the other day i dreamed that i was summoning in a gymnasium when a stranger in a trench coat told me he could get ike for a mere 20 buck commission fee, this was a Once in a Lifetime Deal, he said. when i slipped trenchcoat man the dough, ike burst out of the polished wood panelled floors in full armour like some unholy deity of tattered capes, at which point i woke up with a pillow full of grateful tears and no ike in sight.
   i still have my 20 dollars, so trench coat man, if you’re still out there,



Trying to save up for a desktop computer system (current goal is about $1.8k) since my laptop is slowing down a lot/will freeze in the middle of me doing a project etc) Also money helps with gas, getting to my main job and going to school. Currently applying for better jobs but in the meantime this is my backup option. I’ve updated the pictures to be this year (2017).


  • Payment accepted through PayPal ONLY (USD). I’ll email you an invoice after we discussed and agreed on the details of your commission. Note that a Paypal fee is calculated into the invoice. 
  • Communication can be through the messaging system here on tumblr but I would prefer you email me at Better organization that way.
  • 2nd character on same canvas is 50% the base price. 
  • Backgrounds will have to be negotiated on a price.
  • Please give me a deadline if you need it by a certain time. It’ll help me prioritize better. If not, I’ll try to get them out to you as I can.
  • If you want a recording of me working on your piece, it’ll be another $25 for editing etc. 

If you can’t fully commission me please consider donating. Any amount will help me tremendously (but i would like to give you something in return so commissions would be easier on my anxiety)

I can also print out 5x7 inch prints that I can mail to you easily. (only cost of the mailing will be added to the price)

And also please signal boost the HELL out of this thanks!

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High Maintenance

Chlonath Week Day 6: I Hate That I Love You


“Hmm… no, not there.”

Nathanael lowered his arms, and the painting, back to his side. “What’s wrong with here?” he asked.

Chloe reclined on a chaise lounge, leisurely popping grapes into her mouth. “I don’t like the energy it gives off.” She held a grape out to her kwami, who relaxed on a miniature pillow that Chloe had commissioned just for her. “Wouldn’t you agree, Pollen?”

“Yup. Bad energy,” Pollen said around a mouthful of grape.

Nathanael glared at both of them. “What does that even mean?”

“It means the painting is better off somewhere else.” Chloe looked around her bedroom and pointed at an empty space on a wall near her door. “What about there? It’ll be the first thing everyone sees when they walk in.”

He carried the painting to the other side of the room. “Glad to know you aren’t embarrassed by me, at least.”

“Why would I be embarrassed by you? My taste is unquestionably perfect, so anyone I’m dating is perfect by default,” Chloe said. Then she sat up. “Wait! I don’t like the painting there, either.”

Nathanael groaned. “Why not?”

She tapped a manicured finger against her cheek. “Maybe the problem isn’t the painting, but the canvas. How much should I ask Daddy to pay you to recreate that on my ceiling?”

“I’m not painting a mural on your ceiling,” Nathanael said. “You have a canopy bed. You won’t even be able to see it.”

“I can take the canopy off,” she insisted.

He dragged himself over to the chaise lounge and kissed her forehead. “Chloe, I love you, but you really don’t make it easy for me, you know that?”

She pulled him down for a proper kiss. “Love isn’t supposed to be easy,” she said. “Now try over there again, but start thinking of a decent commission fee just in case.”


I’m opening commissions for the holidays!

PM me if you’re interested.
Commission slots will reopen as they’re completed, until Dec 25!

Slots available:

     1) Closed – in progress
     2) Closed – in progress

• • •

Included in cost:

     ⚬ Simple shape bg
          +$10 for detailed background
     ⚬ Bust/waist-up
          +$10 for full body
     ⚬ Accent colors (on monochrome)
     ⚬ Up to 2 characters
          +$5 per additional character above 2 (max of 4)

Will do:

     ⚬ Fandom
     ⚬ Any ship
     ⚬ Fic art

May do:

     ⚬ Nsfw (case-by-case basis – all characters must be 18+ or will be aged up)

Won’t do:

     ⚬ Ocs
     ⚬ Comic pages
     ⚬ Real people
     ⚬ Fandoms I’m not familiar with (feel free to ask)

Commission fee is due after initial sketch is accepted.
All payment must be made through paypal!

References are appreciated but not required
I reserve the right to decline any commission request

anonymous asked:

I'm planning to open a online shop and I was rhibking about using Tictail, but after your las ask I having doubts... Why do you think other site would be better? Which are the differences? Thanks!

To be perfectly fair, Tictail is still a great platform to sell your wares if you’re just starting out and have a very small inventory. Their $9/month subscription for a custom storefront is pennies compared to some other platforms, and their 10% commission fee via their marketplace is manageable if your income from your store is relatively low. 

