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there are people out there who call makeout sessions and violent kissing in fanfics “cute” and im like ? ?? ?? ??? ? out of all the words in the english language, i promise that pushing him against a locker and slamming their lips together is not cute

Jongin held Kyungsoo’s wrists behind his back as he kissed and nibbled his way down the column of his pale throat until red marks began to bloom under his touch.

"omg so cute" 

A growl ripped its way out of Chanyeol’s throat as he saw the way Baekhyun looked up at him, his eyes glazed over in lust and desire, and leaned in to bite at his bottom lip .

"aw so adorable"

Sehun tore the buttons off Luhan’s white shirt before attacking the milky skin with his teeth, dragging as many lewd sounds he could from Luhan’s vocals before finally pressing their lips together.

"that’s so sweet"

no nO NO NO NO. 


"You look as beeyoutiful as the Betsy Ross bridge all lit up with lightning bugs."

It’s every family reunion I’ve ever been to.

so my friend from class came over after class and we chatted and drank cider and never got around to watching a film, but I apparently talked about my best friend so much that she was like ‘if you’re in [place where she works] on Saturday [when said best friend is visiting] drop in so I can see her’

Comeing out
  • <p><b></b> I tired to explain to both my mother and my grandmother that I feel like I am a boy. I had brought this topic to my mother when I was 12. She asked me if I was crazy. And if I needed therapist.<p/><b></b> My grandmother started to cry saying that the Internet messed me up and made me confused.<p/><b></b> At this point I am turning away from my family and looking at people like me. And that can help.
  • -Tyler<p/></p>
2015 Headline Winners for Uther Fanfiction categories!

Uther Fiction

The Pendragon Pride Award  (Best Gen)

  WinnerA Matter of Opinion by takebuo_ishimatsu
     “Arthur is embarrassed, Merlin is helping in his own annoying way, and Uther is just trying to keep a semblance of control of his son and his kingdom.  This is a fun little picture of the prince and his odd servant seen from Uther’s frustrated and confused point of view. We laughed aloud as our king reacted perfectly to the truly silly situation.  It’s a joy to read.” 

  RunnerMy Son, Please Speak by Bellobelle
     “Here we see Uther’s confusion as his son morns the loss of one simple servant boy. It is sad, but also the kind of sacrifice all princes must learn to cope with.  It is Uther’s true capacity for love and compassion that is highlighted in this story.  We cried reading it, but the care shown between father and son completely touched our hearts in the end.”

The Heart of Camelot Award  (Best Romance)

  Winner Lonely Clouds by oflittleuse
    “This beautiful story of love, loss, and family remains true to the spirit of these characters, and makes a strength of its modern setting.  This is Uther in a more forgiving world that allows him to find the best of himself and give his children the kind of love that nurtures their own loving hearts and honors his feelings for their mothers.”

  Runner upWorking Compromises by Cheese  
    “A sweet, charming glimpse of romantic adorableness.”

The Sins of the Father Award  (Best Smut)

  Winner - Ruffled by Leashy_bebes  
     “From panty-modeling Merlin to predator Uther, this story fires on so many kinky cylinders we lost count.  With characterizations accurate to a level nearly impossible to achieve in a modern AU, this is a must read for any slash smut lover.  Here is a guilty pleasure that we are hard pressed to feel guilty about.”

  Runner up - Amour Courtois by Shetiger 
    “Spend a hot night with Morgana and Uther.  This story combines a believable plot with accurate characterizations to bring us a liaison full of love and spice.  A very fun and naughty read.” 

The Wicked Day Award  (Best Dark Fic)

  WinnerMan Unmade by Gilescandy
     “Well written with a good plot that was beautifully done. A great story with a well-rounded description of the new OC and also the plight of Uther. Our hearts broke for the pain and humiliation Uther was dealt and yet they rejoiced in the love he found in the end.”

  Runner-upAshes by Dracofidus
      “The pain of a man who has lost everything including his life will bring tears to your eyes. We hurt along with Uther as he faded away to ash.”

