doesn’t need him anymore, and is about to abandon him like his Kitagawa Daiichi team did.

These idiot babies need to talk before they break each other’s hearts even more.


Noragami Aragoto EP12 || The Mystery behind Yato’s name
↳ It is revealed that Yato’s (夜ト) real name is actually Yaboku (夜卜). Yaboku contains the kanji Ya (夜 night) and Boku (卜 divination). Sakura mistakenly read 卜 as the katakana トto because of the similarities, thus giving the well known alias name Yato.

  • Kagepro music timeline:we've reached the bad end, reset --> manga timeline
  • Kagepro novel timeline:we've managed 0 reset somehow and we're carrying out the "capturing the kagerou daze" strategy
  • Kagepro anime timeline:we've reached the good end....but....?
  • Kagepro manga timeline:what the fuck is going on