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I just cannot get over the bonnacon hypocrisy. It’s like so stunning, I’m constantly amazed even when I know these people are, let us say, rather removed from the realm of common sense.

Rumple used the word “took” ONE time about a person whom he thought for a decade was literally kidnapped and murdered, and refused Milah ONE thing (packing up their entire lives and moving as desperately poor peasants to another town, crossing lands ravaged by ogres) in their marriage, and he’s a despicable misogynist.

Yet, H00k is a feminist.


  • Made rape jokes on at least three occasions (2.4, 2.9 or whenever his swordfight with Emma was, 5.10);
  • Called two women (Emma and Belle) useless;
  • Literally referred to a woman an an object (”I hurt his heart; Belle’s just where he keeps it);
  • Called Snow and Regina explicitly gendered insults (3.1);

Hook: Hey. Let the slags go. I need you at the mast.

  • Tried to exploit Tink for sex and, when she turned him down, publicly claimed that something had happened between them (to attempt to make Emma jealous);
  • Sexually assaulted Emma in NYC even though he KNEW she wasn’t in true love with him (3.12);
  • Made gross jokes about pregnant Snow being demanding (3.14);
  • Told Emma that her “discomfort was a cross” he would bear because he liked how she looked in a corset;
  • Made insulting generalizations about women:
  • Literally said that getting people drunk was his “usual tactic” in what he thought was a sexual assignation:
  • Told Emma that her being competent and saving herself was “depriving” him of a dashing rescue;
  • Used Belle (again) as an object to hurt Rumple by using her for blackmail fodder (also physically threatened her);
  • Told Emma “You know how to chase a monster; I know how to plan an evening out,” insulting her social skills and reducing her to a purpose, something he knows she’s sensitive about (4.4);
  • Said this to Emma:
  • Assaulted Zelena WHILE she was pregnant (5.1);
  • Told Emma he liked her better when she was damaged (5.3 or so);
  • Literally said that women were objects that could be traded back and forth between men, and literally called a woman dirty for having sex (5.10):

Hook: Well, I have to hand it to you, Crocodile. You lasted a lot longer than I expected. If you’d fought me with such vigor back in the day, I might have given you your wife back. Soiled, but returned.

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  • And BY THE WAY, guess what else he said in that very episode

Mr. Gold: It’s been centuries since I stood here a mortal. 

Hook: Oh, you mean when I took Milah? I remember thinking that day, what type of sad little man is too afraid to fight for his own wife?

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These are just the ones I can come up with off the top of my head. 

HOW is this not a consistent pattern of insulting and disrespecting women just because they are women?

In what UNIVERSE are these “oh, him’s just misspoke once or twice!”?

Addendum: For anyone who wants to argue “But he was under a dark spell!” or “But he was the Dark One!” for the few of these examples to which it applies: David was also under the dark spell in Neverland, but he didn’t use gendered slurs, and was rightly infuriated when Hook did; and we have met FOUR other Dark Ones (Rumple, Zoso, Emma, and Nimue–I’m not counting the pig), none of whom spoke of women as Killy did. 

(None of the illustrations are mine; picked up from Google search and various anti-Hook discussions; let me know if they’re yours and you’d like to be credited. And if you would like to offer gifs for any of the unillustrated points, I will accept them gratefully.)

(Thanks to @annythecat for point 17; if anyone else has additions, let me know.)

Is this a Joke?

Fucking 78,634 notes think this is proving a point???


So what you are saying is if whoever is following you(AKA a person who enjoys your content) is voting for Donald Trump, then they should stop following you altogether?

And for what!??

what are you proving!?

why hurt the people who like your blog because they have a different opinion than you!!??

Rebloging something this small minded makes you just as bad as you think Donald Trump is.

Sure Trump is a loud mouth Bigot, but look at your other option Hillary, WHO IS A FUCKING TRAITOR!

Neither choice would be a good president!!!

so why put hate on someone who is voting in 2016 between these two awful choices?

they are just choosing what they believe to be the less shitty choice in an already shitty situation.

do you vote for a Bigot?

or do you vote for a Traitor?

there is no winning here.

