I can’t believe I have to deal with seeing posts complaining about Steve Trevor being in a Wonder Woman movie. Steve…in a Wonder Woman movie…

Do people not realize how incredibly important Steve is in bridging the gap between Diana’s world and Man’s World? Steve is such an important character to Diana’s character development. He shows her a different side of mankind. 

I’m going to assume that people who are complaining about Steve Trevor are actually incredibly ignorant about his importance to Diana’s life and automatically dismissed him because they want Diana to be a strong woman who doesn’t need a man. 

And don’t give me bullshit about “Diana spent all those years on an island filled with women. She’s obviously lesbian.”

Okay? She did have relations with women but like she can be bi sexual? She can be on a spectrum? Maybe she falls in love with personality instead of gender? I’ve actually known a lesbian who fell in love with and married a man. She still claims to be lesbian, but she just fell in love with an awesome dude. Sexuality is not always black and white. And being someone who has questioned my own sexuality and sexual orientation, it’s a lot of shades of grey and really spending time to get to know yourself.

Read comics, watch the animated show, literally just be informed on the character and the history before making posts critiquing Steve Trevor for all the wrong reasons. 

[image: Gal Gadot Wonder Woman Fans on Facebook]

Pulling back on this post because after lots and lots and LOOOOOOOTTSSS of digging for recent pictures it is possible that based on one blurry screen cap I can find of Lucy Davis’ appearance on NCIS from last year that her appearance was not as drastically altered as headlines and photos like this caused me to believe. I also feel like it’s important to note that Lucy Davis has spoken out about her history with EAs and so I am going to proceed to approach this topic with as much sensitivity as possible.