Resident Advisors!

  • Dead center is Bowie, the RA of North Dorm (and probably the next character portrait!)
  • RAs volunteer for the position, but not all of them are aware of what they’re volunteering for. Each year before classes begin, the chosen are assembled off campus, on real ground, and given a thorough explanation of the University’s hazards and the demands of the job.
  • RAs are as responsible for the safety and comfort of the changelings as they are of any other student. This agreement of inclusive protection is why RAs are allowed safe passage through the Elsewhere at the end of each year.
  • The process of bringing home the lost students is often as simple as bribery, and in fact the University gives each dorm a yearly budget of $500 to spend on whatever it might take to bargain students out of whatever messes they’re in.
  • Sometimes there are curses to break. You get really good at that.
  • Sometimes it’s a little trickier, and there are knives involved.
  • Sometimes the best you can do is get word of whether the lost students are still breathing; if someday they might come home. And you mourn, and you remember, and you try to be better with the next class.  
  • Most of it is still helping students with entirely mundane problems, though.


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This is a rough unofficial test page, that I mentioned yesterday, taking a piece of episode one which I have the draft typed out already. Episode one/two introduces our main characters and shows how they met. Also explains why Skully “joined” Black Cauldron in the first place. This format isn’t set in stone, I’ll work on it later when I’m not burned out on making comics.

Also some poses of Dex dancing, didn’t know where else to put them.

Skull-Kidz! © ValeriaM
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My rough sketches being.. well, rough haha! 

Still lots of pages to go. I’d like to sketch it all out this time to at least have a paneling idea overall, even if in the end I might change completely some perspective angles and such. 

Unlike the rest of the comics so far, I’d like to make this one into a normal comic format, with nice panel compositions on the page and such. I miss doing a complex comic!

Not sure when it’s going to be ready, though. Lots of work, little time after work, so.. I’ll just keep y’all updated :3 For now I am still writing the script and doing page sketches in parallel.