In the next “project I’m working on in my spare time” a certain old building plays a great role so I decided to do a little bit more detailed sketches of the interior. This is the first one - main character’s bedroom and study. I tried to stay close to realism even though I did not use references this time. I probably broke a lot of traditional Japanese architecture rules.

This is done in a 80gsm notepad I’m using to sketch stuff - it’s not the best paper for watercolours but forces me to do concepts quick and rough.

Technical stuff:

  • Colours: My 48 colours watercolours set
  • Line: MITSU-BISHI HI-UNI 2B, STAEDTLER MarsLumograph 8B

今回の「空いてる時間プロジェクト」では、ある一軒家がかなり重要なのでちゃんとした屋内のコンセプトを描いてみました。屋内コンセプトその1:主人公の部屋。 かなりリアルに近いものを描きたかったけど、日本家屋作りのルールをたぶんいっぱいやぶりました ><



  • 紙: マルマン ノート ニーモシネ N181 70枚 無地  
  • 色: 僕の48色の水彩セット
  • 線画:HI-UNI 2Bとステッドラー マルス ルモグラフ8B

I tried to do environment/concept art and I just * flops*
This was an idea originally if fairy had some sort of magical bedroom. I think I just like the concept of the room itself as a small cozy lil pillow pit. Magic makes it float and can alter the surroundings of the room to be anything you want.

I guess it was good practice at least.