The Big Bang Theory - Season 10 Episode 5 : The Hot Tub Contamination



The Big Bang Theory is centered on five characters living in Pasadena, California: roommates Leonard Hofstadter and Sheldon Cooper; Penny, a waitress and aspiring actress who lives across the hall; and Leonard and Sheldon’s equally geeky and socially awkward friends and co-workers, mechanical engineer Howard Wolowitz and astrophysicist Raj Koothrappali. The geekiness and intellect of the four guys is contrasted for comic effect with Penny’s social skills and common sense.

It makes me so sad that Jared and Jensen can’t have any sort of normal reaction to things without it getting ripped apart from one end or the other.

I do believe that they were joking around and laughing about that stupid sign in that photo-op; but I don’t believe that for one second, their happiness meant what those fans thought it did. Jared and Jensen are jokers—they tease, they play pranks, they mess around. It’s how they show love; and in their minds, a sign like that was just another way to tease and show affection.

Anyone with common sense can see that they love and respect Misha as a friend and a coworker—and just because they tease him often doesn’t mean that they’re lying when they say nice things about him. They mess with each other constantly, yet everyone views that as them being close and like brothers.

They obviously care about each other, and they care about Misha too.

In a way, I think it might be good that Jared and Jensen don’t understand the depths that the fans will venture to to try and pull meaning from something—something as small as their facial expressions or the exact verbiage they use. It’s good that they still see the good in us … they think that we see things the way that they see things. They think that if someone pulls out a sign that says something against Cas or Misha, then it has to be a joke, so they joke right along with it. But the bad part of that is … their joking is then taken seriously, posted online as “evidence” of this or that. They will never know just how cruel people can be towards their friends and loved ones; and worst of all … they will never know that the things they said and the things that they did, only fueled the fire.

I’m not saying that this sort of hatred should be blamed on them—I’m not saying that they should censor themselves or become super PC and careful in order to undo the harm that’s been done …

All I’m saying is … it’s a shame that them being who they are, the kind of friends that they are, the kind of husbands and coworkers and fathers that they are — could be used against them in ways that they could never even hope to comprehend.

Fans using their reactions against them and against others, is wrong.

It’s a type of exploitation that is too often overlooked … and it’s just such a damn shame.

I am all for the government taking measures to tax the rich and fund the poor and generally strike blows against the excesses of our system of capitalism. And I suspect that our laws will move in that direction in the very long term, out of necessity. But I do not recommend holding your breath waiting for that to happen. Since the problem is pressing, that means that it is up to the people themselves to do what they can to make our nation’s economy more fair.

There is only one meaningful way for regular workers to do this: unions. Studies have shown that union members earn wages that are significantly higher than non-members—10% to 20% is a reasonable estimate of this “union wage premium.” Furthermore, industries that have high union density see wages rise even for workers who are not in unions. This is all, if you give it a moment’s thought, common sense. Unions enable the majority (workers) to assert their bargaining power. Employers may be able to push wages down against individuals, but they cannot forever push wages down against workers who are organized as a group; ultimately, employers need employees in order to exist.

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I'm a Daryl fan, but if his fans start saying he shouldn't be upset? I will lose it. He will cause Glenn's death, and yes it will be his fault. I still don't get why Negan won't make an example out of the person who attacked him?

because this isn’t the walking dead, this is the walking daryl, and apparently common sense doesn’t matter as long as daryl is alive and breathing!!

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What is your opinion on Ross's feelings for Demelza? Do you think he really loves her? Do you think he still -loves- Elizabeth? And who do you think he loves more (more genuine)? I'm sorry I'm just really interested in your thoughts on all of it :)

Well I don’t think that Ross actually “loved” Elizabeth, he was incredibly infatuated with an ideal he has of her but I wouldn’t consider that love and Ross later acknowledges that when confronted with the reality, it doesn’t compare to the very real relationship he has with Demelza. 

“From it I came to recognise things which no doubt I  should have had common sense and insight enough to have known without the experience but did not. One is that if you bring an idealised relationship down to the level of an ordinary: one, it isn’t always the ordinary one, that suffers. For a time, after that night, things were upside down - for a time nothing came clear. When it did, when it began, to, the one, sure feeling that stood out was that my true and real love was not for her but for you.”

Day 23 of 31 Days of Series 18
Favourite Kiss: Bernie and Serena in Life in The Freezer
I know it seems as if it’s the 31 days of Berena but how can it not be this kiss for my favourite. I love these two so much and I couldn’t imagine AAU without them, even though Bernie is currently hiding away in Ukraine. If Bernie has any common sense she’ll come back with an expensive bottle of shiraz, carnations and a really expensive dinner date planned as an apology.

I think this is the correct ruling,“ said the former world champion. "We started a long time ago in the sport and I think there’s always been a good understanding that it’s incorrect to move in the braking zone when somebody’s trying to overtake. Because when you’re trying to overtake, everything is on the limit. You are on the limit, you are on the edge, you’re pushing the boundaries. As soon as someone moves in front of you and takes the line that you were aiming for, you’re screwed. You’re either going to go over the top of them or you’re going to miss them and end up in the barriers.

"It’s common sense more than anything else, for 15 years of racing I haven’t really had any issues, it’s just the last couple of years that we have. Now it’s clear, they’ve clarified it and I’m happy about it.

—  Jenson Button on Max Verstappen’s moving under braking defence move and a new rule.

