I was on pewdiebot, And apparently we ship the same things.
  • (ok, I literally copied this from pewdiebot xD)
  • bro:My favorite anime is fairy tail.
  • pewdiebot:My favorite anime is Breaking Bad!!
  • bro:I love fairy tail.
  • pewdiebot:Who is your favorite character.
  • bro:Natsu and gajeel.
  • pewdiebot:Natsu is from fairy tail.
  • bro:So is gajeel.
  • pewdiebot:Natsu loves Lucy!!
  • bro:YAS! OML!
  • pewdiebot:Do you ship NaLu!?
  • bro:HELL yes!
  • pewdiebot:Aand do you ship gale?!!!
  • bro:Fuck yea!
  • pewdiebot:The ship is gray x natsu but I prefer nalu!
  • bro:I deffinatly ship nalu

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