Florida hospitals will cover medical bills for Pulse shooting victims
The health care providers have decided to extend amnesty to victims.

Two Florida hospitals will absorb the costs of medical care for victims of this summer’s shooting at Pulse in Orlando. 

Orlando Health and Florida Hospital won’t bill any of the survivors who underwent medical care, which cost a total of about $5.5 million. Florida Hospital is going even further; it won’t bill the insurance providers and will cover the cost of all follow-up visits. Orlando Health will charge the insurance providers, but cover all the out-of-pocket costs, and is open to assisting with follow-up care as well.

“The Pulse shooting was a horrendous tragedy for the victims, their families and our entire community,” Orlando Health president and CEO David Strong told the paper. “During this very trying time, many organizations, individuals, and charities have reached out to Orlando Health to show their support. This is simply our way of paying that kindness forward.” […]

The news came as relief to shooting survivors like Mario Lopez, 34, who was grazed by a bullet and injured his left side and elbow. “His seven-hour hospital visit left him with a new nightmare: a potential $20,000-bill,” the Sentinel noted. Lopez told the paper he was relieved because he would have been unable to cover the bill.

Crying. These are the kinds of things we sometimes don’t even think about in the aftermath of a mass shooting; this is so important.


A white man asked a black C-SPAN guest how to fight his own racial prejudice. Her answer was perfect.

When Heather McGhee, president of the public policy group Demos, got a question from a caller during her appearance at C-SPAN, it was not about the progressive ideals her group is known for. The question, instead, was about a different issue — directed, seemingly, at McGhee’s race (she’s black).

The caller presented a surprising, open admission of racism on national television — and, even more surprisingly, it came with a request to help address that racism.

McGhee thanked the caller for his honesty and question. Then she explained how all Americans of all races can help solve the subconscious racial biases that study after study have found almost all of us have.

anonymous asked:

Unless i looked up the wrong afa, why would anyone think a celt recon is similar to fundamentalist christians?

In response to this post.

Haha, yeah, you looked up the wrong AFA! No worries - there are a ton of organizations labelled AFA, as I just found out doing my own search on Facebook.

The AFA that I’m talking about is the Asatru Folk Assembly. Founded by Stephen A. McNallen in 1994, they’re a Heathen/Folkish neopagan organization, based in California. Recently, there was a shift in management, as it were, and the newly-elected Alsherjargothi Matt Flavel posted a short commentary on the AFA Facebook page that read: 

I rather optimistically assume that that post speaks for itself. If not, I can count at least sexism, transphobia, homo/biphobia, and racism - and I’m sure there’s more “isms” to be found in this disgustingly loaded sentiment. There’s some question of its echoing Hitler’s rhetoric, as well. (To be honest, I’ve never had to deal with neo-naziism before and so I am not well-versed in their literature or ideals. Clearly, that needs to change.)

Now, as I’m not a Heathen, I can’t speak to the organization’s past, but I have seen on multiple blogs that the AFA has always had these leanings and are just being more out and open with them, thanks to Flavel’s election. Several subsequent responses to this post - that have not been deleted by administrators - confirm a veneration of Hitler’s ideals, and all manners of anti-QUILTBAG+ and racist and sexist stands by leaders of a prominent religious organization.

What I can speak to as an Irish Recon is one of the comments, lower down, that the religion of Celtic Recon shares those views. Several CR elders - whatever my personal opinions on their stances and foibles are - spoke out against oppression, racism, etc. on the public CR FAQ before this ever happened. CR was conceived, in part, as a religion intent on being open to everyone. Unfortunately, a lot of CRs in the greater interwebs believe that Celtic cultures are “for” descendants of those cultures. They argue that people should be worshiping whatever they descended from - with the clear note that if your melanin levels don’t match theirs, you aren’t welcome. Which is absolute bullshit. Before this past July, I had no knowledge of a hereditary link to Celtic heritage (and what link I do seem to have is still, to my mind, questionable) - but because I’m white, I’m still okay to practice? Bullshit. Because if I wasn’t white, I wouldn’t be. If I connect with the religion respectfully, and it’s an open religion, I could be purple and still able to worship. Anyone who says anything else is, barred none, wrong.

