Crystals grow everywhere on this planet <3

I love how crystal plants have such fun interactions! I’ve seriously ignored the futuristic content in the game for too long haha All of my sims have been skilling randomly from the trees and gaining cool emotional reactions to the flowers.

I just added plenty of spawners for those crystal flowers, so they are found in most places, especially the community garden.


This whole bot building concept is definitely giving me supernatural potion mixing flashbacks haha.

Oh and I’m going to be ridiculously busy these upcoming weeks with real life stuff, so I won’t be able to post as much as I would like, but I’ll try to at least post screenshots every few days and possibly release cc, but who knows.


Putting the finishing touches of my version of Concoraadia Prime II while listening to Daft Punk <3

I added Buhudain’s fantasy moon in amethyst and my alien lighting mod. I also populated it with Lunar Lake townies, with a few Oasis Landing people. I find the majority of OL townies to look really tacky, so I prefer the LL people haha.

I’d really like to share this save, it’s really fun. Hopefully I can!


I added some Lucky Palms lots and updated them with ITF content! I think it compliments the futuristic desert theme of this world.

I actually had to remake the Lucky Palms Bistro to make it fit on the cliff right, but it looks really cute in the end. I named it the Purple Dandelion Bistro, after all those trees originally found here.

note to self, I want to add at least one residential high rise to the city area and probably a couple more deco skyscrapers to make it appear a bit more dense.