This is my character, Featherhead. Explorations and development progress of his design! All drawings are incomplete though, but I’ve gotta move onto new drawings. I’m still trying to find details I’m satisfied with.

He is highly rooted in my other character, Vore. As you can see, it DID begin with Vore drawings; I was trying to draw him in a simplified style, and I guess I thought, “What if I put a bunch of feathers on his head to match a crow?” Because crows are his favorite animals.

After that ideas flew off the handle, and I’ve decided that this character is separate from Vore, hence his own name Featherhead. I’m thinking he possibly exists in a parallel world where emotions and ideas manifest–so Featherhead is the manifestation of Vore’s innermost feelings, representing his essence. Keyword: possibly. Lol!

It’s because the title “the loner” comes to mind when I think of Featherhead, and he’s more openly sad than Vore, which I’m not sure accurately represents Vore’s character. Featherhead is super close with his crow companion, and becomes crippled without them.

Anyways, that’s all I’ve got on the fellow. Looking forward to developing him more!

“You sacrificed it all… to save our kind… but my blessing is not enough to heal the wound… you gave you life hoping for it to end but…
please…. help me once more. We both together will rise anew…once you wake again from sleep… my love… united as one we’ll face eternity.”

wait… why am I crying? No. Srly. I’m literally crying because of this.


Did a few character turnarounds of Madeline and Volatile. Tried to approach this with a semi-realistic style. Still have to do Kreig this week so when I do, I'll just add to this post.

Hello Kitty Theme Park” 2011

Sanrio’s delightfully adorable feline friend, Hello Kitty, is an international kawaii icon who has been part of their character lineup since 1974. She is a multi-billion dollar brand, so, a theme park presence was a no-brainer. In addition to appearing at both Japan’s Sanrio Puroland and Sanrio Harmonyland, Hello Kitty now has her very own theme park in China. Shown here is a concept for the entrance plaza done by The Hettema Group. Although never built as such, the colorful art captures the fun, lovable style that has made Hello Kitty the cutest cat in town.

Art ©️ The Hettema Group