The I Am Your King! Award  (Best Uther Characterization)

WinnerThe Brightest Fell by Eurydice72 
    “This is Uther, every word, every gesture, but most of all in the way his love for Ygraine struggles against his tragic arrogance.” 

 Runner upAshes by Dracofidus
    “A striking and believable account, in Uther’s distinctive voice, of the life of a shattered king.”

The Camelot’s Choice Award  (Fan Voted Favorite Uther Fic)

  WinnerBlood on Stone by Dracofidus

  Runner-upInbetween by littleotter73

 Runner-upMan Unmade by Gilescandy

 Runner-up Ashes by Dracofidus

(All award banners made with delight by Dracofidus.)


It took him a few moments to realize that she had actually asked that, nevertheless, he still felt confused. He felt so confused to the point he had to take a break from his reading and place the book down on the table. He’d decided to spend a few hours in a library, because it had been years since he had last done that - also, his days were getting duller, he needed a mellow free-time activity to match his moods. To his luck, more or less, a pretty young woman was sitting at the same table as him and whilst he was focused to understand the relevance of the plot developing right into his hands, he did feel that she was stealing quick glances at him once every few seconds. He ignored it, since he was used to being watched all the time, but only when she finally spoke, he lifted his eyes from his book. “Well, can you? It’s a public place. And the lady here, she doesn’t seem to be that fond of any affectionate display.”

               “That’s a good point, the female raised both of her brows, nodding her head slightly after replying to the stranger. She knew the lady he was talking about better than she should; that was probably the cause of visiting the same library for years. But don’t worry, I’m not gonna kiss you — I wouldn’t be too great at that anyway, Gahee chuckled while putting the book down, giving all of her attention to the male. 


When I heard The Times was doing an article on shipping— this is not the picture I was expecting to show up on my front page news feed.

From the NYTimes…

Although I admit confusion as to what precisely the point of the article is… because while I feel the author is likely a fan- there isn’t exactly any sort of context for an unfamiliar reader. >.<




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I'm shocked that from the amount of selfies you take; you decide to upload one on Instagram that you clearly took within 5 seconds of a different one you posted from two weeks ago.

I’m confused as to the point of this?

POV Rewrite

First Draft:

As Jen mentioned in the critique she sent to me, in my first draft I switched between second and third person point of view. For my second draft due on wednesday i’m going to re-write it from second point of view. But, for this assignment I wrote it from first point of view. 

I know, confusing! I’m still working on it. Short-shorts have always terrified me so it’s going to take a lot of drafts! 

But for now, here you go!


