We’re developing a prototype game under the working title “Scratch” in one of my classes.  Here’s some of the concept art I’ve done for it so far, mostly of the main character.  More to come as it gets developed, if it gets chosen by the professor to move past the prototype stage!

I can’t decide if I wanna call this lil’ fella “Scratch” or “Tempo.”  Some music-related pun is a must.

Peanuts Concept Art-Early exploration for the Aerodrome Valley. Before we get into the set and dive deep into the details, we have a period of time (sometimes very short) to develop ideas and the general look. In this case, I pushed the valley really grand to contrast the flat Charlie Brown World. This was my favorite part of the show. It was so much fun! On a side note, I am pursuing a personal project on Patreon and you can get awesome rewards in return for your support! I’m giving away tutorials, reviews and even a mentorship! You can support the project at