micahhanson  asked:

Brett, your comic-con commissions are amazing! How do you approach live drawing with subject or character requests that you may not be familiar with or do not remember particular costume or facial details? Is some on the spot reference involved?

Well thank you!

If it’s someone I am familiar with I just have at it and try to make a pose and composition worthy of being put on a wall.  

For the characters I don’t know very well, I look up a few pics online while I sit.  (thanks smartphones) I’ll look at the generalities of personalities and such.  I’ll draw up a basic blueprint then go back to reference to find better details of costuming etc.  

The cool thing is that “my people” are looking for “Brett’s Version” of the characters so I get to play with it a bit.  

So I get lots of leeway and fun things to do.  I love that my fans know that about me and appreciate it.  It makes the hard work of drawing live and under pressure a bit easier for sure ;)

I also created the Creature Creation Station.  Fans come by and grab the sheet, mark down what they’d like in their creature design, and order like a sandwich.   The commission is finished and you get a one of a kind and original creation done by us! 


New video, featuring some behind-the-scenes packing show-and-tell.

My little @claymate_creature companion woke up extra early this morning and made me a cup of coffee to wish me a safe journey before I left to the airport!☕️💖 Isn’t he just the sweetest little guy?! We still haven’t settled on a name for him yet but he is really digging his #Halloween accessories!🎃🎉 I’m off to @StanLeeComicCon today for the #HalloweenWeekend so it was a nice treat for some early morning get-up-and-go coffee before I left the house!😍❤️ See you soon #LosAngeles!!☀️ #camilladerrico #claymate_creatures #popsurrealism #therealstanlee #stanleescomiccon #comiccon #la #halloween2016 #coffee #coffeemug #earlymorningcoffee #halloweendecorations #art #artwork

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Hey, all New Yorkers! Voltron is having a big day at New York Comic Con this year. Don’t miss getting autographs from the show runners and writers, sneak peek of season 2, new voltron comic book and Voltron party at Friday Night! @newyorkcomiccon

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