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So this is what I spent my time doing last night. Not very often I make this kind of thing. But the last drawing sort of sparked this idea that wouldn’t leave my head. So I drew it. >>; If it’s not your cup of tea, I understand. But when you gotta draw…ya gotta draw.

At this point I’m really hoping @therealjacksepticeye will see this because I am so proud of it. If anything, I hope the community enjoys it as much as I had fun making it. =)

Just Another Murder Mystery: Part 7

Andy: *enters the Dining Room* 

Andy: *stops when they see Relic on the floor and Jess covered in blood*

KP: What happened?

Ash: Mm… get it girl. 

KP: Katie and Lundy.

Meg: *enters the dining room* 

Ash: The British are coming! 

TT: Wait, you said five Meg… 

*everyone looks around and shrugs*

Jess: *screams from where she’s been frozen in shock, covered in blood* 

*the room goes silent, everyone staring intensely*

Ash: Do not fucking get in the shower…

KP: *sighs* 

Jess: I’m not going to die with someone else’s blood on my hands!

*Andy and KP leave to go make out*

*Cue “Office” Moment* 

To Be Continued

Creators and the communities that support them and the YouTube community in general, we shouldn’t be seen as like celebrities on pedestals and fans - not that is how people usually see the relationship but they want to see it as, you know, a collective community where we’re all in it together.

@danisnotonfire during his live show on the 25th of October 2016

Quotes from Dan (10/?)

Cool little “free pantry” in front of Hugs Cafe, Downtown McKinney, Texas 2016. I’ve heard of these but this is the first one that I’ve seen in person. They are similar in concept to the mini libraries that you see in neighborhoods sometimes… but people take or leave food based on their needs and ability instead of books. I like this sort of non-government controlled outreach.

I am surprised the municipal government in Mckinney hasn’t stepped in and found a way to screw it up.

When the International was formed we expressly formulated the battle-cry: the emancipation of the working class must be achieved by the working class itself. We cannot therefore co-operate with people who say that the workers are too uneducated to emancipate themselves and must first be freed from above by philanthropic bourgeois and petty bourgeois.
—  Marx and Engels - Letter 1879

anonymous asked:

Hey, you seem like someone that can explain things properly. So my question is why is liberalism bad? I thought it was about freedom and such?

A few of my more recent posts summarize the leftist aversion to liberalism pretty well, actually. Essentially, liberalism is one half of the ruling ideology of capitalism, alongside conservatism – both halves are necessary masks that the system wears to deal with various “problems” that arise in capitalist society. Liberalism can mean the broad political individualism of the capitalist era or it can mean a more particular branch that favors welfare-oriented reforms to the status quo (the former being the more common conception around much of the globe and the latter being the conception within the United States). Either way, leftists oppose both – political individualism because it conceals the class nature of the system and welfare capitalism because it doesn’t go far enough towards solving the root problems. Either way, you’re left with capitalism – maybe reformed slightly so that it’s “human-faced”, but it’s still capitalism and elites still dominate public life because they autocratically control the means of subsistence. Leftists want an entirely new system in socialism, where people democratically control the means of subsistence and seek to bring an end to exploitation and dreary labor; the internal contradictions of capitalism will continue to push us towards socialism as workplaces become ever more automated and the environment moves ever closer to wholesale destruction, and we hope to be there with solutions when the time comes.

If you have other questions related to liberalism, don’t hesitate to ask.

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So what you're saying is; liberals aren't hip anymore?

Automated socialism with a democratic sensibility will always be more hip than liberalism, is what I’m saying. Shorter working hours means more leisure time, and more leisure time means more people dancing excessively, and more people dancing excessively means the hippest social arrangement we’ll ever have.


As the unofficial PR lady for the Tower, I need all inhabitants of the Tower that utilize this hellsite to contact me so that I can get permission to start posting candid photos of y’all and stuff BECAUSE NONE OF YOU EVER FILLS OUT THE PAPERWORK I SEND YOU.













If I missed anyone, lemme know and I’ll add you to the list.