• the galaxy in mass effect: the world is in danger who is it
  • shepard: the reapers
  • the galaxy: lol silly shepard reapers arent real
  • the galaxy in mass effect 2: THE WORLD IS IN DANGER AGAIN WHO IS IT
  • shepard: reapers
  • the galaxy: lol shepard pls reapers arent real
  • the galaxy in mass effect 3: *attacked by reapers*
  • the galaxy: .... oh
  • shepard: what did i say

so that post about how starfleet officers need permission from both their superior officer and their medical officer before they can sleep with an alien came back on my dash, and I thought I’d explore what it would mean for shepard if the alliance had the same rule…

mortification. that’s what it would mean. luckily, chakwas is a Cool Mom.

and for comparison, ryder - 

…lexi’s also a Cool Mom but she’s the type of overly prepared Cool Mom who asks you loudly in front of your friends if you’ve “got protection” when you go out then proceeds to pack extra into your bag when you clam up in horror

Doing the Math real quick

- 2139: Saren was born.

- 2154: Commander Shepard was born.

- 2157: relay 314 incident (duped space traffic ticket) ((Saren is 18, Shepard 3))

- 2159: Saren becomes a Spectre. (He’s 20)

- 2163: the Ryder twins are born.

- 2165: humanity gains the right to an embassy on the Citadel. ((Saren’s 26, Shepard 11, Ryders are 2))

- 2170: Mindoir is attacked ((Saren’s 31, Shepard 16, Ryders 7)) also, Avitus Rix becomes a Spectre.

- 2172: Shepard enlists in the Alliance ((Saren’s 33, Shepard 18, Ryders 9))

- 2176: the Skyllian Blitz ((Saren’s 37, Shepard 22, Ryders 13))

- 2177: the Akuze disaster ((Saren’s 38, Shepard 23, Ryders 14))

- 2178: the Torfan massacre ((Saren’s 39, Shepard 24, Ryders 15))

- 2183: the events of Mass Effect 1 ((Saren dies at 44, Shepard’s 29, Ryders 20))

- 2185: the events of Mass Effect 2 ((Shepard’s 31, Ryders 22)); the Andromeda Initiative launches at the end of the year.

- 2186/2187: the Reaper War ((Shepard’s 32))

- 2818: the Nexus arrives at the Heleus Cluster.

- 2819: Ark Hyperion arrives at the Heleus Cluster, the events of Mass Effect Andromeda happen ((Ryders 22))