Comming Soon

Here’s a sample of some of the graphic design options that will be in ArtRage 5! 

Currently in ArtRage 4.5:

  • Custom canvas texture
  • Grids (not shown)
  • Stencils
  • Symmetry 
  • Precise Pencil

ArtRage 5 will add:

  • Guides
  • Editable Perspective (one and two point)
  • A better shading pencil 
  • A customisable workspace!
  • Multiple documents (if you peek at the upper menu bar, you can see that there are currently 7 paintings open, and the current document is called ‘Castle sketch’).

Learn more about ArtRage 5 and the huge, massive, ridiculous sale we’re running on ArtRage 4 here:

Fun fact: I nearly failed my high school Graphic Design class for being ‘too messy’ and not being able to create smooth uniform shading (I got bored too quickly ;D ). And I ended up in an art related job anyway. Ha.

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—  Under The Same Sky by Anonymous (Part of the HD Pet Fair, author reveals on November 4th)

Australia’s 12-year-old Campbell Ramess has sewn over 800 toys in 3 years to comfort children in hospitals. In 2013, he asked his parents if they could give toys to children in the hospital for Christmas and then learned to sew them himself. Since then, he’s created a toy every day of the year to help cheer up sick kids around the world. Source


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