Unfortunately I have a pretty large inventory and my income from my online shop can be higher than average depending on what new things i’m selling, therefore the 10% commission fee can stack up and negatively impact my finances. For example, a $30 transaction will take $3, effectively taking away my cheapest shipping option of $3, forcing me to pay shipping out of my own pocket. Plus the ways TT force customers to use the marketplace instead of the seller’s custom storefront without their knowledge is really shady to me and i just don’t like it. 

Other store options include Storenvy, Bigcartel, and etsy. Storenvy doesn’t have a subscription for their service however there is a small commission fee. I haven’t used storenvy in ages but i heard that the customers are the ones that have to pay the fee? According to sources, bigcartel is completely free if your inventory is no larger than 5 items. Etsy is a good place to sell your stuff if you’d like to reach wide spread traffic. My friend LN exclusively uses etsy and she swears by it. There is a commission fee of 3% per transaction but that is much more manageable than 10. 

But because i’m less concerned about having a “marketplace” shop (like etsy where you can type in keywords to find all items in the entire community related to it) i have been looking toward the more professional storefront services such as Shopify, and weebly and squarespace’s business platforms. Those services cost anywhere between $12 to $100 per month but the price is determined by what kind of plan best suits your business. Usually these professional platforms are extremely customizable and provides services such as automatic shipping calculations and discounts. 

but in the end, you should do your own research and see which service best suits your interests. If you’re new to this and just want to start out small, look for a place that best benefits your level of income. My advice is, if your income is stable and lower than $500 a month or less than $30 per transaction, go with a platform that has a percentage based payment plan. 

I hoped that helped in a way? Sorry that this turned into such a long post LOL anyway good luck and happy selling! 

Hoooo boy. I’m gonna let my imagination run wild here, so get ready to read some of my personal headcanon stuff! (I apologize beforehand that all the pics below are messier than my usual works. I was in a hurry to draw them all. XD)

Nice Gang (Nice Cream Guy)

Where do all the hotshots lose their money? Why, of course at the Nice Cream Casino! Starting from humble beginnings of selling nice creams to becoming a multi-million dollar casino owner, Nice Cream Guy is one of the few cases who turned from rags to riches. He coins his success to the “Nice Cream Bingo Card” he implemented when selling his nice creams back in the day, which soon expanded to his current mega gambling business.

He’s possibly the nicest guy you’ve ever met–with his smiles and unending compliments–but don’t let his looks fool you. He is ruthless to those who are rude or those who cannot pay their debt. He’ll make sure to teach you a lesson…with a smile. :D

Muffin Gang (Muffet)

This gang is known for their delicious baked goods and the ability to rid anyone without a trace. Yes, they’re a professional exterminator with Miss Muffet as their boss. Though their commission fees are ridiculously high, Muffet’s loyal little critters will complete the job without fail.
But most know her as the “lady baker” and her muffins are simply to DIE for. 

Temmie Gang (Temmie)

How many of them are there? Who are they? WHAT are they? Nobody knows much about this gang aside from the fact that A) they are the best blackmarket dealers to approach, and B) they are EVERYWHERE. If you’re wishing to sell shady things or looking for rare goods, just place a boiled egg outside at night and one of them will appear. It’s pretty much an unspoken rule in the underworld to never cross with the Temmies if you know what’s good for you. Though when prompted, nobody actually knows what happens.

GLAM Gang (Mettaton, Napstablook, Burgerpants)

Possibly the most popular and well-known gang of all because of their glamorous boss, Mettaton! He appears in dramas, operas, radios and practically dominates the entire entertainment business. Although it is public knowledge that he is a mob boss, the majority accepts and loves him as a celebrity.
Mettaton has two trusted members he keeps close: Napstablook (AKA “Blookie”) and Burgerpants (AKA “Burgerpants”). Burgerpants’ role is more of a manager (or slave) who handles all of boss’ schedules and needs, while Napstablook handles the shadier side of things with his family of ghosts. It is said that ever since Mettaton appeared, many of the famous celebrities seemed to have disappeared all of a sudden…

The Gang (Asgore, Undyne, all the doggies)

Don’t let their simple name fool you. “The Gang” is possibly the strongest force of the underground. Many consider the leader, Asgore, as the don of all mobs since he practically legislates each gangs from going into war with each other (though skirmishes still happens now and then). His pleasant demeanor makes him an all around likable guy; but when there’s a need to demonstrate their strength, he will deliver.
His right-hand person is Undyne, who trains and takes care of their gang members. He also had his wife, Toriel, handle the inner politics of their works until a certain incident broke them apart. It’s a sore subject that neither likes to talk about.