Enter the room not making a sound, be as quiet as possible. Hold the door handle tight. Open creaky doors slowly. Tiptoe and look out for trip hazards—toys, clothes—you’d be surprised what humans leave on the floor. Track your human. Be sure they show signs of sleep—heavy breathing, drooling, closed eyes. Be sure they’re in a deep slumber. If you enter the room through a window, make sure the window is sealed tightly. Don’t get wrapped up in the curtains. You have one mission, get the tooth—sometimes bloody—and match it to the gum hole it fits in. Once the tooth is matched in your mouth it will become yours, and you must move on to find the next.
These were the rules Luna lived by. She looks like your average human. She has blonde curly hair, with silver blue eyes.  Luna Crown is a collector. She collects teeth at night to survive.
See, Luna was born a fairy. Collecting fairies are born with a mouth full of nothing. They must collect teeth to carry on in life. To be seen as a human and not a toothless mystical creature, they must collect teeth for a week.  If they collect their share of thirty-two teeth, then they can eat, see, and live.
A normal adult human has thirty-two teeth, and these teeth aren’t fully emerged until the age of thirteen. Children loose their baby teeth starting at the age of five. Fairies, like Luna, like to start collecting teeth at a young age, so the children are used to leaving the teeth out for collectors. Then when they are adults they teach their children about collectors. Luna like all fairies comes in the night, making sure not to be seen.
There is always an abundance of teeth. Collectors have gums that must be filled with teeth. Aesthetic teeth rot in there mouths. Fairies must fill their mouths with human teeth and if not they will suffer. The only time when fairies start to look like monsters is when they haven’t collected their share of teeth for that week.
Luna learned that that the hard way. Luna was a petite young fairy in training. She entered the room she was collecting from without checking the windows for curtains. As she stepped down into the room from the window, her left foot got wrapped into a curtain. She reached out to balance herself, but ended up tripping on the curtain. The fall woke up the human boy. When collectors fail a mission and are seen by humans without their teeth, they are punished. Luna didn’t get to collect the tooth that night, or for a week. Without collecting Luna’s mouth started to throb. Not only was she toothless, she could not eat. She, like other fairies who failed, start to malnourish for the week. Her silk curls started to rat, and her eyes usually shining started to dull.
During the week of not collecting Luna still had to go out to watch other fairies collect. This is where Luna studied how to be quiet, tricks, and patient. The worst punishment for Luna was watching the humans sleep. She loathed for a human body. A mouth full of teeth, stable ones that would be hers forever. As the children or adults slept, Luna watched how calm and relaxed the human were with no worries in the world.
Luna grew to learn that teeth were everything to collectors. When she had a full set of teeth she was energized until they started falling out. Most collecting fairies like to have teeth because they can fly and eat anything they want. Not Luna, she liked having a full set of teeth because that’s when she felt most like a human.  
When Luna was old enough she was granted with the job of training the young fairies how to collect. Luna always started with telling them the story of her first punishment. That day, Luna was looking at three young bright-eyed fairies. She smiled at them with her teeth that she had collected the night before, knowing that these teeth would only last for a few more days.
“Welcome young collectors, humans like to call us tooth fairies. This becomes a fun game for humans. They leave their teeth under their pillows, on their bed stands, and sometimes even hide them. We don’t find this game fun; it’s a way of life.”


I entered the room quiet, making sure that I held the door handle as tight as possible.  I was on my tiptoes looking out for toys, clothes, and anything that could be a trip hazard. I knew to look out for whatever gifts the human left me on the ground. After checking the floor for hazards, I searched for the human. There he was, showing all the signs of a deep slumber—drool dripping off his lips, snores escaping from his nose, and his chest rising and falling.  There beside his bed was what I had come for, his bloody white-boned tooth.
I grabbed the tooth on the bedside table and licked off the blood. Then I placed the tooth into the hole that fit. It was number twenty-two out of thirty-two, and it fit well. I ran my tongue over the new tooth and reached into my pocket for a dollar. I placed the treat in the tooth’s spot and tiptoed toward the door.
I’m Luna crown, a collector. I was born a collecting fairy. I look like your average human, with curly blonde hair and shiny silver blue eyes, but if you look closer I’m toothless. I have gum holes that bleed and decay daily, without teeth to fill them. I must collect teeth to live amongst humans.
It isn’t always easy to collect. I once tripped on gaudy velvet red drapes climbing in from a window. Waking the human, I was punished for being caught. I couldn’t collect teeth for a week. I couldn’t chew food, and my body was drained.
There I was, at night watching humans sleep with beautiful pearly white teeth. While, my gums were swollen and my holes loathed to be filled.

i just saw a post that says dgm is as confusing as homestuck but its rlly…. not….


Through my random and confused fluffy wanderings I came across the concept of chakra points from the religion of Hinduism, as well as the Japanese system of Reiki and explored with them in a very appropriative and fluffy way as I was both inexperienced and at that time uncultured. However I will not deny the workings of systems that I have seen work and experienced change with. So my question is this? How do I (an Abrahamic mystic) include these very effective and helpful systems in my practices? (if at all?) I want to be free of appropriation so any help is welcome.

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A voice rings out in Satsuki's mind: "You have been chosen: deliver righteousness to all you encounter." On the back of her right hand, a crest forms. It has two sections: one is a small hollow teardrop, the other is a sort of cup with a spike at the ends and at the middle, each pointing away from the drop.

Confused was an understatement, really. Why were they doing this to her? “…I think you have the wrong person for the job.”