Teacher Recommendations. We’ve all gotta have them. Here are my top tips for procuring good ones :) Please reblog/like if it helps!

1. Get to know your teacher, and help them get to know you
This is by far the biggest one, and basically common sense. In order to write you a recommendation letter, the teacher has to know who you are. So speak up in their class! If something interests you, talk to them with a follow up! Tell them about yourself if there’s an opportunity (99% of the time you will find one. I promise)! Let them get to know your interests, your passions, your hobbies!

2. Don’t be a kiss-up
I know it’s hard to believe, but teachers can usually tell very easily if you are being disingenuous. Be yourself, be confident, be brave. If you work hard in class and show how much you care, they will like you more than if you tried to kiss up.

3. Think about which subjects you’d like a rec letter in
Usually, colleges recommend one humanities and one STEM teacher, but it’s not a hard and fast rule. I would say it’s the best use of your time if you decide on, for example, your math and AP Lang teacher, and focus on your relationship with those two. Leading to…

4. Be polite and show your best self to all your teachers
Just because you probably won’t ask your biology teacher for a rec letter doesn’t mean that you should slack off or misbehave in that class. For one, you should always have back-up teachers/options for recs, and it’s good practice and manners anyway to try your best in all your classes, with all your teachers.

5. Think seriously about asking a teacher from your sophomore/junior year
It is highly highly recommended that you ask a sophomore/junior year teacher, for a variety of reasons. Time is the biggest: freshman year you is usually quite different from senior year you, and soph/jr year usually have the hard-hitting subjects you’ll want to show colleges you’re serious about. That being said…

6. Although it is possible, only ask a senior year teacher if you have a deep connection
Again, common sense. In most cases, a senior year teacher simply does not have enough time to get to know you before letters are due. However, there are certain cases, say, if your senior year English teacher was also your freshman English teacher, for which it would be absolutely fine to ask them. If you have a deep and immediate connection with a senior teacher, you might consider asking them.

7. When it’s time to ask, ask politely and considerately
Teachers are not paid for writing letters of rec. They do it of their own volition, on their own time, so when you ask them, ask politely and with consideration of their time and effort. Writing your letter is a favor they are providing you, and you should never take it for granted.

8. If they say no, don’t be discouraged
Although rare, teachers can decline to write your letter. Sometimes it’s because they don’t know you well enough, sometimes it’s because there’s too many other kids who asked. In any case, don’t give up. Think of other teachers you can ask, and keep moving forward.

9. Ask with plenty of time to spare
Some teachers want you to request them at the end of junior year. Senior year fall, at the very beginning of term, also is a nice time to ask. Just make sure that you give them two weeks at the very least to write your letter; I heard a real life horror story from a Stanford admissions officer about a one-line letter they received: “This student asked me for the letter at 2 pm and it was due by 4:30 pm.” *shudders*

10. And lastly, please make sure the teachers you ask actually like you.
It sounds silly, but you’d be surprised at how many letters colleges receive from teachers who are mean enough to say bad things about their students in their rec letters. Please, please ask the right teachers who will relay the rightfully complimentary tone and your good traits.

And my comprehensive rec letter tutorial is complete! Best of luck :) 


This shouldn’t have to be said but I’ve already seen it happen so I’m just gonna say this:

Don’t put your phone number out there asking Jack to call it.

He’s not gonna call it.

That’s a really dangerous thing to do.

Please use common sense and don’t give your phone number to anyone.

I’m not entirely sure if the person that posted the number was their actual phone number, but regardless just don’t do that.

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stephen is the epitome of an abuser. he no longer has control of you so he does anything he can to slander your name. abusers victimize themselves& its actually sick his sheep dont have common sense enough to see his maliciousness. stay strong tori.


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Silly everybody know antis hate to use logic and common sense

They have their own special brand of these things called Complete Bullshit™. Available now in your local dumpster

consider: dawn switches out drift’s everstone for a different item to get the edge in a battle. dawn isn’t paying close attention and misses that drift levels up. drift essentially has the common sense of a jellyfish and doesn’t think or care about what could happen if he evolves (unlike pip, who knows he’ll stop being a cute lil bug) and doesn’t prevent his evolution and suddenly becomes this big ass blimp pokemon at lv 72 after years of being a lil tiny balloon 

dawn: what the fuck is this giantass thing?? where did my lil balloon go??? who is u???
drift: (balloons around, floats away, becomes a goodyear tires advertisement at the Indy 500) 

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Not gonna lie, 'TERFs' are probably the only feminists I'll tolerate because they actually have common sense and analyze things and use critical thought instead of those cringey SJW pastelheads with made up genders who are triggered by everything.

Well you can fuck right off buddy. There are only two genders, yeah, but transgender people are valid. Its not black and white.

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no but people are so ? ? ? ? Imagine having a friend with benefit, and then things end, but you still stay friends with them ? It's weird. And what's weirder ? That they fucking live with each other ! Imagine the awkwardness if one of them brings a date home, like ? ? Come on people have some common sense. They are in love and in a relationship, but don't want to come out. That's not difficult to understand.

i mean dan and phil have such a special bond i wouldn’t put it past them to be completely normal (hypothetically if they did have a fwb relationship)

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do u publicly post asks if we vent off anon ?

No i try to never publicly post asks sent me off anon unless they’re relevant to something happening on my blog or they’re mutuals. Also I wouldn’t??? Publicly post something personal sent to me off anon bc of common sense like! That would be so rude