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Why would anyone commission you when you have no artistic talent lol

i was gonna actually reply to this but since it’s TDOV instead im gonna promote my commissions so i make money for HRT lol

guys commission me here’s examples of my art and pricing for each style (⌒▽⌒)




($15, tumblr fucks with quality tho sorry it looks less sharp!!!)





message me to commission me friendos (⌒▽⌒)

Languhiris, more commonly known as the White Dragon, is a mysterious dragon that was sealed by Irinid long ago. As a dragon, Languhiris is extremely prideful and loves tormenting and attacking “lesser” creatures. That said, it does not like being ordered to stand down. Languhiris also dislikes weak opponents and wishes for a worthy challenge.

Portrait commissioned by Kim.



yup, i’m open for commissions!! i’m trying to save money to get into an artist alley at an upcoming convention! will you help me?

i can do anything!! oc’s, fanart, your mom’s oc, fursonas, gemsonas, anything! also including sketch pages, reference sheets, sketches, the whole shebang! (all pictured)

i’ll even send you physical art!! 

prices are as followed 

single character
flat colors, simple bg, $20 + $5 per extra character

character reference
fully colored, $30-$50 depending on complexity (2 refs for $75!)

single ink
no color, $5, +$2 per extra character

expressions page
single character only - $15

digital sketches
$10, +$3 extra character

sketch page
little color, simple bg - $25, +$5 per extra character

single character
fully colored and shaded, no bg - $20

also let me know if your preference is traditional or digital! 

just email me at if you’re interested! thanks so much!!!