{One Community scene per episode} 2.11: Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas

Duncan: Hey this it not my fault! This is what Christmas does to people. We put too much meaning into it and it lets us down!
Jeff: We beg to differ.
Duncan: What are you doing back here?
Troy: Saving Christmas!
Annie: Everybody point your magic Christmas weapons at him!
Duncan: This is ridiculous you are enabling a delusion!
Jeff: The delusion you’re trying to cure is called Christmas.
Annie: Is the crazy notion that the coldest, longest, darkest nights could be the warmest and brightest!
Britta: Yeah and when we all agree to support each other in that insanity something even crazier happens.
Annie: It becomes true.
Troy: Works every year like clockwork.
Duncan: Try telling that to your catatonic friend.
Shirley: I have a better idea. Why don’t we sing it!

Community Immersion *Rural Feel*

what makes rural living better than urban living? —> Close to nature, extremely peaceful, very little crime, could ask any neighbor for a hand, low pollution, little noise, can not see another house next to your house.