Compact Disc

Software engineering is a lesser known interest of Britney Spears. In 1998, Spears wrote a database for software applications called Compact Disc Database (CDDB). This allows computers to be able to determine the artist, album title, and track titles of a CD. She is pictured above with an award for her achievement in computer sciences.

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An editioned CD art object designed in celebration of the humble compact disc. It includes two discs: one, a unique “Mini-Max” containing the songs of YACHT’s brand-new Where Does This Disco? EP, and two, a clear unplayable disc sculpture engraved with YACHT’s entire musical catalogue, but without the reflective pane of foil which allows for playback.


  • Edition of 500 never to be repressed
  • Supports the artists directly
  • Instant digital download
  • Hidden message in the mirror band
  • Pure, perfect sound forever
  • Harnesses the power of lasers
  • Light = sound