The Trio (Toriel, Sans, Papyrus)

The smallest gang of all, consisting only three members, but a force that’s hard to ignore. Toriel’s trusted members, known as “the skeleton brothers” can break in and retrieve any hidden items locked behind the securest and the most heavily guarded places. Though sometimes they get caught in the act, they always manage to slip away (with a bit of force, that is).
Toriel came to build this small gang shortly after separating from Asgore. They were steadily making a name for themselves within the underworld, but Toriel called quits from all mob activity at a certain point and now lives a humble life as a whole goods shop owner.

Commission Sale!

Hey guys, I’m saving up for a laptop (I’ve been using this one for god… 5… 6 years?)! I have been for a while, and but a little help wouldn’t hurt, so now until the end of June, I’ll be doing a sale of full colored pieces for half off!

You can something like these for only 10 dollars!*

Feel free to message me or email me @! Paypal only please!

(* Anything NSFW will be a +5$ fee)

2017 Commissions are currently : OPEN
EMAIL: (or PM me!)

What I will Draw:
-Original Characters
-I will give the good ole’ college try to anything, really!

-LGBT/any orientation A-OK
-Furry/Monster A-OK
-Androids A-OK
-Weird dingle-bits A-OK
-Gore A-OK

What I WONT Draw:
-IP you do not have permission to request art for
-Complicated mecha

-Scat/Watersports/a combination of this with gore
-Graphic depictions with under-aged characters
-Complicated robot sex (I don’t understand how this works lmfao)
-’Extreme fetishes’ (you can ask me, worst I will say is no lol)

I have a fancy printer that prints on clothing, bags, patchwork, etc. if you have a project you want to see come alive on garments, send me an email! Prices will vary depending on custom formatting, etc. ~12 unit minimum.

Space is limited, PM or email me for a quote!

All pricing above is the price you pay for my commissioned time, you retain rights to any IP you own that you ask me to draw, but I retain the ownership of the artwork and the ability to display it on my SNS platforms and portfolio. Requesting ‘private’ or NDA commissions may modify the price.

If you wish to purchase the copyright to the artwork to use for commercial goods, add 50%+ extra to the commission fee. If you are a large business or corporation, please email me about a royalty plan or copyright purchase.

Thanks for looking! Boosts appreciated! ♥

be safe using paypal <3

hey there. so, i am a person that has commissioned (and will commission) some of the amazing theme/graphics maker here on tumblr. or, as i call them, photoshop gods. that said, i found out things about paypal today that i felt the need to share with all of you! 

paypal has several features. it has come to my knowledge that thememakers usually like to use the that’s when they send you a link with the exact amount you have to pay and you just click on a button and pay it. it looks something like this.

the reason that the theme makers do this is bc it’s an easier interface for people that are not familiar with paypal. you click a button and that’s it. there are no ossibilities of making mistakes when typing the email and stuff like that. also, there are no fees. it’s like you’re transferring money to a friend, basically. 

DOWNSIDE: if there’s a problem, like, let’s say, you pay for it up front (which you should NEVER DO unless you REALLY trust the person — maybe not even then) and you don’t get your theme. paypal doesn’t offer a “dispute” option for this kind of transaction. basically, you’re on your own (which i think it’s a real oversight by paypal, since someone can hack your account and stuff like that). 

now, if you want the guarantee of the “dispute” option, that is, being able to appeal to paypal in case you want your money back for a transaction that didn’t go well, this is what you have to do.

log in to your paypal account. in your home page, this is what you’ll see:

click “send & requests”. it’ll take you to another page.

click “pay for goods or services”. it’ll take you to yet another page.

in this page, add the email of the person selling you the product, making you the theme, etc. it’ll take you to yet another page of confirmation, so you can add the value and choose what currency you want. YOU NEED TO BE CAREFUL WHEN DOING THIS, so you don’t choose anything incorrect. with this method, you are protected by paypal’s buyer protection. and if anything goes wrong, you can just go to your home page, click the transaction that went wrong, click on “report a problem” and then on the option that best suits your problem to start a dispute for your money. the first method of payment does not have this protection.

DOWNSIDE: there is a fee. so you’ll pay the commission value + paypal’s fee in order to get their protection. in my opinion, small if compared to other stuff that can go wrong. 

that said: most theme makers here on tumblr are good, honest people (i can recommend several), and tbh, i didn’t even know a lot of this myself before like two hours ago. it’s not common knowledge. but i decided to make this post to help you all be a little safer with your money in the internet. 

if anyone has any useful additions to this post, feel free to reblog and add information. <3