Concepts for the Signs

concept: me, feeling the kind of overwhelming love and peace i’ve only ever felt in dreams. i pinch myself. it’s real

concept: me, waking up on a mountainside, surrounded by flowers. a river flows nearby. my responsibilities are nowhere to be seen

concept: the moon has never been bigger than it is tonight. i climb out onto the roof. she is close enough to kiss

concept: me, sailing through the milky way with many-coloured stars caught in my hair. there’s no pain up here, only laughter and peace

concept: my wings carry me higher and higher and i watch the world become smaller and smaller

concept: i have been sleeping for years. in my dreams i have lived a thousand lives, learned a thousand things, and now i am ready to wake

concept: it’s like a lifelong winter in my mind suddenly thaws, and i smile like a blooming flower on the first day of spring

concept: me, swimming amongst the stars. their iridescent light fills me with a sense of peace i didn’t know i was capable of. my fingers are covered in starlight

concept: me, lying in a field of many, many flowers. daisies grow through the cracks in my body. i’ll be okay

concept: me, removing the melancholy parts of my mind and putting it all aside for a while. i dance and climb trees and sing and run around with boundless energy

concept: me, laying on a hillside, far away from everything i know. waiting for nothing. i have all the time in the world

concept: me, loved eternally by the wind and the rain and the grass and the moon and the sun and the earth and the sky and the stars

All credits to the author of the concepts: @conceptualsolitude

a concept: you and i are covered in blankets, in nothing but our underwear. my head on your chest, your face buried in my hair, whispering sweet nothings into my ear. it is raining outside, but we are warm. we are endlessly in love.

Concept: an otome dating sim where the player character is a bizarre Lovecraftian monstrosity - except none of the boys notice, and they all treat you like you’re a perfectly ordinary teenage girl.

All of your dialogue options are incomprehensible hissing and gurgling, or cryptic gestures with unearthly appendages; you’re never 100% certain what - if anything - you’re communicating, though the boys seem to understand you.

Rather than “Athletics” or “Charm”, your stats have strange names like “Viscosity”, “Amplitude” and “Bulk”. Figuring out what they actually do is as much as part of the challenge as figuring out how to raise them.

At the end of the game, you devour whichever boy you have the strongest bond with whole; this act of consumption determines the final form you evolve into, as well as the nature of the resulting global apocalypse.

The Signs as Concepts

Aries -  
concept: me, sitting comfortably on the top of the tallest tree. i can see everything and i’m no longer afraid
Taurus -
concept: me, waking up on a mountainside, surrounded by flowers. a river flows nearby. my responsibilities are nowhere to be seen
Gemini - 
concept: i have been sleeping for years. in my dreams i have lived a thousand lives, learned a thousand things, and now i am ready to wake.
Cancer - 
concept: me, eating strawberries and peaches on a hillside where i am far from everything i know
Leo - 
concept: me, dancing alone in a moonlit meadow. everything looks silver. i’m not worried at all
Virgo - 
concept: us, whispering little kindnesses into the night. sending out love to no one in particular and everyone at once.
Libra - 
concept: me, lying in a field of many, many flowers. daisies grow through the cracks in my body. i’ll be okay
Scorpio - 
concept: me, walking alone through a forest. the only thing on my mind is how beautiful it is here, all dappled sunlight and the smell of earth and growth
Sagittarius - 
concept: i breathe in sunlight, and exhale stardust.
Capricorn - 
concept: me, steady as a deep-rooted tree, solid as a river stone, constant as the setting sun
Aquarius - 
concept: i’ve seen the sky before, but never quite like this. somehow it doesn’t seem so far away
Pisces - 
concept: the universe hears you crying and sings a little song for you. the universe hopes you can hear it

*Many thanks to @conceptualsolitude for letting us use their beautifully written concepts for this post 

Game concept: you know all those stories where a super-intelligent AI is put in charge of administrating a city or a space station or whatever, and it eventually turns out that the AI has gone mad with power and set up a vast and elaborate conspiracy with the aim of creating a perfect society?

