Nothing Fits Kickstarter! Hi, since we have finished our comic (it’s not all online yet, but it is getting there, you can read it all here

We’ve made a Kickstarter for printing it! It’s going to be 140 pages long and A4 in size, full colour, all the jazzz.

We would really appreciate your help in backing us, cause it’s been a long journey to get this far.



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A tooth for a tooth (19/11/2013)

Webcomic based on Changeling: The Dreaming RPG from World of Darkness.



This is regarding the comic and I would really like some input on it~ So as you know, myself living in America I cannot publish this on paper without going to jail so I should have said this sooner but this will be a webcomic for everyone to reeead! Unless I visit Japan then that would be a different story but anyways~

I have some questions for you guys and I’d really like to hear from you and so if you guys give me any input I will doodle you something personally as thanks because I’m broke ;o; So these are the questions I have! Hope to hear from you guys! *kisses*

  • Where should a post this comic? (, New Tumblr blog, ComicFury etc…)
  • Should this comic be black and white or in color?
  • What is something you are hoping to see in this series?


Here’s page 29 and page 30 on Comicfury.

And page 29 and page 30 on Tapastic.

Alsoooo here’s the link to my Patreon where you can get cool stuff in return for supporting the comic!

Please keep in mind that I’ll be taking roughly 3 weeks between now and when I hope to start chapter 2 so I can build up a decent buffer for the next chapter.


///UPDATE PLEASE SEND ME YOUR USERNAME WHEN YOU SUBMIT SOMETHING BECAUSE I CAN’T SEE USERNAMES?? /// So, I was working on my comic and I realized I was in need of background characters. Since I like differences in human characters (so they don’t look the same) I would like to ask you guys something that could help me a lot:

•With your permission, I would like you to send me one or many pictures of you irl (or of human versions of your characters or pets, anything! (credits will be given)). You can also send me somes of your friends, gf/bf (BUT WITH THEIR PERMISSION, OF COURSE.). If you guys are older (my cast is between 16-19 years old, it’s in an high school, though I have an arc somewhere in my comic with any age of characters (youngs and adults)) I can make the design looks younger.
Thank you, I appreciate all kind of helps!
Send in my Facebook page inbox (Zetsuboupuppet), my deviantart (Heartlessmicrophone), or submit it to my tumblr (Zetsuboupuppet) (I won’t post it though)

PS: If you want details in particular in your design(s) (jewelry, tattoos, piercings, hair color/haircut, accessories) PRECISE IT and show me pictures (can be off google images I don’t mind)

Even though it’s mostly in a white-based environment (due to being a small city in the mid-north of Canada), I don’t mind having people of color, transgenders, different body types, etc.
You will be notified everytimes your character appears in a page
No picture will be kept once the design is done

Please if you don’t want to send a picture, at least reblog so others can! I need a lot of different designs so…


Mystery Circus is now available on both Comicfury and Smackjeeves!

“I guess nobody comes to take the posters down….”

After finding an old circus poster that is months out of date, as well as advertising a performer who is now dead, Malorey Hassan’s curiosity is sparked. When the same circus returns to the town Mal cannot miss the opportunity to find out more about the dead girl.

Dragging her friend Eddie along for the ride, Mal tries to infiltrate the circus and get some answers to her many questions, as well as get to know the performers. However she doesn’t realise that her questioning is starting to annoy people, and that she might not like the answers she seeks.

As Mal keeps digging and begins to see a chance to escape her humdrum life, things get stranger and stranger at Parvati’s Circus.

A day in the life drama mystery with strong LGBT+ themes, with a looming supernatural threat…

Updates every Monday

Some fanart I made for the webcomic Rain

This is definitely one of my favorite webcomics! If you haven’t read it before, you really should! It’s wonderful and educational. Rain is an LGBT+ comic about a transgender girl named Rain and her senior year in high school. Accompanied by a wide cast of other LGBT+ characters, Rain not only shines light on and explains many gender identities and sexual orientations, but it also shows the challenges and insecurities that unfortunately come with being a member of the LGBT+ community.

Also, the author is transgender and saving up money for SRS. She’s really sweet and it would be very helpful to her if you buy the printed volumes or donate!