The Hero We Deserve

Defender IPA from brooklynbrewery, the official beer of New York Comic Con, is going to be available across the country this year. It is described by the brewery as a “bright, juicy, West Coast-style IPA” with a “reddish twist from a dash of roasted malt.”

It sounds like the production was a great melding of art and beer, with Brewmaster Garret Oliver and artist kharyrandolph waxing poetic about the commonalities between comics artists and craft brewers in the launch video. Its pretty freakin’ great to see a beer so strikingly emblazoned with such an awesome black superhero.

It hasn’t been added to Brooklyn’s beer finder as yet, so stay tuned for more details on how wide the distribution will be.


My time at Geek Con 2 in Gateshead! ^_^


Finally, a version without the crowd screaming in the background XD