The CW’s ‘Supergirl’ Cast Musical Recap of Season 2 | Comic-Con 2017

Since a lot of people (myself included) have been receiving asks about what happened at ComicCon that offended many SuperCorp/lgbt people in general, here’s the video. 

Jeremy and Melissa begin to sing about SuperCorp 1:30-1:49; Jeremy acknowledges ‘I’m going to get destroyed’ while laughing at 6:26-6:42;  Katie speaks up in support of SuperCorp at 7:16-7:35

What hurts in this clip (x) is that they all  laugh…Every. Single. One. 

Wlw relationships aren’t a joke, period. 

There’s no excuse for them to all erupt in laughter after Jeremy willing chooses to bring up SuperCorp, which is a relationship they know has a large fanbase. It’s a relationship that many lgbt people look to for hope and a bit of happiness. 

The SuperCorp fandom is amazing. So many talented, beautiful, funny, valid people. This was ugly, but you’re all still super.