Trans Healthcare Survey for U.S. and U.K. residents

Just thought I’d pass along this link to a survey about the experiences of trans people in healthcare settings. Here’s the original message from the researcher.

Hey Trans Folks!!!

I am working on an independent research project curious about comparing and contrasting how transgender identified folks are treated in health care settings in the United States and the United Kingdom. It is my hope that the information can contribute to making practical suggestions for change, which can be implemented by health care providers.

This survey is completely anonymous and will only take a couple minutes! Please feel free to share this link!

Thank you for you help!


In my gifmaking adventures, I’ve catalogued the ways in which Jeremy and Corey’s Jacks differ, and I thought I would share with the class. The above moments are some of the clearest examples, I think.

Jeremy’s Jack lives his life in a much more intense way than Corey. He feels everything very strongly and very acutely. When he learns that Davey and Les aren’t orphans, he snatches the coins and immediately turns away from them.

Corey is much more flighty. There’s actually something almost funny about his “And the strike starts right damn now!” because they’re very, very strong and decisive words, but he says them with so much doubt and his voice often falters. And in the scene in Medda’s basement, he spends the majority of the time trying to get as far away from Ben as he can. He looks like he’s thinking that if Davey doesn’t leave him alone soon, he’ll literally turn into a spider and climb up the wall and out the nearest window to freedom- he literally screams “If I wanted a sermon, I’d show up for church!”, whereas Jeremy says it comparatively calmly, but firmly, which causes Ben to walk away instead.

I could make an entirely different gifset solely about how they approach relationships (and I will if anyone’s interested in that) but Corey is much more outwardly expressive when it comes to them. After the rally, Jeremy just stands there, watching everyone as they shout their abuses at him. Corey actually takes a few steps towards Ben and extends his hand, like he’s trying to explain that he wasn’t trying to betray him, he was trying to protect him. He wants his decision to be understood and validated. Jeremy is prepared to live and possibly die with his choice because he’s sure he did what needed to be done, though Davey would never understand it.

AP World History Essay Tips

3 essays in two hours. Crazy, right? Here are some tips to help you for each essay.

DBQ: 40 minutes + 10 minutes for reading documents

  • Use and analyze all the documents given in your essay.
  • Don’t simply quote/paraphrase a document- analyze. Explain how the document’s meaning supports your thesis.
  • Analyze point of view in 2+ documents. Determine how who the person is affects what is in the document.
  • You need one additional document, but it’s safe to write two in case one is not written properly.
  • Try to bring in some relevant historical evidence if at all possible.

CCOT: 40 minutes

  • I use a timeline to plan out this essay. That way, you stay in the time period given in the prompt. I put changes on top (marking dates if I can remember them) and continuities below.
  • Analyze global context/historical context. Bring in information from other regions outside the prompt.
  • Analyze reasons for continuity/change. You’ll get credit for saying what changed or stayed the same, but do your best to explain why those changes/continuities occurred.

Comparative: 40 minutes

  • Make sure you pick the right regions and time frame from the prompt.
  • Make clear, direct comparisons between regions. (exm. “Slave labor was widely used in Rome, while in Han China, agricultural labor relied on peasants.)
  • Analyze reasons for similarities/differences. Again, it’s nice to list the similarities/differences, but it’s better to explain why those occurred.

Other tips and tricks

  • You’re going to have to know information for the CCOT and Comparative essays from the top of your head. Review your textbook, notes, study books (5 Steps to a 5, Strive for a 5, Cracking the AP World History Exam) or watch Crash Course (x).
  • PLAN PLAN PLAN. Even if you don’t feel like you have enough time, try and plan out your essay and organize your thoughts. That way, writing will be easier because you know exactly what to write.
  • Don’t dawdle. It seems simple, but try to stay focused.
  • The recommended times (for total work on an essay and planning times) are actually accurate and good guidelines. Try not to spend more than 5 minutes planning and 35 minutes writing.
  • Get a good night’s rest- i.e., don’t cram all night. That’s no good. Also, eat a nice breakfast. (I think we’ve all done enough standardized testing to know this.)
  • Don’t panic. You know a lot of stuff- you’ve been learning all year! Just calm down, breathe, and show the AP readers that you know what you’re talking about.
  • Throughout the exam, you may not know everything. This isn’t a memorization test- make comparisons and inferences from things you know. You may not know much about the Gupta empire, but you probably know it’s in India- which was primarily Hindu. And you know a lot about Hinduism.

