Mirage (Original Composition)

A similar piece of music that I produced for a university project which also sounds super calming. Additionally used some nicer instruments this time to create a warmer tone.

Feel free to check it out! You know you wanna :)


@daronnefcy @disneyxd This is my fan art. I can’t really draw, so I made what I call, “Fan Music”. I love watching Star vs The Forces of Evil. I think it’s a great show with an amazing story and relatable upbeat characters. I showcased my favourite characters using original music I wrote specifically for each of them. I don’t know what genre of music this is or how to describe it, but hopefully, anyone who sees this will enjoy it! If you are going to use it for anything else besides viewing, please ask for consent first. This is original pieces of work, so I would at least like to know the uses of it. Thank you for seeing my post!