One reason why the “we need more nonsexual LGBT spaces because gay bars are evil dens of sin and predation” thing bothers me so much is that I have known quite a few nonsexual, minor-friendly LGBT spaces that did not revolve around alcohol consumption as business model or whatever - I worked for four years at a gay and lesbian bookstore in Vancouver’s gay village! You know what’s really, um, difficult to do (under capitalism etc)? Maintain a successful small, community-based business that caters to a marginalized community! It can go well, but it can also be just really really hard. The place where I worked was firebombed multiple times (not while I worked there, although I did have shifts canceled a few times due to bomb threats), it was put at the center of a sprawling legal case about government censorship of LGBT literature that cost the owners literally millions of dollars, when I worked there I don’t know if it ever really turned a profit, and no one was paid enough, and the owners eventually got burned out but couldn’t find someone with decent ethics to sell it to so they’d be sure that their employees and this space they’d built for LGBT people would be in good hands. 

I loved that bookstore with all my heart and soul - it was my one refuge when I was living in a violent, abusive situation; it was the first place I was able to have a sense of belonging to an actual community of LGBT people, an experience which was really formative for me and helped me heal a lot from the small-town homophobia I was coming from; when I was too poor to buy food, the manager told me to just take whatever I needed for dinner or groceries or bus fare out of the till and leave her a note letting her know, and she’d literally just like, reimburse whatever I needed. This is an OUTRAGEOUS thing to do, but she was an elder lesbian and she knew I was young and bi and in a really tough place so she did it anyway. One of the store owners, at a time when I wasn’t speaking to my mom for a number of complicated reasons, would call my mom to let her know I was showing up for work and I wasn’t, like, dead in a ditch somewhere. Those people looked out for me - and for other people like me - in ways that went so beyond what I could have ever asked anyone for. And they did it while struggling immensely as a business.

And you know what often kept that place afloat? Gay bars! I’m serious - when the bookstore was in trouble, when they had legal fees, etc, it was gay bars who hosted fundraisers. It was gay bars who provided space for stuff like LGBT trivia night, or for the bookstore’s anniversary and new years’ parties, or for anything that required more space than a small bookstore could accommodate. 

So I really resent seeing people pit the idea of spaces like LGBT bookstores and cafes against the idea of spaces like gay bars! Listen: it’s been said a million times, but I think it bears repeating, that most of the people doing this seem like they have never been to an actual gay bar but are basing this stance entirely on what they’ve seen on TV. But also, I feel like maybe these people have never been to an LGBT bookstore or cafe or community centre or other social space for LGBT people that isn’t a bar! Because if you think that there’s no connection ever between these spaces and the ways they exist, if you think that undermining the right of gay bars to exist is supportive of gay bookstores and coffee shops, you’re very, very, extremely, much, very wrong.  

An unidentified woman uses the end of a ribbon to dry her eyes as she mourns her husband, one of at least 41 people killed in the Kielce Pogrom, an outbreak of violence against the Jewish community centre gathering of refugees in the city of Kielce. It was Poland’s bloodiest postwar Pogrom. Associated Press Photo from New York - 1946.

A little while back @fidelesir suggested Cosette and Valjean wearing matching plaid outfits, and hey there is never enough fan creations about these two, so of course I had to draw it ^_^

every time an asexual person tells an LGBT person “you don’t know what it’s like to feel broken and abnormal” they owe the nearest LGBT crisis hotline or community centre 500 dollars. 

As part of his reparations to Midgard, Loki is to perform community service. You run a chronically underfunded and understaffed community center for at-risk youth in a poor neighborhood in New York. The last thing you need is some arrogant god from another planet who’s only here because SHIELD told him he has to be. Even if he is in civilian clothes, since a lot of these kids recognize him from the news footage of the Battle of New York, and they’d be even more hostile to him if he were in Asgardian formal dress.

10.06.2017 Last night a headquarters of Grupa Stonewall, an LGBTQ organisation based in Poznań, Poland, has been broken in and demolished. Rainbow flags that hanged in front of the building were torn. This is yet another attack on LGBTQ community centre in Poland, an occurrence that has become increasingly common ever since PiS (Law and Justice), a conservative christian party, came to rule in 2015. So far no one was hurt.


mac goes to a support group at the local lgbt community centre to meet guys (he tried out grindr) (for about five seconds) (he didn’t understand any of the slang and guys kept sending him pictures of their unappealing schlongs). anyway he’s at the support group and the leader is like, “welcome everyone, i see we have some new faces today, let’s go around and say our names, pronouns, and why we’re here. my name is sean, my pronouns are he and him, and i’m here because i love connecting with other lgbt folks. :)” and then mac is next up so he goes, “uhhhhhh hi my name is mac, short for ronald mcdonald, my pronouns are ‘bad’ and ‘ass,’ and i’m here to meet the love of my life”

