Beautiful AU

‘So, here’s the deal: I actually joined this gang as a spy from another gang, but I kind of fell really hard for you along the way even though you’re loyal as fuck to this shitty gang that I happen to try to bring down, so now I really don’t– wait, you’re a spy too? From a third gang? Why didn’t you tell me that before you asshole, i’ve been struggling with this deadass dilemma for months!’ au

Beautiful AU

‘Okay buddy, this is it. You can’t be here. You know your gang isn’t allowed in this part of town, that’s not how this shit works, and I know you know that because I’ve been telling you so for every single time you wander into my street, one day my boss is gonna make me shoot you and I’d hate to ruin that pretty face’ au

Beautiful AU

‘We’re both fairly new farmers in town, but I’m working at a thriving farm on great land with a lot of servants and outside help and you’ve inherited a really bad farm overrun with weeds and rocks, and I was just coming by to say hello, but you’re really charming and I feel sorta bad for you now, you wanna work together?’ au

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