The best of luck to you all tomorrow morning!


Me at night: I’m gonna eat healthy and exercise and make fancy vegetarian recipes from tumblr because my body is a temple

Me after school: I’m so fucking hungry better eat six kit Kat bars and a pan of brownies and then sit on the couch for five hours


Okay, so, actually, this was requested twice. Ben and Jacob are vastly different Daveys and people have noticed and wanted me to compare and contrast them, because… I’m the resident authority on this I guess, idk.  Anyway, here we go!

The first row is when they show up at the distribution desk and when they’re paying. Both are put on the spot, but Ben handles it really well. He holds his ground and pays calmly. Now look at Jacob. You can tell that he’s uncomfortable, he doesn’t want to be here. Look at his body language, he’s tense, and he scurries away so quickly after putting his coin down. Jacob is tall. I don’t know if he’s actually particularly tall or if the cast is just short, but he’s one of the taller newsies, which makes his acting more amazing because his Davey is also uncomfortable being conspicuous. 

The second row of gifs is when they meet the bowery beauties. Ben isn’t all that interested, probably because he doesn’t really want to be at Medda’s theatre in the first place, he just followed Les who was following Jack. He’s here to keep his little brother out of trouble and he’s really not interested in anyone or anything else. But look at Jacob, man! His cute girl radar is going off the charts, he’s grinning because they’re paying attention to him, and he had taken off his hat when he was introduced to Medda because his mama raised him to be a little gentleman and he sill has it off, but he nonetheless pantomimes tipping his hat towards the women and moves to watch them walk off. 

The third row is in the fight at the end of act one. This is the last we see of the Jacobs in act one, so they’ve both had the crap beaten out them pretty thoroughly at this point. Both men are focused on getting their brother safe behind the distribution wagon, but Jacob takes it a step further. He’s holding Les the entire time, checking with him to see if he’s okay, almost like he’s tying to physically shield him from further harm.

The fourth row is the line “There’s no escaping us, pal. We’re inevitable.”. Now, Ben has about fourteen different ways he’d say this line and in this particular version he’s going with the pissed off. But, I have to say, one of Jacob’s strongest points is his line delivery here. He has impudent teenager down pat. Look at that little smirk right after he finishes delivering the line. With Ben, the only time we see him really being young and acting his age is King of New York. The rest of the time he’s being a grown up, because he has to be. The fate of his family is resting on his shoulders and he knows it. Hence why he’s so firm when he’s talking to Jack about how he’s right about the union being what could have predicted his father. Jacob honest to God sounds like he’s crying when he says it. But in this example here, he is acting like a teenager. I am seventeen, I have seen every single one of my friends behave like that more than once.

The final example is the rally. When I first got the request to compare them, my first thought was to use the rally. Ben holds the room. He’s confident, he knows what he needs to do and he’s ready to do it, even if he thought he’d have Jack beside him to help. He can do this alone. Jacob… has no idea what he’s doing. He’s nervous, he’s unable to stand still, and he can’t convince anyone that he’s worth listening to. When I watch the gif, I’m reminded of a scene from the Newsies movie, where Davey sees Jack as a scab. He’s saying something along the lines of how they don’t need him because all of the words, they were his. Jack responds with something along the lines of “Yeah, but you never had the guts to say them.” You see that in Jacob, especially at the rally.

So, in conclusion, Ben is a more confident and mature Davey. He knows who he is. And not, like, in the “I’m David Jacobs” way, more in a metaphysical sense. Now, the first request I got for this gifset called Jacob anxious, which is definitely correct and something we’ll look at more later in another gifset. Jacob is uncomfortable in his own skin and he doesn’t really know what he’s doing, but he’s very clearly a teenager.

If you enjoyed this, you can read my comparison of Jeremy and Corey here and my comparison of how Jeremy and Corey interact with others here. Thanks for reading!


