The first ten pages of Ninety-Nine Righteous Men are now on COMIC FURY and TAPASTIC!

When Father Daniel suspects that one of his parishioners is possessed, he has no choice but to perform an exorcism. Too bad the monsignor does not believe him and the only exorcist still in the diocese is Father Adam, with whom Daniel shares a less than lovely history…

Ninety-Nine Righteous Men will update every Monday and Friday. The books of course will still be available.

Note: this comic deals with some heavy stuff, most prominent being issues of consent and responsibility, and not all pages will be worksafe. I will always make note on here when an update contains mature or otherwise non-worksafe content that goes beyond the average PG-13 rating. Tapastic “episodes” (pages) containing such material will also be flagged within the Tapastic system. 

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Comic officially up!

Zoo Academy is officially up on SmackJeeves, Tapastic and ComicFury!

Updates are to be weekly or every two weeks, and may range from 1-3 pages an update. Updates will be announced when they come in bulk.

Animali Academy is an isolated school for all ages. It’s maze like in size, but very easy to get into considering their one prerequisite - that no other school can be willing to accept you. With students ranging from human criminals to scientific experiments to humanoid monsters to demons, it’s not common to be an odd one out. Although, with the nickname “Zoo Academy”, the schools main students are Bifera - humans with animal DNA that are seen more as animals than functioning members of society to the general public.

Zoo Academy follows the students as they grow, develop and fight for their right to be equal members of this harsh society. They’re everything that others wish they weren’t; they’re loud, they’re queer, they’re violent, and more importantly, they’re just kids.


Mystery Circus is now available on both Comicfury and Smackjeeves!

“I guess nobody comes to take the posters down….”

After finding an old circus poster that is months out of date, as well as advertising a performer who is now dead, Malorey Hassan’s curiosity is sparked. When the same circus returns to the town Mal cannot miss the opportunity to find out more about the dead girl.

Dragging her friend Eddie along for the ride, Mal tries to infiltrate the circus and get some answers to her many questions, as well as get to know the performers. However she doesn’t realise that her questioning is starting to annoy people, and that she might not like the answers she seeks.

As Mal keeps digging and begins to see a chance to escape her humdrum life, things get stranger and stranger at Parvati’s Circus.

A day in the life drama mystery with strong LGBT+ themes, with a looming supernatural threat…

Updates every Monday

Some fanart I made for the webcomic Rain

This is definitely one of my favorite webcomics! If you haven’t read it before, you really should! It’s wonderful and educational. Rain is an LGBT+ comic about a transgender girl named Rain and her senior year in high school. Accompanied by a wide cast of other LGBT+ characters, Rain not only shines light on and explains many gender identities and sexual orientations, but it also shows the challenges and insecurities that unfortunately come with being a member of the LGBT+ community.

Also, the author is transgender and saving up money for SRS. She’s really sweet and it would be very helpful to her if you buy the printed volumes or donate!


I had a very special package arrive today… the first proof copy for the Art of Monsters book! Here are my genuine first reactions.

I wanted to be witty and eloquent, but in the end I got a bit overwhelmed and ended up creating something that sounds like a really strange ASMR video.