Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie’ Sneak Peek


VIDEO: ‘Justice League’ Movie Costumes - SAN DIEGO COMIC-CON 2017.

Hi, I’m Captain America. Here to talk to you about one of the most valuable traits a student or soldier can have. Patience. Sometimes, patience is the key to victory. Sometimes, it leads to very little, and it seems like it’s not worth it, and you wonder why you waited so long for something so disappointing… How many more of these?
—  Captain America, Spider-Man: Homecoming
San Diego Comic-Con 2017: all the best panels, trailers, and news to look out for
San Diego Comic-Con is finally here, and it promises to be a crazy few days of news, panels, trailers, cosplay, interactive experiences, lines, merch, and bad convention center food. There’s going...
By Chaim Gartenberg

Saturday is Arrow Day!!!

DC TV – Arrow / Supergirl / The Flash / Legends of Tomorrow / Black Lightning (3:30PM–6:30PM PT, Ballroom 20)

In the morning, on the DC Comics Movie side of things, there might be new trailers for Justice League and Aquaman and hopefully some news about movies farther down the line in the DCEU.

  • zelda fans: ugh, the zelda timeline is so confusing! three branching alternate universes? is nintendo HIGH on DRUGS??? how many BEERS did they DRINK to come up with something so CRAZY???
  • me, a lifelong transformers fan: literally everything in transformers is canon. comic books, tv commercials, movies, video games, everything. the transformers multiverse accounts for literally anything with an autobot logo printed on it. its all canon in a parallel dimension. there is a complex in-multiverse classification system for all of the ridiculous alternate realities. the burger king commercial where Optimus Prime orders a whopper? that's Universal Stream Tyran 607.25 Lambda. it's canon.