One Direction's Liam Payne fans club together to help The Way Youth Zone in Wolverhampton

International fans of One Direction star Liam Payne are being urged to support a community centre in Wolverhampton by donating money ahead of his 23rd birthday.

The Wolverhampton-born singer, who recently signed to Capitol records as a solo artist, has become the subject of a new fundraising campaign by his fans, who are donating money towards The Way Youth Zone. The donations are in honour of Payne’s 23rd birthday, with his fans creating a special Just Giving page to show their support.

The youth centre, which is based on School Street has been supported by Payne since its inception, when he attended a special ceremony to celebrate the roof being placed on the building in April last year. 

Speaking at the time of the roof being unveiled on the building, Payne said: “Wolverhampton is my home town and I am keen to give something back to the city that gave me a start in life. I can identify with a project like this that addresses the needs of young people and with my own interests in sport, music and drama I am passionate about this exciting project. Over the years, I have been lucky to have positive role models who encouraged, supported and inspired me and all young people deserve to have similar opportunities, which will help them reach their full potential.”

Now, the centre hopes it can encourage Payne’s fans to get involved by giving what they can towards the good cause. 

Writing on the JustGiving Page, Payne’s fans stated: “Liam Payne has done so much for fans so we the fans would like to give back. In honor of his 23rd birthday, we are collecting donations for the Way Youth Zone in Wolverhampton, a purpose-built facility for the city’s young people aged 8-19 (and up to 25 for those with disabilities). You can read all about our latest efforts at”

Cheryl Garvey, CEO of The Way Wolverhampton Youth Zone, said: “It’s amazing that this group of Liam Payne and One Direction fans have decided to raise money for The Way Youth Zone. They’ve raised over $1,000 [£588] already between them which is an incredible achievement.”

For more information on the campaign to support The Way, visit



For the first time in Canadian history a parliament member has formally sponsored a petition to legally recognize hate crimes against Muslims. 

“Canada is witnessing a sharp increase in Islamophobia, which has even been described as an “epidemic” in certain large areas of the country. Citizens are aggressively and physically attacked on the streets, shopping malls, and community centres. Moreover, places of worship are being firebombed and vandalized. Islamophobic political campaigns have become very troubling, mainly during theelection periods. Furthermore, some media outlets add salt to the wound by becoming venues for anti-Muslim rhetoric under the justification of “freedom of speech,” which seems to be without boundaries and irresponsible when it comes to bashing Islam and Muslim citizens.

Under this gloomy climate, citizens from all aspects of society, responsible media, and honest, elected decision makers have the civil duty and moral obligation to stand up united to denounce all sorts of discrimination and prejudice. To come together with initiatives that clearly condemn and refuse any act, talk and policies that lead to hatred, hostility and lack of harmony within society.

On June 2nd 2010, The Canadian Muslim Forum (FMC-CMF) led delegations consisting of representatives, young professionals, activists, women advocates and others on Parliamentary Day at the Hill. The main objective of meeting the Federal parties’ caucuses on that day was to introduce and express concerns about Islamophobia, and its impact on Arab and Muslim citizens. From that day, the most noticeable remark was that most of the policy makers were not fully aware of the dangers of Islamophobia, and its implications on Canadian society.”

- Samer Majzoub, initiated of petition e-411, Condemning Islamophobia Promotes Human Values

At the time of writing this petition has acquired 12,894 of its 100,000 required signatures due October 6, 2016 at 5:45 PM EDT. 

I urge all my Canadian followers to sign the petition here and to share this with as many people as you can. Non-Canadians are strongly encouraged to share this as well. 

The Community Homophile Association of Toronto (CHAT), formed in 1971, was an organization “dedicated to achieving full civil rights for homosexuals and to helping any homosexual individual in any and every way possible.”

CHAT provided a community centre, a bar, a newsletter, a distress and information hotline, public education, and a platform for political action. CHAT also organized dances and events, including the first Pride Week in Toronto in 1972. 

Earlier that year, a firebomb thrown by radical right-wing group, Western Guard, caused minor damage to CHAT’s community centre. While external resistance from a homophobic society was great, CHAT also struggled with infighting among its members as it tried to serve as an umbrella organization for the gay movement. 

George Hislop, CHAT’s director, actively engaged in trying to change public opinion about homosexuality, serving as a media spokesperson. Hislop would later seek election for Toronto City Council, the first openly gay municipal candidate in Canada.

This then-and-now photo shows CHAT’s 201 Church Street location in 1976. The organization ended shortly after. The building is currently occupied by a seller and restorer of fine violins.
Victoria Pledges $15 Million To Build Australia's First "Pride Centre"
Exclusive: The state premier will also commit $6.4 million for gender dysphoria health services.
By Alice Workman

State premier Daniel Andrews confirmed the centre is intended to be bigger than San Francisco’s LGBT Community Centre and will showcase LGBTI history and offer free health and support services.

The centre will offer medical services staffed by doctors trained in LGBTI specific issues including gender dysphoria, transitioning and sexual health, and be free for anyone with a Medicare card.

It will serve as a hub for LGBTI groups and organisations to share ideas and resources, with the aim to support equality, diversity and inclusion.

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This is amazing news for Victorian LGBTI+ people, and once again I am proud to be living in Victoria, and even prouder to have an amazing premier that actually gets things done!