I could not figure out why it was that it seemed to be that Catholics worshiped Mary, even though I knew worship of Mary was clearly condemned by the Church. Then I got an insight: Protestants defined worship as songs, prayers and a sermon. So when Catholics sang songs to Mary, petitioned Mary in prayer and preached about her, Protestants concluded she was being worshiped. But Catholics defined worship as the sacrifice of the Body and Blood of Jesus, and Catholics would never have offered a sacrifice of Mary nor to Mary on the altar. This was helpful food for thought.
—  Kimberly Hahn, Rome Sweet Home
Understanding the Latin Mass

I hope this post helps you understand the Traditional Catholic Mass, which has done so much for my relationship with Jesus! As Cardinal Newman said, “I could attend masses forever and not be tired. It is not a mere form of words – it is a great action, the greatest action that can be on earth… He becomes present on the altar in flesh and blood, before Whom angels bow and devils tremble.”

The different parts of the Mass and their meanings, in two halves:


INTROIT: “Entrance” Prayer to hasten God’s advent
KYRIE: Greek, A cry to the Trinity for mercy
GLORIA: Angelic Hymn, an exultation of praise
COLLECTS: Prayers of the day
EPISTLE: Letters and teachings of Apostles
GRADUAL: Psalm to unite prayers with instruction
ALLELUIA: Hebrew, “Praise the Lord”
GOSPEL: The words of Christ
SERMON: Explanation of the Gospel
CREED: “I believe” Profession of faith.


OFFERTORY ANTIPHON: Preparation for oblation (sacrifice)
OFFERTORY: Bread, wine, & hearts of people offered to God
SECRET: Prayer that the offerings are worthy
SANCTUS: “Holy, holy, holy” Canticle of the Angels
PRAYERS OF REMEMBRANCE: Prayer for the living
PRAYERS OF OFFERING: Petition for peace, deliverance, to get to heaven
CONSECRATION: Action of Christ. Bread=body, wine=blood
PRAYERS OF OFFERING: Recalls the old law sacrifices, remember Calvary
PRAYERS OF REMEMBRANCE: Prayer for the dead in purgatory
DOXOLOGY: All things sanctified & blessed through Cross of our Redeemer
PATER NOSTER: “Our Father” Preparation for Communion
BREAKING OF THE HOST: Imitates Savior who broke bread for the Apostles
AGNUS DEI: Christ is the Lamb from the Old & New Testament prophets
COMMUNION: The infinite God, in His infinite love, grants an infinite gift
POSTCOMMUNION: Prayer of thanksgiving for the Body and Blood
DISMISSAL: Priest dismisses the people, sends them out into the world
BENEDICTION: Priest humbly thanks God for allowing participation in sacrifice
LAST GOSPEL: Summary of the benefits we partake through Christ’s Sacrifice