What can I say? I’m more of a Steve Rogers girl.

These beautiful plums were so sweet. Despite running an hour behind and a girl assaulting Chris, they still took pictures with everyone and even proposed to me. I walked up to these smol babies and said, “Can you beautiful doritos please propose to me?” and Chris laughed and said “yeah, sure.” And dropped to one knee. Bless.


With all the news lately about voting, I though I should remind you folks that the Deep Dark Fears book has been nominated for a 2016 Eisner Award, and time is running out to cast your vote! So, if you are a comic artist (web, print, etc) or work in a related field, I’d really appreciate your vote! You can vote at http://eisnervote.com/ - thank you!

Hey everybody, I just heard some great news! My “Deep Dark Fears” book has been nominated for a 2016 Eisner Award! Holy moley! http://www.comic-con.org/awards/2016-eisner-award-nominees


You can find it at Amazon, B&N, IndieBound, iBooks, Google Books, your local bookstore, and wherever books are sold! For those of you outside the US, bookdepository.com is offering free worldwide shipping!