So what can you, a hopefully non-racist polytheist, do? 

  • Openly and publically announce your standings. Let no one assume that you’re interested in the sort of values the AFA espouses.
  • If you’re up for it, publically denounce the values of the AFA. This will open you up to some hostility on the internet, so please only do this if you’re psychologically up for it. 
  • Follow CAORANN, Celts Against Oppression, Racism, and Neo-Naziism (if you’re Celt Recon) or Heathens United Against Racism.
  • Keep abreast of these topics. I love reading The Wild Hunt every morning, tbh. And if you don’t know what’s happening in the wider community, you can’t take steps to protect yourself and your community.

For further reading: The Wild Hunt’s original report on this topic || Morgan Daimler’s “Racism is Not a Part of My CR - or My Heathenry” || Lupa’s “#notinmypaganism” || EmberVoice’s “Not in Our Paganism? We’re Not Off the Hook” || Rhyd Wildermouth for Gods & Radicals’ “Editorial: The Witch Hunt that Wasn’t” ||

You may be surprised or not at who has not bothered to speak out against AFA’s views, especially in the Heathen community. Hopefully this will be rectified soon, although it will not surprise me if it’s not.

Myths & Magic - #2 - Greek

Hi guys and Girls, Luke here again!

With the 2nd installment of our “Myths & Magic” mini-series. Where we, with help from the community, create a weapon or magic item based off a mythology somewhere in the world.

There was so much community support for our mini-series, you guys and girls loved our first post!

And this week we’re travelling across the Nile river and over to one of my favorite countries… Greece!

So, we would like to proudly present to you this weeks mythical weapon.

The Greek Weapon that you guys and girls voted for and helped us create…

I present to you…

Caduceus, The Staff of The Holy Messenger.

This strange staff features a long metal rod, entwined by two serpents.

You have a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with this magic weapon.

While the wielder is attuned to this staff, any of the bearer’s hit points restored by hit dice are doubled. 

The staff has five charges. While holding it, you can use an action to expend 1 or more of its charges to cast the Cure Wounds spell from it.  

For 1 charge, you cast the 1st-level version of the spell. You can increase the spell slot level by one for each additional charge you expend.

The staff regains 1d4 + 1 expended charges daily at dawn.

If attuned to a non-spellcaster, the wielder can expend an action to cast the spell Haste, centered on them-self. They may only use this feature once per long rest.

I love Greek mythology, so I hope I, and the community, did it justice by making such a cool, but useful, magic item.

This one took a while to do, because of the vast influx of comments from the community, but that just shows how much people LOVE this series.

We will be continuing with this series next week.

And I can confirm for you that next weeks mythical item is based on…..

Wait for it…………


So put your viking helmets on and get your Mjolnirs in hand, because we’re travelling to Asgard and the nine realms next week!


This has been Luke, releasing the 2nd of our new  “Myths & Magic” mini-series.

If you like this series and want to get involved, you can like, comment, and chat with us!

And if you like what we do, you can follow us to at YourRogue16.

As always, I’ve been Luke.

And remember… HAVE FUN!!!

P.S. I know this may have been a short post, but I would like to thank everyone who helped us with  Myths & Magic. Whether it’s just suggesting a mythology to do next, or helping us with creating the next magic item. I want to personally thank all of you.


A Business, An Older Gent, and a Bird Problem Solved by Made From RI

True story ahead.

Here’s where a problem was solved by careful listening and the right product. A local business was having a problem with pigeons causing damage to their warehouse roof. The reason why there were so many pigeons had to do with an elderly gentleman feeding birds. The feeder he was using was allowing the food to fall on the ground, attracting pigeons rather than smaller birds. Pest control was being considered by the business, but that involved potentially “eliminating” the pigeons by lethal means and that was not desirable.

