Stunning Macbook Pro Decals Capture The Rustic Texture of Wood

Engineer Denis Orlov’s biggest dream was to set up his own printing studio. With the support from his interior architect and designer girlfriend, he conceived Skin Lee. He began Skin Lee with a passion to create unique and exquisite designs to customize our handy electronics.

Inspired by the rustic texture of wood, Orlov’s high-quality wooden decals beautifully emulate the imperfections and vintage quality of wooden surfaces. Completed with a matte finish, the wood Macbook decal stickers. Find these decals and other designs in his Etsy shop.

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Happy Birthday Stephen Wolfram
  • A physicist and creator of software including Mathematica and Wolfram|Alpha 
  • Born in London in 1959 
  • Published his first scientific paper at age 15 and earned his PhD in theoretical physics at 20
  •  Earned a coveted MacArthur Fellowship in 1981. Seven years later Wolfram started selling a program he developed called Mathematica, a mathematical computation program that continues to be used today by many physicists, engineers, and computer scientists. 
  • Released Wolfram|Alpha, a “computational knowledge engine” that answers questions through a vast database, in 2009 
  • Along with developing software, Wolfram has led research that delves into the complexity of nature. He argues that to understand complex processes, scientists should study simple computer programs called cellular automata 

 Photo credit: Stephen Wolfram’s PR team/Stephen Faust, CC BY-SA 3.0; Content credit: Physics Today facebook page