  • what she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: How long has Jurassic World been open? How did they reclaim the island from the rogue dinos from the first movie? Are any of the dinos in Jurassic World the ones that have been there all along, just recaptured? Why didn't they clean up the ruins of the original community centre? How did those kids manage to get a Jeep that's been sitting unused for 22 years into working condition at all let alone so fast? How do you even sell an idea like Jurassic World after the events of the first three movies? How was the T Rex in California from the third one spun in the media? What do animal rights activists think of the park? What about conservationists when they're literally feeding endangered sharks to that water thing for entertainment? Do the employees live on-site or are they ferried in every day? Why is a park in Costa Rica staffed exclusively by Americans? How does Costa Rica feel about having an island full of murder-lizards close by? Are the scientists using this gene splicing and cloning tech to save other endangered species? To fight disease? What are the scientific ramifications of the Jurassic World universe? Is 22,000 people a good visitor turnout for a park that size because I feel like they could do better? What does admission cost? Do they have tacky themed resorts like Disney? Why are people literally no longer impressed by fucking DINOSAURS that they need something bigger and scarier? How did they get everyone off the island when the T Rex was still loose? What were they even trying to accomplish with that thing who thought that was a good idea? Dr. Wu you were there in the first one WHY DID YOU THINK THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA? HOW THE FUCK DID CLAIRE OUTRUN A T-REX IN THOSE HEELS?!??


A couple days a week you would be out late until the early am. One night when you entered your apartment that you and Mark lived in, you accidently slammed the door waking him up. Instantly he would race towards where the sound came from seeing you standing there in a uniform. Confused, he would ask what you were doing, to which you replied you were working late. Questioning why, you would explain you wanted to save up to go back to your hometown to see your family.

“(y/n) there’s no need money doesn’t matter to me you do, if you want to see your family we will go see them as soon as we can, okay?” He would then pull his laptop out booking the earliest flight.

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After spending many nights a week out and not coming home until late at night, Jackson was starting to wonder where you were going. He would confront you but not full on, he would bring it up if the conversation was going in that direction or would text you when you were out. You would try to hide it but would confess to him admitting you were learning mandarin for him, but you would try and tell him in mandarin saying something completely opposite and he would just smile and know exactly what you were doing, he may even cry a little.

“Princess you didn’t have to.”

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It was a late Tuesday morning when you tried to crawl back into bed where JB was sound asleep, when his hand suddenly slipped out from under the covers grabbing you. He would ask you where you’ve been as he sat up to see your tired face. You would sit down on the bed and admit to staying out late to learn Korean. Smiling JB would embrace you saying you didn’t need to do that.

“Jagiya I seriously thought you were cheating on me damn.”

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When YoungJae woke up last night to find you not in bed he would worry but see a note on the side table as you knew he would worry. The next morning YoungJae would ask you where you were last night in his husky early morning voice. You would be hesitant to tell him but as you saw the worry, doubt and tears fill his eyes you couldn’t do anything but ruin his surprise birthday.

“(y/n) I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to ruin the surprise, I was just worried.”

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Jinyoung and you were lying in bed when it had gotten late, thinking he was asleep you slipped out of bed and got changed ready to head out. Just before you opened the front door you would hear Jinyoung clearing his throat, startling you. He would question what you were doing at this time of night for the past couple days. Unwillingly, you would break down crying saying your friend has been in the hospital and you didn’t want him to worry, but you’re starting to get worried about your friend so you want to spend some time with them.

“(y/n) it’s going to be okay. Let me grab my coat, I’ll drive you.”

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Knowing Bambam he would stalk you, not in a creepy way though, like, he would notice that you had been going out late at night the past couple of weeks and would get curious. He would also get worried thinking that you were cheating on him because he felt like you deserved better. When you pulled up to the community centre, the sign next to the road would say ‘Thai classes tonight from 11pm’. Once you got out the car, Bambam would follow and run towards you, swinging you around in a bear hug.

“Omg Jagiya I thought you were cheating on me!”

“Bam what the hell are you doing here, and why would I cheat on you?!”

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Yugyeom wouldn’t catch you out late at night because he’s a giant teddy bear and would be asleep, he would catch you practicing a dance in the bedroom when you thought he was at practice with the rest of the boys. He would kind of just stand and stare through the crack in the door. He would hear you swear because you thought you mucked up a move he would have to try not to laugh. After you finished dancing to his routine from ‘Hit the Stage’ he would clap and walk through the door walking over to you, hugging you and planting a kiss on your forehead.

“When did you become so good ha?”

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Tadmamet Mosque, part of Morocco’s Green Mosque project, is the first in the country built from scratch to be entirely solar powered (on land donated by Taouli Kebira, shown in the second photo). The mosque’s solar panels produce enough energy that they also provide electricity to other people in the village, power streetlights, and plans are being made to build a solar powered irrigation system.

Prices for solar power systems are falling, but they’re still prohibitively high for many people in Morocco. But with over 51,000 mosques standing in Morocco, already serving as community centres, perhaps more will follow the example of Tadmamet.

