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I like how you sometimes draw digitally and sometimes with pencil! :3

((either depends on the mood i’m in or how lazy i am. my computer i use for drawing doesn’t work too well right now so i get a little fed up with it.))

what if

That new LEGO Ninjago movie trailer seriously showed us A LOT of differences from the original series.

Thanks for making an actual AU, LEGO. 😂

i saw this post at like 2am and i had to rush to my computer to draw this hell…..horrible jean passione 

“yours is the light by which my spirit’s born- you are my sun, my moon, and all my stars.”
-e. e. cummings

to namjoon; a fan project

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hi, hello, how is it going all my lovely people reading this post !!! for those of who who may or may not have known I began a journal around the time I started this blog two years ago, I wrote a namjoon fic series about it called Foreign Sanctuary, and the end game for this journal was to always send it in to him- Kim Namjoon, not for any particular reason, just as one poet to another, one fan to an idol, and one girl to a boy. 

with that being said, after two years, the journal is just about filled, and along with it, I want to include some other things from more than just me. Therefore, I want to do a post it project. I have purchased the largest pack of colored sticky notes I could find, and with the messages you guys send in, I plan on putting the sticky notes with your guy’s messages, onto every page that is empty next to a poem. or if needed, create a new book for them altogether. 

this probably sounds very lame, but I don’t want this to be a gift just from me, I really want this to be something from a lot of fans who might not have the opportunity to be heard otherwise. And I don’t really have the money to do something super elaborate, so i think this is simple, but sweet and personal.

On a side note, I’d like to just set some vague guidelines:

  • 1) Please understand that this is something for Namjoon, so please keep your messages related to him, yourself or Bangtan as a whole, Also, please keep in mind that while Namjoon deserves the world’s longest essay of appreciation, these messages are going on sticky notes so don’t make it too long
  • 2) Be nice! If you have something mean to say or send in something salty I won’t be putting it in there at all
  • 3) I’d prefer whatever messages you send to be off anon or through dm, so that I can directly reply once it is in, but if you don’t feel comfortable sending in things for him off anon then know that I will most likely be making a thread of some sort where you can track the anonymous messages so you can ensure yours is in. Also remember though, that being off anon is the only way i can credit the message as yours with your url, if not it will just be written as from an army 
  • 4) If you’d like to have me print small graphics, drawings, or computer arts, send them to my email, and I will print them on small photo paper and put those in as well
  • 5) If you have any other ideas, or things you’d like me to send, let me know by direct message and we can definitely discuss it. Let’s celebrate this wonderful guy in any way we can <3

I hope that for everyone, this can be a fun, exciting, and happy opportunity to share positivity with Namjoon and BTS, and if you have any questions about the project, the journal, or how it all works, let me know and I will answer them! 

Project admissions end: 8-01-2017

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~Admin Eggplant

DeCarrington Dressing Guide Part Two

As promised, it’s part two of the DCDG! Want to look more like an elegant lady and less like a dumpster fire? Then read on.

In part one, I talked about some basics between male and female shapes, which I’m going to go into a bit more detail on today.

Shoulders to Hip Ratio 

Take a look at these two below. I’ve used ‘lines’ on a ‘computer’ to draw a line down from where the edge of the shoulder would be, more or less in line with the clavicle. (Apologies for the shutterstockness, I am too poor to spend money on stockphotos for the purpose like this)

As we can see, on the male figure there is a clear space between the line and the hips, whilst the wider hips of the female character do not have this. What we need to do is either make the shoulders appear smaller, or the hips bigger, or ideally, both. So lets look at options.

Making shoulders appear smaller.

If we think of the male torso as being an “inverted v” shape, this is what leads to top heaviness in looks i.e. too much going on up top, not enough below the waist (THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID) So to neutralise, this, we use the opposite shape with clothes. That is, less towards the shoulders, and more towards the waist and below.

Of course I don’t mean literally, or we’d end up looking like this:


Remember that bit from part one about dark colours receding? Well, that’s what we’re going to use here. Using dark colours on the top half will create the illusion of them being smaller, especially if you are wearing a lighter coloured skirt for example. One thing I do often is to wear a black skinny jacket, to hide arms and shrink my top half.

Certain necklines will work better to minimise chunky shoulders- V necks make the torso appear longer, as do most plunging necklines. Halter tops are great too (90s revival is in at the moment) and scoop necks soften necklines. Just make sure you shave your chest though! 

There are definitely shapes to avoid though- bardot tops are everywhere at the moment, and sadly these are a no no if you have broad shoulders, the visible skin will make your shoulders look broad. Same with wide boat necks. Strapless dresses will also make you look broad, which can make finding prom dresses a pain! (You can hide them with a bolero or shrug though.)

Look for these things:

  • V necks
  • Halter Tops
  • Wide straps
  • Diagonal sleeves
  • Kimono sleeves
  • Narrow lapels and collars
  • Long necklaces

Avoid these:

  • Bardot tops
  • Strapless tops
  • Wide necklines
  • Thin straps
  • Ruffled/detailed/embellished shoulders
  • Shoulder pads
  • Wide collars/lapels

Strapless dress? Use a bolero to hide them shoulders. 

Making the hips appear wider.

Once, again we can use optical illusions to alter our silhouettes. Have you heard that a short person should never wear horizontal stripes? Well, that’s cos the’ll make things appear wider, which is ideal for us. Horizontal striped skirts have this effect. Perfect!

Certain skirt shapes will be better too, skirts with a bit of volume are much easier to style then pencil skirts. This is another article in itself! 

There is another weapon though:


To push the shoulder to hip ratio to a slightly more workable one, what you can do is use padding. I usually wear padded boyshorts, as they help give me a bit more hip and bum. If I’m wearing a pencil skirt I’ll often put a little bit of extra foam padding in them too to create curves.

There’s also stick on silicon hip pads you can get, but they’re pretty pricey so I’ve not tried them yet. (Maybe I should get an amazon wishlist and put some on it!) 

Using a combination of the above, plus if you are lucky with genetics, you may be able to break some of the above rules, but generally I stick to the above.

Next time I think I’ll look at creating a waist, and proportions. 

Keep it Regal


This is not a great representation of my artwork, and I know that I can do better, but I had to draw this last night because I couldn’t fall asleep unless I finished it. Sorry for the not-so-great quality.

But this is for @therealjacksepticeye. I’ve always been a fan. I just wanted to thank him for all he’s done for people. He’s such a nice guy. 

(Maybe I’ll redraw this and make it better at some point.)

-NotSoHilariousComics aka Gabby

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I love the way u draw hunks arms, I've been staring at them for at least five minutes now they're so beautiful

i literally saw this ask and went straight to my computer to draw this bc ur ask is so nice thank u ilu