Just started the series and I love these guys already.

Troy and Abed Spanish Rap from ‘Community’.
I HAVE desired, like every artist, to create a little world out of the beautiful, pleasant, and significant things of this marred and clumsy world, and to show in a vision something of the face of …

It’s Chase once again! If you’ve got a few minutes of focused time, please read the link above! John Howe.. Robin Hobb… Speak to you soon Tumblr folk!

{One Community scene per episode} 2.11: Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas

Duncan: Hey this it not my fault! This is what Christmas does to people. We put too much meaning into it and it lets us down!
Jeff: We beg to differ.
Duncan: What are you doing back here?
Troy: Saving Christmas!
Annie: Everybody point your magic Christmas weapons at him!
Duncan: This is ridiculous you are enabling a delusion!
Jeff: The delusion you’re trying to cure is called Christmas.
Annie: Is the crazy notion that the coldest, longest, darkest nights could be the warmest and brightest!
Britta: Yeah and when we all agree to support each other in that insanity something even crazier happens.
Annie: It becomes true.
Troy: Works every year like clockwork.
Duncan: Try telling that to your catatonic friend.
Shirley: I have a better idea. Why don’t we sing it!

Community Immersion *Rural Feel*

what makes rural living better than urban living? –> Close to nature, extremely peaceful, very little crime, could ask any neighbor for a hand, low pollution, little noise, can not see another house next to your house.
Origins of Vampire Mythology

So Community is officially on a roll with pumping out episodes that we love! Origins of Vampire Mythology (insert fan girl shipper squeal here) was smart, funny and incredibly charming, as most episodes of Community are when they truly utilize the whole ensemble.

This episode gave every core character something to do and in the end brought them all together to create what we thought was really quite a heartfelt moment. The Jeff Winger speech at this point should probably feel redundant but we thought it was spot on this episode and that is a credit to Joel McHale and our incredible writers.

Let’s just get to the points:

  • The Deans pajamas make me love him even more.  
  • Shirley and Jeff’s friendship is perfection, we’ve been saying it since Season One and we’re so happy the writers are capitalizing on that this season.
  • Last week went down as the least gifable episode of Community ever. This week definitely made up for that. MY SHIPPER HEART
  • Fan Girl Alert: Jeff x Annie and Troy x Britta are our OTP’s to end all OTP’s.
  • This episode to Jacqui was very reminiscent of Romantic Expressionism in Season One. 
  • “That’s what I get for improvising”
  • Also we have been a bit lax with the reviews lately, this is entirely my (Jacqui’s) fault and I’m sorry. I’ll be better. I promise.