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Hey Kiana stay safe, some people in rocket fandom have been ganging up on and bullying people who speak out against art reposters and they already drove one content creator off Tumblr for innocuously asking that people credit artists. I know you're an artist and have spoke out against it before I'm just so disenchanted and worried about more creators I love getting smoked out by reposters and people who sympathize with them.

Yikes what happened while I wasn’t here? :/ It should be common sense that reposting art with out permission is a no no. I personally don’t mind my work being reposted so long as the person links to the original and credits me properly but for the sake of other artists I started cracking down on that and making sure people at least ask me for permission before reposting.

I already made a long rant about this but c'mon guys. Respect content creators. They’re making stuff like this for you for free. They at the very least deserve to be respected and get the credit/views/likes/exposure for doing what they do. Again. AT LEAST ask for permission.

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I hate Australia too oml we have so much in common (I’m Aussie I’m allowed to hate on my country please don’t attack me)

everyone in australia who has common sense hates Australia


Rakija is right, it’s not healthy to be overweight, but there is NOTHING wrong with being human. Of course it’s not fucking healthy to be overweight, but I don’t think Krystal or Plough or anyone else was trying to say it was. You all really do have similar, if not the same opinions if you dissect the notes.

It is ok to love yourself despite your weight. A lot of the time that’s the reason people gain weight anyway, psychological reasons, other than medical conditions or just completely not caring about themselves, the latter still branches from psychological issues. Idk about you, but I don’t think being overweight/obese, etc should be glorified, but I do think self love should be, because um hello, common fucking sense. I like to believe that is why people are more accepting of fat/overweight/obese people, not to say that being overweight is some new cool totally acceptable and healthy trend, but to say “HEY LOOK, IT’S OK TO LOVE YOURSELF. “

You do need to support people going through things, weight gain, weight loss, depression, life, and just being fucking human. There’s too much hate, not enough support and love. You 100% do not have to approve of someone being overweight, but the whole “you shouldn’t love yourself because you’re fat/overweight/obese” is complete shit. You should love yourself no matter what, loving yourself and realizing you deserve better is usually what starts the entire weight loss process or any process of bettering yourself in the first place. You don’t need to be like “Omg bitch get your life together, lose weight.” What you need to be doing is saying “Omg you are so much more than the negative things anyone else may try to tell you that you are, and you deserve better than to live an unhealthy lifestyle both mentally and physically. You deserve love and support from others and from yourself.” THAT’S WHAT YOU NEED TO BE DOING. You’re not broken, you don’t need to be “fixed”. Stop being unbelievably hateful for no reason. Stop dismissing people because of their weight or other factors. Nurture love in the fucking world, in your fucking hearts and maybe, just maybe people will feel like you actually understand and like they are not alone in what they’re trying to do/going through.

You have to take steps mentally before you can even start the physical process with practically everything. People have flaws, they have problems, insecurities, and that’s because we’re human. IT IS OK TO BE HUMAN. Humans learn, move forward, make progress, and overcome, but if you want any of that to happen, you need to help move the positive forward and not be the one to hold everyone back.

If anyone ever tells you that you shouldn’t love yourself because of weight or any other reason. IGNORE THEM. You should love yourself genuinely, not some god complex shit, but you should truly love yourself, be humble, open minded, and accept the things you can not change, the things that are beyond you. That really does allow you to make the world a better place for yourself and others. Don’t be ignorant, insensitive, and blind, open your eyes everyone. You can’t help someone who doesn’t want to be helped and there’s no reason to force your help on someone who does not want it. All you can do is push positivity forward and promote love, in hopes that it alone will be enough to make the person/people want to change. Telling them that they’re wrong for being human and having a real problem, isn’t helpful. Stop blaming other people for other people’s problems too. “Oh it’s your fault for approving of someone being fat.” UM HELLO, YOU HAVE CONTROL OVER ONE PERSON AND THAT IS YOURSELF!  IT’S NO ONE ELSE’S FUCKING FAULT. IT’S NOT SOMEONE ELSE’S PLACE OR JOB TO TRY AND MAKE SOMEONE CHANGE THEIR LIFE BECAUSE OF THEIR OWN PERSONAL BELIEFS, BUT SPREADING NEGATIVITY SURE AS HELL WILL NOT HELP ANYTHING! THIS APPLIES TO LIKE EVERYTHING IN LIFE. I see this a lot with almost every topic on here and out in the world.I wouldn’t be saying all this if the only problem were this specific weight topic. Stop providing outlets for hate to grow.

The way that hateful, irrelevant, illogical, uneducated bullshit and names are just thrown around without substance on here is insane. I understand this is a burn book, but it’s still just appalling behavior from any human towards another human. I’m not sure why you all can’t just speak your minds without so much hate and bitterness, and  at least with some truth to it. None of you know each other, but you continue to act like you are in everyone’s head and know their entire life story, all their secrets, flaws, achievements, ALL OF IT.  The insults are usually completely illogical anyway, but yet you all want to somehow get a LEGITIMATE, supposedly TRUTHFUL point across most of the time? At least, a lot of you say that’s your goal. Not really sure how slinging lies and bullshit are going to allow that to ever happen, but yah know. Sorry for submitting a fucking essay, LOL. I see people getting really hurt on here by the things people say to them, so I just want to spread some love. I just think we should all be focused on making the world and the pixelverse a better place. @Rakija YOU GO GIRL, CONGRATS FOR BEING AWESOME AND LOSING THAT WEIGHT! I’m happy you’re someone who chose to live a healthy lifestyle and were able to put that plan into action, you’re clearly proud of yourself, and you should be. It’s obvious that in the end you’re just trying to help.

