Guys!!! I finally did it!!!!

I’ve caught up to Detective Conan!!!!!!

6 TV Specials!

12 OVAs!

6 Magic Files!

Gosho Aoyama’s Collection of Short Stories! (7 Episodes)

I also watched all of the dramas!!

I even watched the 2 episodes of Detective Conan vs. Wooo!

20 Movies!

1 Movie Special!

864 Episodes!

And a whopping 996 Chapters!


Sharing this for KaiShin reasons.

I love how Conan is KIDs favourite audience. Because Conan alsways motivates him to do his best. Otherwise he wouldn’t amaze him…and amazing someone like Conan is the highest praise for Kaito, that’s for sure.

“That kind of magic should I use to boggle his mind next time?” - he said, after almost being blown up by him.

And next time he got a beautiful reaction even though he didn’t suceed with “teleporting” the second time. He was happy to have achieved such a reaction out of Conan.

You can’t deny that their relationship is anything but boring lol.