Computer crashed as I was finishing colors

I need money for a new computer :v

The one i have currently, i’ve had since 2002, and it’s just not doing the job anymore. I use it for school, i need it to be more reliable, therefore, I’m doing some commissions!

  • Sketches are $3
  • Drawings are $6
  • Colored Drawings are $12


my Computer Crashed while i was finishing this post, but Everything I’m doing is on paper, It’s a pretty cheap set up, but so is the computer i need.

My friend Brent went online and practically made me this computer, all i have to do is buy the parts, by the GPU off him for $70, and i’ll have a brand new computer, and it all comes just over $300. With the prices i have for commissions, it might take a while, but I’m afraid I’m not good enough to charge any higher, so it’s Pretty Cheap art!

I have a Paypal button at the upper left hand if my blog, so if you would like to see the prices, there’s a drop Down Menu to choose what you’re wanting to buy!

Thank you so much for all the help!