Back when the earth was flat, I promised y'all a comparison of how Jeremy and Corey’s Jacks approach relationships in this post. Now, it took me awhile, but I’ve finally done it, proving my mother’s assessment of me as being Cathy from LFY.

Anyway, let’s do this thing!

As I brushed on, Corey’s Jack is much, much more outwardly expressive in his love for others. In the opening number, when Jeremy’s Jack notices that Crutchie is being a little mopey, he says “Hey… /Hey/.” Almost sternly, like he’s frustrated with Crutchie’s failure to believe in himself. Corey’s Jack, on the other hand, says “Hey… Hey, hey…” Like he’s gently trying to get his attention. And as you can see, Jeremy isn’t as physically affectionate, kind of going for the guy approach of a little rough housing to show love, and then even when he does hold him, it isn’t as closely as Corey does. And I wasn’t able to show this in the gifset because of space constraints, but Corey does not want to let go of that boy. As soon as the bell rings, Jeremy straightens up and gets ready to go into leader mode. Corey holds on to him all through the line “Time for dreaming’s done.”

Okay, now we’re skipping to act two. Something Jeremy did that absolutely destroys me is when Medda says “Why don’t I leave you with your friend?” you can hear him start to say “Medda, he’s not my friend.” He does not bond quickly. At this point, Davey is not his friend. He’s… a coworker. An acquaintance with a common goal, perhaps. Corey doesn’t want to be left alone either, but Davey is still in his heart somewhere. He was never in Jeremy’s to begin with. Which makes sense. If you’ll allow me to surmise why instead of just pointing out what, in the other post, someone tagged it saying that Jeremy’s Jack forced himself to grow up, but Corey’s is still seventeen. With that reading, Jeremy’s Jack has to keep himself guarded. Letting people in gives him an achilles heel (which we will actually look at in a second) and he knows it. And he has to keep himself strong to keep everything under control. Corey’s Jack may also know that, but I don’t think he really cares. He is young and he will make mistakes. He bonds to the Jacobs quickly (remember when he was using Les as an armrest? You don’t do that to people you aren’t comfortable with.) and deeply…

…Which we can see here. This is something it took me a long time to notice that Corey does, but I absolutely love. When Pulitzer issues his threat to the Jacobs, he shakes his head. It’s such a small, quick gesture. He knows that all his other friends can handle the Refuge, because they probably all have. But not the Jacobs, they come from a different background. And that little head shake- it shows that Pulitzer has found his blind spot. He loves the Jacobs and the entire family will be ruined if this continues and it will be all his fault. Jeremy’s reaction to the threat is to take a slow step back. There are many different ways to read into this, but I don’t think any are as potent as Corey shaking his head. But to each their own.

Now we’re going to the scene before Something to Believe In. This is where we really see Jeremy’s restraint, because he will not look at Katherine. Corey endures the abuses facing her, but Jeremy is sort of hiding away. Like he’s trying to make himself disappear, like he doesn’t want to face her after what he did. And watch his body- actually watch both men- very closely. You can really see how they’re trying to get a hold of themselves. They’re both amazing actors.

Okay, so I had to include this because every single time I gif Jeremy in this scene, someone always calls him a hopeless romantic. The way he grins right before he kisses her and caresses her cheek. Look at the way the gif ends, with his hand on the small of her back and the way she’s holding his arm and has the other around his neck… It looks like the cover of a Nicholas Sparks novel. This may be the first time that Jeremy’s Jack seems to have been quietly craving love all along, but never having a deep, meaningful romantic relationship because he puts the newsies in front of himself, and he doesn’t seem to take any time really to ever think about himself and his needs. It’s always about them. Thank god she found him because he has been so alone for so long, and now he is finally getting what he needs, and I think that’s wonderful, don’t you? Corey’s really more childlike about it, for him it isn’t about being all proper and perfect. They’re young, they’re in love, they just won, they’re just happy. Pure, unadulterated joy, and it’s so cute to watch. I mean, they’re basically hugging, and this gif doesn’t show it, but he gives the other newsies a thumbs up. Jeremy’s is super romantic but Corey’s is… carefree, I think, is the best word.

What do you guys think?