Gif source:  John

Imagine selling your soul for John’s because you’re in love with him and him finding out that you only got six months to live out of the deal.

——— Request for anon ———

It was pouring down rain when you made the deal. Simple enough. Your soul for his. After all, living without him had been excruciating enough up until now. The crossroads demon had complained about the rain, but congratulated you on striking a deal before finally sealing it with a kiss.

The demon was gone before you’d even opened your eyes from the kiss, John panting on the ground in its place.

You felt your lungs stutter for air when you saw him, dropping to your knees to grab at his jacket, making sure he was really there, “John!”

The gravel under his hands sinks into the mud with the sudden weight of his body above them, and he looks at you with a look of disappointed understanding when he realizes where he is, water dripping from his hair, “What did you do?”


About Saint Laurent: I assume as [Bertrand Bonello] said to me that when he chose me it’s because he wanted to find the same amount of me and Yves in the character. You know, it’s really a mixture of me and Yves. I think he gave me enough freedom to refantasize and to reinvent this character. And I think at some point my work was to seek deep into myself, in my own life, my own perceptions, my own emotions to put this into the character we both created. (x)