This is the third time this picture has made it into local newspapers. Thats me on the left! This time a good year or two after it was taken! At the time we were giving a lecture and demonstration on Medieval swordsmanship and other weaponry at a local elementary school. The kids loved it (especially the sparring) and were a great audience. Now were giving a free lecture and demonstration at our college open to the surrounding community.
Fresno Activist Found Dead Days After Predicting The Police Will Kill Him Over Social Media


Not trying to be an armchair activist here but this is a potentially HUGE story that’s gaining very little much needed media attention and it seriously needs to spread like wildfire. Should the lid on this story get blown, the implications would be staggering and (at least in a perfect world) could be a step forward in reforming the nature of this countries police force.


-John Lang was a well known local activist that focused primarily on corruption in the Fresno Police Department

-On January 15th he made a post on a local newcasters Facebook page claiming

“Corin, you want some news? Corrupt Fresno Cops are going to try and kill me this weekend, possibly tonight. This is no joke. Please follow up on my story regardless of what happens or what version the cops and the fresnobee [local news outlet] come up with.”

-On January 16th Lang made another post stating:

“If I turn up missing or dead tomorrow remember this Van. I think I seen a couple of guys sneak out the side door and into the building when it was parked in the carport this afternoon. I’ve been causing the City of Fresno a lot of problems recently which I now regret.. Sign on the Door said Gurantee Carpet Cleaning Fresno”

Attached to the post was a video he uploaded which you can view here.

At this point most people would assume that Lang was just a paranoid nutjob, but after a little bit of digging things get a little weird. Upon searching the companies address in google it takes you to a random house in the suburbs. Odd place to run your carpet cleaning business from huh?

The supposed company has no media presence save for a yelp page with only one review written AFTER Langs demise. Okay so a little weird, but nothing conclusive, right? Maybe John Lang was really just a paranoid loony suffering from delusions of the bogeyman Fresno po po trying to get him?


Lang’s paranoia prompted him to keep his home under constant surveillance which effectively proved the “Gangstalking” phenomena (An idea I never gave too much credence to until this story broke) as perpetrated by the FPD. Lang’s YouTube channel was dedicated solely to catalog the surveillance and intimidation tactics used by the FPD. Like this video of men in a black van pointing a very sophisticated thermal imaging camera in his home. Or this one with the FPD posturing in front of his home after he filed an Internal Affairs Complaint. What at first glance may appear to be the fear fueled delusions of a paranoid man slowly reveals the seedy under belly of a highly corrupt militia of surveillance terrorists.

Lang’s last Facebook post before his tragic death says it best:

RIP John Lang

Please share this story with anyone and everyone you know!  It is absolutely imperative the major news outlets cover this story, so that this man gets the justice he deserves, and those responsible are held accountable!

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Historical Medieval swordsmanship based on the teachings of Master Johannes Liechtenauer with the German Longsword. Additionally, there are sword and buckler combinations, polehammers, and dussacks. This is the stuff the knights in armor were taught to survive with. These photos are from a demonstration the Bridgewater College Comitatus club gave at a local elementary school. 


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