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Hi I was just wondering if you had any ideas on places to study other than at home? The library near me shuts at midday and cafes arent very welcoming Thanks

Hi! Quite a tricky one. Maybe try a local park, community centre, or bookstore. Maybe you could study at a friend’s house? If anyone has suggestions, please let me know! x

Zootopia / Robin Hood Fanfiction - TAKE A STAND: Chapter 16 Double Dare

(Hey Guys it’s Garouge here AKA Crewefox with another chapter of Take a Stand! Wow so there’s 3 big milestones with this chapter ok…this fic has hit over 50k views, over 300 reviews and has topped over 80k words!!! Thank you everyone and a big shout out to story.writer.2015 for his drunk Bogo suggestion for this chapter. So without further ado let’s get cracking with this chapter.)

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Chapter 16- Double dare.

Marian Wilde was a very sociable vixen, it was very rare that she would go home and watch TV after finishing work. On Mondays she would attend the Sherwood book club, on Tuesdays she taught a I.T for beginners class at the local community centre, Wednesdays she’d be at the MMA gym where she was the eldest member of the class and most ruthless for her weight division, Thursdays was cooking club and the rest of the week Marian would be out with friends or helping out in the neighbourhood. So on this Wednesday evening when Marian pulled into the driveway of her modest Sherwood home she had no idea that her happy life was about to become a lot more complicated. Marian unlocked the front door and walked into her home wearing her MMA sparring attire which consisted of black thank top and matching black shorts with a lilac stripe running down them, she tossed down her gym bag by the stairs and went into the kitchen to make herself some tea. But as soon as she entered the kitchen she knew something was quite right as she walked into the unlit room, she played it cool as she walked by the light switch on purpose and went over to the kettle to fill it up, all the while sniffing the air. Someone else was in the kitchen with her, the intruder smelt of engine oil and more disturbingly blood. Marian acted natural as she filled the kettle before settling it back down on it’s stand and switching it on, she then calmly went over to the knife block and pulled out the biggest blade, she turned around and confidently said “I know you’re there, you can’t hide from me. I bet you thought a little old vixen like me would be easy to rob, didn’t you? But have you never heard the old phrase ‘A cornered fox is…”

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RyeACCESS and the Good Food Centre are holding a free community gardening and outdoorsy support group this summer at Ryerson University! 

Who we are: RyeACCESS is the equity centre for students with disabilities at Ryerson, challenging ableism, sanism, and audism on campus. The Good Food Centre works to reduce the impacts of food insecurity for all Ryerson community members.

What the program offers: Gardening, creative arts, meditation, discussions, and workshops depending on what participants want.

Who can participate: Any Toronto student who lives with mental health stress. We recognize the following terms: mad, consumer/survivor/user, mentally ill, crazy, neurodivergent, brainweird, and other similar terms.

What students will get: a place to de-stress, connect with each other and resources, learn skills, and chill out. Meals and TTC tokens will be provided.

Our first session is this Saturday. We will be developing community guidelines for a safer space together. All locations will be wheelchair-accessible and sober scent-free spaces. If you’d like to know more, please contact And please signal boost <3

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Zootopia / Robin Hood fanfiction: Take A Stand Ch.18 Family Fun

(AN/ HO HO HO! Merry christmas from Garouge Faux AKA Crewefox and here I am with another chapter of Take A Stand. Whoa I can’t believe how popular this fan fic has become since I started it. Thank you so so much to the lovley folks who faved, followed, reviewed, liked, commented and reblogged this fan fic, you are all awesome and I hope you have an amazing christmas. I have to thank also the amazingly talented artists who have created art for this fan fic so thank you @ziegelzeig @fuzzywuzzylittletail @ky-jane @helthehatter and @reddoshirousagi06. So without further ado let’s get cracking with this chapter…)

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Chapter 18- Family Fun.

It didn’t take long for the ZPD to find Thumper; Wolford and Delgato had found him chained to the lamppost beside the Sherwood community centre…but a crowd of about twenty mammals had found him as well. Delgato sprung from the passenger seat of the cruiser and had to tackle a hare who was pummelling Thumper’s face, the lion cop was about to cuff the boxing hare when a glass bottle smashed beside him, neither Wolford or Delgato saw where the bottle had be launched from but they did see the crowd of angry animals was growing by the second, the partners positioned themselves to shield the semi conscious Thumper as they radioed for backup. Five minutes passed and a dozen more cops had arrived on the scene but a hundred more mammals had joined the mob wanting to tear Thumper apart, twenty minutes later Bogo had declared it a riot and sent in his riot trained officers to quell the three hundred strong crowd trying to get their paws on Thumper. It was impossible to evacuate the arsonist as the angry citizens of Sherwood had encircled the cops guarding the rabbit, the media soon got wind of the situation and arrived in their news vans and made the event even worse.

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Ok, I didn’t mention it but I have a lot of clubs in my game, so I unlocked the Community Centre / Clubhouse.

The idea here is every club gets one of those little.. Apartments? And they “buy” things for it (More like I take money from their funds and edit this lot, so it feels like they are building their club (?))

It took me forever to build this thing but it looks kinda cute so I’m happy with it :>

Also! I’ll be naming my clubs soon (They have generic names like Club A), if any of you know of a good group name generator?

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As an American living here doing a Masters course in librarianship, I hope that when Scotland becomes independent you guys continue to make libraries a priority throughout the country. All the statistics about failing libraries in the UK are coming from everywhere BUT Scotland. The opposite is actually true, and Scotland actually has thriving libraries. Keep up the good work!

I agree with you, I think it’s important that libraries continue to be maintained and well-funded.

They are community centres, not just places to grab books. People can apply for jobs online there and the library beside me hosts various meetings and classes.

Cheap Thrills | Taehyung

Summary: The in between where ignorance was bliss and you were madly in love with Kim Taehyung | Based on Runaway 

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1,838

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jennifer lawrence looks like the kinda councillor you’d get after being on the nhs waiting list for 13 months only to discover that she doesnt care about your mental health and got the job because her ex who she desperately wants back likes the kinda person who cares about helping people so most of your counciling sessions are just her complaining about her ex’s new girlfriend and you want to stop going to sessions but your mother has threatened to kick you out of the house if you dont get help so you remorse everytime 1pm on a wednesday comes around because you have to listen to her complain about a man that after a few weeks you realise from various details she gives actually your uncle and all this time your therapist has unknowingly been venting to his niece so thats the final straw and you stop going to sessions but on your uncle’s wedding day she shows up and you greet her awkwardly because you’re stood outside smoking and she storms into the community centre and starts screaming alternating between death threats and cries for help until the police arrive and drag her out then for some reason everyone’s mad at you because you’re the family scapegoat and your ‘selfish feelings have ruined everything once again’ so you get kicked out of the house and move in with shady people you don’t know in a shit flat and sometimes you see her in aldi and you try to be nice because she must have been through some strange horrible shit but she just scowls at you and loads half a ton of blood oranges into her basket

thats what jennifer lawrence looks like