The business involved talked to their elderly neighbor. The gent could not bear to stop feeding the birds; it was something that he did in memory of his late wife.

Upon hearing the problem and seeing what the older gent was using to feed the birds, we at Made From RI understood the problem. It was really a problem of the feeder and spillage of seed. The solution was a Quick Clean Tubular Feeder that Made From RI keeps in stock. Two of these were purchased by the business and given to their neighbor.

The advantage of the Quick Clean Tubular Feeder is that it is designed to feed smaller birds without having seed spill over onto the ground and attract bigger birds. Additionally, in this case, the Quick Clean Tubular Feeder is easily cleaned and seed is easily filled.

So here we have a case where pest control was being considered and not needed, a business applied conversation with compassion with their neighbor and acted as a community member, and a wife’s memory is honored. A happy Made From RI story… we don’t just supply products that are Made From RI, we provide solutions.


Chapter Posted!

Work title: “Everything is Better, Part Three” 

Fandom:  Community

Pairing:  Annie Edison/Jeff Winger

Chapter title:  “Father’s Day” (7/?)

Chapter summary:  Jeff’s first Father’s Day


She kept her gaze on him as he continued to look upward.  “I know it’s a little weird, but we can start a new tradition.  We don’t have to blacklist the holiday anymore.”

She watched as his body tensed.

He swiftly glanced down at her and widened his eyes.  “I know.  And Annie and I have discussed it.  It’s important for the hobster.  Not that she really understands now, but she will.”

He gave an exaggerated shrug, cleared his throat, and resumed his study of the ceiling tiles.

Dorie took a deep breath and patted his arm. “It’s important for you too.”

He shrugged again.

She let her hand linger on him as she said emphatically, “It is.  I’m very proud of you.  The way you’ve taken things on with Sophie.  It’s very nice for me to see you like this.  You’re nothing like him.”

“Mom, can we please not…” 

AO3  or

Your device could be a lifesaver.

You can help researchers find a cure for Zika while you’re scrolling Tumblr. All you need to do is add your phone’s idle computing power to the IBM World Community Grid – a virtual research supercomputer made from a network of devices like the one you’re using now. Join over 700,000 people already making a difference.

Add your device to the fight →

Pride Jams // Tyler Oakley

Pride Jams is a compilation album by Tyler Oakley. It has been released during Pride Month to celebrate and promote LGBTQ+ artists and raise money for The Trevor Project. The Trevor Project works to support and help LGBTQ+ teens. The album includes artists from all areas of the LGBTQ+ community and is a fantastic way to support a good cause, whilst getting to know some new artists!

  • Download it on iTunes HERE
  • Buy a signed physical copy HERE
Kentucky teens are helping their community in a major way: mowing people’s lawns for free.

Kentucky mom Barbara Wilson said that she tried to punish her son Travis Durham by making the teen mow lawns. Travis ended up loving the job so much that by the time Wilson returned home, he had cut eight yards. In fact, Travis loved it so much that he got his two brothers and a cousin to join him, and the four of them decided to do a free lawn-mowing service for their community. 

“I haven’t had a car in about two months. We’ve been renting a car,” Wilson said. “They have two lawn mowers right now, the rent-a-car; we’ll load them up, drop them off to a community in the morning, pick them up at lunch, take them to a different community, pick them up when I get off work.

The four boys, all around the ages of 14 and 15, go door-to-door to offer their services to people. However, they aren’t always met warmly. 

The boys are also accepting donations through a GoFundMe, which will be used for equipment, maintenance and fuel. As of Monday morning, the boys had far surpassed a $6,000 goal set on GoFundMe, raking in $71,285.

Love this, I’m tire of reading about black youngster dying everyday. instead of killing - clean up your neighbor hood. Stop killing and robbing so we can get decent black business, banks and malls in the black community.