Gallery Space | ASWA

ASWA illuminates the enclosed gallery via a large central skylight which, when paired with strategic smaller windows and internal paneling, effectively fills the space with natural, directed sunlight. keeping internal columns to a minimum, the common area is an open and aerated central chamber whose space transitions smoothly into the various connected rooms. a sculptural floating stairwell is the main feature here, its steel spine and exposed wood steps elegantly guiding visitors to the second floor.

Window washer Alcides Moreno survived a 47-story fall after his scaffolding collapsed atop the Solow Tower in NY. He clung to the platform, becoming like a surfboard in the sky due to wind resistance that slowed his descent. Despite falling 500 feet, crashing into the concrete, undergoing 16 surgeries, and suffering damaged kidneys, collapsed lungs, and 10 broken bones, he baffled doctors by making a full recovery. Source