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Hi Samantha, I would like to ask for a method of practising more on reading the opponent and being slower. I feel like my skill in this is very unstable and escapes me sometimes. I feel like rushing is what I do most of the time, which usually ends up with me being dead.

Thanks for asking! This is a big subject. It is the result of what happens when people wear protective gear and lose fear of the blade, which makes it easy to become reckless when fighting. It is extremely hard to defend against an opponent who is reckless because they don’t hold back, but if you are smart in a real fight, then you will preserve some caution- especially with sharp blades. I don’t think that it’s your skill that varies, just the circumstances that you are learning in.

I think that you need a partner who wants to learn the same way, who is trying to develop the feeling in the blade. If one opponent moves faster then the other will follow so you really need to have someone who can agree to not try to “win” or try to be the fastest during a drill. You have to agree to move at the same speed, keep the bind until you have manipulated the other to a place that is safer for you. The goal is for you to learn together and not by taking advantage of the other in the relative safety of the drill.

This is all in aid of developing ‘fühlen’, or ‘feeling’ in the fight.

(For a good technical breakdown of fühlen within historical German martial arts, see Hugh Knight’s description here.)

Below: Half of the page from manuscript i:33 folio 20v, showing two fencers bound.

What I demonstrate when I teach is all centred on fencing from the bind. The historical treatises largely recommend binding and control, rather than rushing in. However the way that most of the modern sword-combat sports world* are fighting is the opposite, unfortunately. There is very little binding, even though it’s shown all the time in the fight books.

*Just what I mean: the wider international community of medieval sword-centred combat sports fighters, which comes in over a dozen forms and identities.

When fighting, if a person’s goal is to strike the other, they will rush in and be reckless. If their goal is to defend themselves from attack, they will be more conservative and efficient.

I think that part of the problem causing “rushing in” is that in modern competitive sword combat, we generally seek to score points in a hurry to win a bout.

If we changed the rules to be that we started with hit points and had to preserve them, it would make for more careful fencing. There would still need to be motivation for both parties to fight, but the focus would shift and reflect the more cautious approach seen in historical swordsmanship. The key is to still have a healthy fear of the other person’s blade. Then you learn how to be safe against the danger.

It’s the same as working with any hazardous equipment. In my industry, there are so many of these that we use all the time. For example, the table saw is a pretty devastating tool but you don’t replace it with a blunted or plastic version, or wear a lot of protection to work with it. Bulky clothes or thick gloves actually get in the way, and create more of a hazard than working with just a pair of earmuffs and safety glasses.

Instead, you just accept the potentially-fatal dangers of the tool and learn to work with it carefully, in a controlled, precise and mindful way.

Below: Carving polystyrene-foam into organic stone steps as a scenic sculptor for the film industry. I’m wearing chaps because the chainsaw can potentially kick-back, although since this is fine-detail work, the material is much softer than what I usually work with and less of a hazard. Note the fencing stance for stability, and the rotation of my body to agree with the angle of the cut.

I am not advocating an irresponsible approach to training with swords, rather to appreciate the full hazard they present and then learn to handle it.

What I’m talking about refers to historical swordsmanship in the context of self-defence, but there are many, many modern sword combat sports that exist that have already put safety factors in place to protect their athletes.

Not everyone can be good at sword sports. But anyone can be good at at fencing for self-defence.

I have experienced this kind of approach in more than a few sword clubs around the world. To see video examples of it in action you can check out Roland Warzecha/DIMICATOR’s YouTube channel, showing the active practice of swordsmanship using sharp steel and shields that as closely as possibly follow the specifications of museum artifacts.

Lastly, a philosophy that may help prevent rushing in:

You have to control your space, the circle (or sphere) around your body. This is the distance around you that you or your weapon can reach. Anything that is inside it is your space.

(This concept was developed extensively during the Renaissance though Italian and Spanish schools of fencing- the example below is from Sebastien Romagnan’s book on Destreza)

So when your opponent comes into that space, they can be in your control.
You are allowing them in. It’s the same for them- they are allowing you into their space. You just need to help them to make a mistake. Then once they make a mistake you can control them. Unless you also make a mistake, then you are both equal again. The best thing is to be efficient and make fewer mistakes than your opponent.

You can let someone into your space to trick them, or if you already have a better angle and they will struggle to defend. But it needs to be a clear decision to allow them that close to you.

If you practice understanding your circle (with and without a sword), and think about what you allow to come into it, it will give you an advantage when you practice with a partner. However, there is a lot you can do to improve your reflexes and self control for combat, explained in length by many other martial arts practitioners.

I hope that helps!

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Hello! I'm a big fan of your blog and this is the first time I write to you and I was wondering if you know some architecture projects for immigrants / refugees? I'm looking for some examples but I can't barely find one... the only one i found was the Immigrant Services Society from Henriquez Partners (wich is a great one btw!). Thank you! xx

Refugee City

There are many projects that are trying to help in addressing the situation, from the small scale of individual dwelling units to community spaces and city planning.

You can find out more about different efforts here:

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