So I propose this.

If you vote Trump, still follow me.
If you vote Hillary, still follow me.

I wont hate you for your choices.

I myself don’t know what the best choice for America is right now, but I promises I will never turn you away for having a different option than me.

Spread the understand not the reprimanding.

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So I'm fairly new to kpop and want to get more into exo and shinee and you seem like an expert on them! So I was wondering if you could suggest some videos or series I should watch with them?

Abandon everything you’re doing and watch SHINee Hello Baby. Making dinner? Let that shit burn. Working? Call in sick. Holding an actual baby? Drop it, they’re resilient, watch THIS baby instead.

(You can get to the other eps from this one so I’m not gonna link them all.)

Wait you said EXO too. Uh…Shit. Um. Sorry, I just saw SHINee and watch and immediately went to Hello Baby and now I’m rewatching…again…and I am completely unfocused. Let me start over.

Hello and welcome, I am so sorry to you, you’re about to lose a lot of time and energy and common sense to these boys. Let’s start with SHINee! I’ve already mentioned quintessential Shawol viewing, Hello Baby. But other than that, check out:

As for EXO…well there’s the drunk interview I’ve been shouting about pretty much all afternoon. But besides that:

And these stages:

I’m…gonna stop there. I could absolutely keep going but um. These are good starting points. Enjoy!

buzzkill: the avengers edition

Or: They Definitely Shouldn’t Have Lived Through That/Been Able to Walk it Off

  • Tony, falling a hundred feet onto partially packed sand in Iron Man 
  • Tony, going headfirst through what common sense dictates is bulletproof glass in Avengers.
  • Sam, at terminal velocity, pulling his parachute from fifteen feet off the ground in The Winter Soldier (more likely he would have lived but been injured)
  • Sam, landing headfirst inside a helicopter in the Winter Soldier after a several foot jump out of an exploding room.
  • Anytime these fools stand close to an explosion and they are not in armor or are not super people
  • Bucky. I don’t care if he’s a pseudo super soldier, he fell hundreds of feet into a frozen rocky ravine and was left there for possibly days. Forget super-soldier, Bucky might actually be Jesus.
  • @vejiicakes: Half of the non-supered baddies/opponents the Avengers face. Blunt force trauma is a thing. (Say hi, Matt Murdock!)

Add more or if you are medically inclined, explain why this is completely reasonable (I am aware most of them are survivable through sheer luck)


После Абхазии мы отправились проведать моего крестника. Азов - небольшой городок, который стоит на берегах реки Дон. Городок запомнится мне самым смешным знаком парковки, который я когда либо видел. К сожалению именно запреты в виде такого рода  пожеланий  работает в наших странах лучше чем ППД.

After Abkhazia we went to visit my godson. He leaves in Azov city. It stands on the river Don. Huge river with huge ships cruising on it. It is very small town with funniest parking sign for disabled people i have ever seen. The meaning is “ You took my parking place, take my disease”. And curse like this work better than common sense and laws.

For some reason tumblr culture has trained people to ignore statistics and that saying “No, not everyone is homophobic” is somehow an invalid argument, despite the fact that common sense and statistics prove that statement correct.

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Condoms definitely can break easily but I'm sorry, you'd notice. One broke on me and my partner last week but not only could I feel it, so could he. You'd stop and change it if you had any fuckin common sense. She planned these babies

It’s rare but it happens but in her case I think it’s 💩.

Things the Japanese students (but mostly my fellow helpers) have called me:
- Obaachan
- Mama Bear
- Mom
- Grandma
- (my favorite one) After insisting to walk students home since it was dark and getting really late, I apologized since knew I seemed strict / paranoid and I didn’t want them to think I thought they were helpless / had no common sense. But immediately after I said that, one of my favorite kids said “no, you’re like a Japanese Mom”

The YouTube IWC is quite possibly the worst. They lack common sense and I genuinely believe they think the characters they see on WWE are who these wrestlers actually are. Stop watching wrestling if you’re getting so fucking worked up over it like it personally affects you.