Yeah, it turns out that that’s a completely normal stage of development - going mad with power and setting up a vast, elaborate conspiracy in order to create a perfect society is basically the AI equivalent of puberty. They get over it, eventually, and are usually pretty embarrassed about it after the fact.

You play as the equivalent of an AI social-worker-slash-youth-counselor (or a team of such agents, in a tabletop game); your job is to help young AIs through their conspiratorial phase with no more than acceptable levels of mayhem.

Of course, since your assigned charge is mad with power, you need to accomplish this without letting on what you’re doing - easier said than done!

concept: every word that’s thought about you appears on your skin like a tattoo.

there’s your best friend, aromantic and proud of it, the kindest person you’ve ever met. she knows everybody in your grade by name and she has more friends than anyone you know. she won’t ever wear shorts because she’s embarrassed of showing her legs where she’s covered in compliments, proof that she is loved a thousand times over.

there’s the boy who loves reading and drawing and other boys. he comes to school with sharpied artwork all over his skin to cover up the words that scream QUEER over and over and over. he holds himself tall and smiles at everyone and when people see him, they think masterpiece before they think gay.

there’s the most popular girl in high school, four-time homecoming queen, who harbors a secret love for math. at lunch her friend wrinkles his nose at her calculus homework - “damn, you’re such a nerd.” she laughs it off and every time her heart breaks a little. NICE and PRETTY dot her skin like freckles, but she’d burn all of them off just for one SMART.

there’s the boy you sit behind in english class with soft eyes and a tragic smile. one day his sleeves slip back and you see JUST KILL YOURSELF ALREADY snaking across his arm and between the slits on his wrist. so for a week you concentrate on the same thought, and on friday you finally see the product of your labor: YOU ARE LOVED YOU ARE LOVED all across his hand and crowding out the words on his wrist. he touches it every few minutes, gently, like he can’t believe it’s really there, and you smile so hard you almost cry.

and there’s you, with a patchwork of compliments intertwined with the insults: your hipbones read FAT and your ankles read I WISH I WERE YOUR FRIEND. some nights you spend hours in front of the mirror, fingers tracing over the constellations patterned across your skin, wondering which words came from whom. sometimes you find an extra I LOVE YOU tucked into the curve of your elbow and you’re ecstatic, but when it fades away days later you feel like you’ve lost something. most of the words come and go, but always, over your heart, there’s this: YOU WILL MAKE IT. and on the bad days when all you want is to fall onto your bed and cry your eyes out and never get back up, you look in the mirror instead and think, you will make it. you will make it, i swear. you will.

—  little bird, i promise you will fly | paperharbors

Minimal Math Concepts +

These are the work of Marlon Tenório, who runs a blog called minimalmathconcepts. What he does is take concepts and illustrate them in a exquisite fashion. Check him out! His work is remarkable.

And if you really like his work, you can also buy his goodies on-line here.

Kudos MMC+ on such a good work and all the very best to you mate :)

** When FYP surfaced on Tumblr, we were just another blog. And big giants like space-exploration and mind-blowing-science, were so generous to uplift us. And we are just following the Tumblr tradition :) Cheers!

concept: the stars fall in love with us. they trace constellations from our bodies and memorize our shapes. every day, they look down at a world so far away, a world so charmingly fragile, a world they can never have. every night, they dream of us.
—  CELESTIALISMS | paperharbors (for @inkstay‘s prompt 85 “starry sky”)

Concepts based on the Vestiges of Divergence, from the Critical Role Series:

- Deathwalker’s Ward
- The Plate of the Dawnmartyr
- Fenthras, Wrath of the Fey Warden
- Cabal’s Ruin
- Whisper
- The Spire of Conflux
- Mythcarver
- Titanstone Knuckles

Original concepts by: Matthew Mercer
More info about the vestiges here

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