The Signs As Butterflies

Morpho peleides Aries: Scarlet Peacock (Anartia amathea)

Taurus: Four-spot Sailor (Dynamine postverta)

Gemini: Noble Leafwing (Fountainea nobilis)

Cancer: Blue Morpho (Morpho peleides)

Leo: Nothern Checkerspot (Chlosyne palla)

Virgo: Eastern tailed blue (Everes comyntas)

Libra: Orange Oakleaf (Kallima inachus)

Scorpio: Balkan Marbled White (Melanargia larissa)

Sagittarius: Yellow Coster (Acraea issoria)

Capricorn: Common Green Birdwing (Ornithoptera priamus)

Aquarius: Blue Pansy (Junonia orithya)

Pisces: Blue Spotted Emperor (Charaxes cithaeron)

makes art to post before the year ends at least, or at least before xmas

several months ago i made some series of butterfly clothes for some mh characters; clawdeen’s is common green birdwing, which is all green but i wanted to keep the purple and now she looks so halloween :C

thoughts about clawdeen under readmore that i always wanted to share but i was afraid to until now; tho its kinda long u dont need to reeeaaaaaaaaaad

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Aries: Bicolor Commodore – smoky. enticing. dramatic.
Taurus: Old World Swallowtail - stable. charming. radiant.
Gemini: Cramer’s Blue Morpho – sparkly. playful. fairylike.
Cancer: Indian Lead Butterfly – dreamy. classic. sublime.
Leo: Purple-Spotted Swallowtail – breathtaking. bold. picturesque.
Virgo: Schulze’s Agrias – commanding. audacious. fierce.
Libra: Gold Drop Helicopis - elegant. beautiful. ethereal.
Scorpio: Purple Mort Bleu - sharp. striking. alluring.
Sagittarius: Cephus Satyr - fearless. adventurous. intellectual.
Capricorn: Julia Butterfly - polished. sophisticated. refined.
Aquarius:  Common Green Birdwing – vivid. unique. otherworldly.
Pisces: Apollo – artistic. graceful. whimsical.
Like butterflies, all signs, all PEOPLE, are beautiful.
Send me your name and astrology sign for a personalized aesthetic.

Reposting because I didn’t research butterflies to get zero notes!