You do you, love bugs. I LOVE YOU ALL EVEN IF I DON’T KNOW YOU!!! Keep your heads up. Xoxo <3

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I just want to say that I really appreciate my followers so much. Being a Cardassian fan in this fandom has gotten really, really difficult. The trash we have to deal with daily can be pretty awful, diving into the tags, being personally insulted or worse for enjoying fictional species or fictional characters… and I appreciate you guys who get it and are chill enough and have enough common sense to know that fiction is fiction and it’s fine to like fictional people and have fun. The fact that you like my silly Damar blog and are having fun with me and my fav is pretty cool. Keep doing you and keep lizard lovin’ because we are free to love what we love and not have our personal characters judged based on the characters of characters. You guys are great.


Candi: So now that Lance is gone…I gotta go through the whole “rules” spiel. No drinking during your hours,no fighting with the customers,call cabs for people,blah blah blah. I assume you have common sense and I don’t need to go in depth about it…please don’t prove me wrong.

Lenox Dash: I’ll try not to *laughs*

Candi: Okay good. Now that that’s out of the way…tell me a little about yourself.

And I did…I told Candi about my family and about what I had done since moving to San Myshuno. She seemed impressed. Then she told me a little about herself too. She was born and raised here,lived with a few friends,and liked to enjoy the night life. We have a lot in common actually.

Dear Mr. Stolichnaya

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If Lily were to be honest, it wasn’t one of her proudest moments. Sure, she’d done it many times before, as was expected after every (successful) Quidditch game, and she never did anything overly embarrassing or idiotic, but she had never, ever gotten drunk to the point where she’d forgotten a – as she would later find out – quite significant chunk of the night.

Later she would regret her decision vehemently, especially after the scene that ensued the following morning, but at the time, her common sense was severely clouded by anger at James and his stupid, well, self, at Severus and his death eater friends, at Voldemort for just generally being alive, and most importantly at herself for feeling so utterly helpless in everything that was going on. And that bottle was staring at her, blatantly beckoning and seducing her, and how could she refuse such a charming young bottle? Especially now that Remus, who had been not-so-subtly keeping an eye on her, had disappeared from the common room, and Sirius in turn had appeared in front of her, the bottle she had been eying materialising in his hand.

Wait. No! This was not good at all!

“And what do we have here?” Sirius grinned, leaning on the wall adjacent to Lily. “A lonely bottle of vodka so innocently and not suspiciously at all sitting near a Lily Evans, who is coincidentally in dire need of alcohol? Now that doesn’t sound like it has Remus Lupinwritten all over it at all.”

“Of course it doesn’t.” She had deadpanned. “Because it has Sirius Black written all over it instead.”

At the time she had felt like a great injustice had befallen her, that that night out of all nights, Sirius Black had decided to join forces with Remus in some gallant mission to save their friend from evil. It turned out that he hadn’t, but the following morning Lily really rather wished that he had.

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Many individuals lack human decency, sense of commitment, responsibility and accountability, willingness to sacrifice for the common good, and common sense.

2018 is pivotal. Absolutely pivotal. What Virginia Tech taught us, Aurora taught us, Sandy Hook taught us, what Pulse taught us, what Charleston taught us, what last night taught us is that Republicans don’t give a single fuck about keeping American people safe. I care that my son can go to his elementary school and come home alive. I care that he can enjoy a night with friends and come home alive. I care that he can go watch a movie, go to college, or go to his place of worship and come home alive. I care more about him than I care about my right to own a gun. How many slaughters are we going to watch from our living rooms before we vote for change? What is the threshold?

Bruised (Richie/Eddie) 2/12

Summary: It’s 1993 and the summer from many years ago is dead and gone. Many have drifted apart from the Losers club and its at the point where there is no club at all. The atmosphere is cold just like the winter months and the only blushes to be found are the ones that are caused from the piercing spikes of cold that heat skin up. Being a teenage boy is hard; especially for the two boys that now count each other as strangers. In which both boys make a plan, but both disrupt each others.

Warning(s): Depression, angst and fluff throughout the whole series, suicide attempt

A/N: Im so happy at how much support part 1 got?? Thankyou all so so so fucking much ily all also!! credit to @finn-got-tall for an idea in one of the scenes!! (I wont reveal which scene bc i want people to just read) but ty lovely

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Eddie and Richie blinked at each other, stunned to see one another in such a strange coincidence. Eddie still had his hand up, but Richie still hadn’t took it. Richie merely brought his hand up that held the cigarette, taking a drag and allowing the toxic waste to decay against his lungs. Eddie visibly cringed at the sight, but stayed silent; he only continued to watch in hope that Richie would somehow step down. Richie took away the small stick, blowing the smoke out slowly and staring at Eddie through his large obnoxious eye glasses.

“Why are you here, Eds?” Richie asked, as if a day hadn’t passed since they last talked.

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