Playing around with color palettes, which one looks better?

Also any names? I’m very tempted to straight on naming her ‘Hel’ as the design is greatly inspired in the mythological character as you can see ^^’. ‘Herla’ was an option but I dont think it really fits, so I though ‘Helsa’ as well but with that name I can see the Frozen jokes coming as she might too have ice powers.


Atlantis: The Lost Empire- Kida

Part of a series of adventurous but critically claimed “near misses” from Disney’s late 90′s and early 2000′s run, Atlantis is still a beloved movie that claims and exceptional cast and some of the best CGI and hand animation fusions that would later fuel the stylings of modern cartoons and Disney’s Tangled and Frozen.  The story follows a series of adventurers into the lost city of Atlantis, deep beneath the ocean. They find that the city is still alive, if not thriving, and work to bring it above the waves once again and returned to its former glory. Kida is the princess of Atlantis, although she eventually becomes its queen. The film is also notable for having much of its production art done by comic artist Mike Mignola.