I still love that they used this outfit for Joker in the credits of the Lego Batman movie. (I really want to go as this again as well) but, I also keep debating making an outfit based on Lego Joker. Should I? All I’d really need is the purple vest/green tie.


Aliens don’t like being flipped off

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You stand at the side of the stage, hidden behind curtains, as you watch Tom, your on-screen husband, silence the screaming fans with a single finger to his lips. You’re waiting anxiously in your own costume, your normally brown hair hidden under an ice-blonde wig arranged in elaborate braids and wavy extensions which flow down your back. Your corseted cream dress with gold embellishments and threads was designed by Marvel to be a perfect complement to Loki’s black leather and green silk. 

As you watch Tom stay perfectly in character, despite his obvious excitement, you bite your lip and feel heat wash over you as Tom/Loki commands the crowd to chant his name. Just as you feel the crowd’s ovaries exploding - even the men’s too - you know that’s your agreed upon cue to step onto the stage.

“Loki!” you shout from the sidelines and storm onto the stage. The crowd goes wild when they see you, and begin chanting “Sigyn! Sigyn! Sigyn!”

“Oh, uh, hello my love,” Tom/Loki suddenly acts sheepish, scratching his palm nervously. “I was just…uh…These meagre mortals…”

You cross your arms and look unimpressed, shaking your head. “You were pretending to rule them again, weren’t you?”

“No, of course not!”

You look to the crowd. “Was he?” The crowd erupts into cheers and screams. You look back to Tom/Loki. “That’s my answer, Loki.”

“But, Sigyn, my love-”

“Don’t you ‘my love’ me, Loki of Asgard. You’re heading back home.” You snap your fingers and point off the stage.

“But, but, these mortals need a ruler!”

You give him your Sigyn-smirk. “I didn’t say I was leaving.”

Flirt // Chandler Riggs Imagine

Chandler is more slightly more over-confident and cheeky in this one, instead of the aDORABLE CINNAMON ROLL he usually is.

Requested by: @fannyimagines

PROMPT: The reader has a part on twd as Carl’s love interest. Chandler flirts with her during a panel, only making the fans ship them more<3

Hope you enjoy my loves!



C H A N D L E R // 1 2 4 8

I nervously tugged at my top as I stood behind the stage with the rest of the cast. We were about to go on for a twd panel at ComicCon. I had done panels a million times before but this was the first time I was properly nervous.

The only reason I was so scared was because I noticed I had been getting more attention lately on social media, which worried me because I might be asked more questions than normal. My recent ‘fame’ It was due to the fact that I was beginning to get a bigger part in the show. I had been on The Walking Dead for years, playing Melissa Dixon, Daryl Dixon’s daughter. I had a decently important role, and I loved it.

Now, in season 6, I had lots more screentime due to the fact that I was becoming Carl’s love interest. Chandler was my best friend on set, so naturally, we were both super excited to have more time to work together. Well, I was probably more excited than him because let’s face it, Chandler’s pretty damn cute.

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Aliens don’t like being flipped off part 5

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‪This is awesome 😂‬

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