Victor Victorious

Can’t believe it’s been 10 episodes and it just occured to me that Victor’s surname is Nikiforov, which comes from the Greek name Νικηφόρος (Nikifóros) and means Bringer of Victory.

So his name is Victor Who Brings Victory or (loosely translated) Victor Victorious.

No wonder he was always a champion. This is character naming on a par with Remus Lupin.

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Brandon Moore by Michael Hallenbeck Photography.

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Beautiful AU

‘So, here’s the deal: I actually joined this gang as a spy from another gang, but I kind of fell really hard for you along the way even though you’re loyal as fuck to this shitty gang that I happen to try to bring down, so now I really don’t– wait, you’re a spy too? From a third gang? Why didn’t you tell me that before you asshole, i’ve been struggling with this deadass dilemma for months!’ au

Beautiful AU

‘Okay buddy, this is it. You can’t be here. You know your gang isn’t allowed in this part of town, that’s not how this shit works, and I know you know that because I’ve been telling you so for every single time you wander into my street, one day my boss is gonna make me shoot you and I’d hate to ruin that pretty face’ au


DHL found a way to make their competitors advertise for them. Or.. DHL’s ad agency did.
More examples of social media marketing fail

Is it any wonder that most social media marketing initiatives fail ? Brands should be putting their your money into quality, service, training and problem solving. By doing so they sustain customer loyalty by delivering outstanding products on time, providing excellent service and quickly resolving any problems. The good news in this is that loyal customers don’t worry about price and are largely immune to your competitors’ enticements. Social media of course is one of the best channels to provide an exceptional brand experience but you would never know it from some of the brands that don’t seem to care one way or another

Can The HP TouchPad Make Waves Without A Strong App Catalogue?

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The HP TouchPad went up for pre-order yesterday, and out of all the new tablets flooding the market lately, I have to say it’s the one I’m most excited about.  

While the hardware itself seems to be a direct ripoff of the iPad, my opinion has always been that you can copy hardware, but it’s the software that really makes these devices shine.  This is why the iPad is so popular.

One of the main reasons why Android tablets haven’t been flying off the shelves is the poor app selection.  Just search around the web and you’ll find this as one of the main reasons many people don’t think Google tablets aren’t ready for primetime.  Lots of people think Honeycomb, Google’s tablet specific mobile software, is beautiful.  But again, without a wide selection of apps, you won’t get very far.  

So lets get back to the TouchPad for a moment.  The software, just like Google’s Honeycomb, looks GREAT.  Email, web browsing, all of it from what I can see, looks awesome.  Features like wireless charging and “touch to share” featured halfway through the video below are something Apple should get a move on.  I would use touch to share several times a day if it were on Apple devices.  

Notifications have always been a strong point for Palm well before they were bought by HP, and the trend continues on the TouchPad.  There are lots of great sounding features I could continue to speak on, but my main point is that this seems like the best looking tablet I’ve seen in a while.  The OS looks much better than Google’s Honeycomb.

But let’s slow down for a minute.  

What about apps?  Or more importantly tablet specific apps?  Surely they won’t have as many as Apple’s claimed 90,000 at launch, but just how many will it have?  This is important.  I’ll be the first one to say that I spend most of my time on the web and emailing on my tablet, but I use apps a lot as well, which is why a Google tablet wouldn’t work for me just yet.  There are just too many apps on iPad that have no counterpart on Android.  Will the TouchPad share the same fate?

A glance at HP’s TouchPad webpage doesn’t give me much hope right off the bat.   Out of all the reasons they list to buy the TouchPad, apps are second to last, right before the accessories.  Ouch.

External image

When you look closer, there is no dedicated app page for the TouchPad.  Just a statement about how they have “thousands of apps”.  Screenshots of Angry Birds, Facebook, Time Magazine, and are listed.  Again, ouch.  

I know Angry Birds is still selling a ton, but it’s like every device maker these days wants to pump this game as a reason to buy their product.  It’s getting to be old news though.  I really feel that soon the market will be completely saturated in the not too distant future.  The new version, “Angry Birds Rio” doesn’t really add many new elements and feels dated.  Again I know it is still atop most app store lists but at some point soon, tablet makers are going to have to look to something other than Angry Birds as a reason to buy their devices.

So they list these 4 apps and just tell me the “don’t worry we have apps” statement.  Well I’m sorry but I won’t believe it until I see it, and I think that at launch the TouchPad will suffer the same fate as the Xoom and other Android tablets.  The OS will be great, and I’m sure web browsing and email will be pretty good, but what comes next?  Apps do.  And it seems there aren’t many at all right now.  

Will I still buy one?  I think so.  It really looks great to me.  Better than any Android tablet available right now.  But long term success for the TouchPad will depend on 3rd party applications, which right now, seem to be lacking.  

We really liked the idea of rebranding. Basically creating a new product that incorporated the same design qualities of their competitors but that shouldn’t sell. We thought about using a ‘taste test’ where we would have two of the same but different. This design was a spoof brand that I thought expressed what we are going to attempt to produce. Would you buy 'Warter’???