Success by reading and collaborating with others.

So I’ve been doing something interesting recently. 

I’ve been getting into reading books. 

One book that I’m currently reading is, ‘Make Your Story A Movie’.

The author collects interviews from Hollywood’s top directors, producers, writers, studio executives, agents, and managers.

It tells, obviously from the title, how to make your story a Hollywood movie. 

It’s not easy, but this book has insider information on how the studio system works. 


Hollywood would basically adapt anything these days! 

So I read a section about, “Synergy”.

It has to do with a writer turning in an unpublished manuscript for a novel, and an unproduced screenplay for film. 

So when you turn two of those things in, someone would be interested in the manuscript or screenplay. 

Either way, someone will spark some interest in one of the two. 

So this book is so far good! 

Today, I’m giving you guys my reasons for as to why reading books and collaboration is the biggest keys to success!


I think books are one the best sources for seeking tips on success!

So since I love entertainment and pop culture, I’m going to list books based on entertainment and pop culture. 

They’re books on writing novels and screenplays, also books on animation. video games, and comic books! 

I love mystery and suspense, so if you want to learn how to write a novel or screenplay on that genre, then you can read this.

I love animation, so I’ll definitely read this book by Jeffrey Scott.

I’m also a huge gamer, so I can read this book.

This book has to do with the guys who created the games, ‘Doom’ and ‘Quake’.

I really love comic book characters such as Batman and Spider-Man, and there’s a book on writing comics. 

This is from Will Eisner, one of the most influential comic writers ever! 

So these types of books are biographies and instructional books, these books are told by people who have made it in their industry of interest! 

So reading these types of books will give you insider information on what these guys have done and how you can do the same. 

And as the old sayings goes, “The more you learn, the more you earn.”


Collaboration is a huge part of succeeding to a higher level! 

You get to partner up with people who share your passion.

Also partner with people who respect you, who can give you feedback on your work, and people that you can count on. 

Would you rather succeed alone? 

Or succeed with people who you care about?

And some of you might know or not know, that people who have collaborated with each other, have made it big time! 

For example, in the comics industry, we have ‘Image Comics’.

A comic book publishing company, formed by seven comic book illustrators. 

The founders are, Todd McFarlane, Jim Lee, Whilce Portacio, Marc Silvestri, Erik Larsen, Jim Valentino, and Rob Liefeld.

All of these founders have worked on illustrations for both Marvel and DC.

And their company is very successful! 

Todd Mcfarlane created the well known comic book character, ‘Spawn’.

Rob Liefeld created ‘Deadpool’.

And the company published ‘The Walking Dead’.

John Romero and John Cormack 

teamed up to create the ‘Doom’, the first-person shooter game that revolutionized first-person shooter games. 

Those are just some examples of collaboration equaling success. 

It just comes to show that when you partner up with someone or with some people, to work on something, anything, the results will turn into something beautiful! 

Because they’re passionate, they want to help others, and they established friendships! 

That is my take. 

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(This isn’t very long yet because I’m just starting to post stuff about DC Comics on this blog so sorry if there’s not that much stuff lol. As usual, if there’s a line through the text like this it means I’m working on it :-))



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