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I got this request today, and I still have another one to do from a while ago… oops. I didn’t plan on writing this today, it just kind of happened. I’ve been dealing with some writer’s block, and turns out stepping out of my comfort zone (klangst) and writing this (fluffy shallura) was what I needed to get back in the zone! I hope this is satisfactory anon… enjoy!

Also… me writing stuff that’s not lance-centric and/or klance is like,,, once in a blue moon so… I hope you like it, but don’t get too used to it…

Takashi Shirogane did not get sick.

In fact, he’d always prided himself on his seemingly invincible immune system.

So, when a week or so ago Shiro’s throat began to feel scratchy and his nose stuffed up, he did his best to ignore it. He couldn’t possibly be getting sick. They were in space. Besides, there was a universe to defend.

It wasn’t until after a particularly grueling battle with the Galra that he realized just how bad it was getting.

He woke up the following day with a migraine that definitely hadn’t been there before, and the issues with his sinuses seemed to have increased tenfold. Shiro wanted nothing more than to stay in bed, huddled under a layer of blankets, since his room was freezing for some reason.

But he was also the only one who hadn’t sustained any serious injuries from the fight, with the exception of a few scrapes and bruises. Shiro pushed himself out of bed, and headed towards the infirmary.

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Can I have a comfort Sunday with kirishima bc I had a shitty day turn shittier real fast

I just saw this and it seems urgent, so here you go love ❤️ I hope it’s nothing too serious? 💕 Lots of love and cuddles for you! ✨ Hang in there!

Kirishima Eijirou

• whatever happened, Kiribaby got you! He’s super emphatic and the moment you enter your shared apartment his senses tell him something is wrong - he’s on his feet and greeting you in no time
• the moment he sees your face, he immediately pulls you into a hug - “Oi babe, it’s okay, ya home now. I’m here” he doesn’t need any explanation if you don’t want to tell him immediately
• without a warning he lifts you up and carries you to the sofa, planting you into a fort of pillows and blankets
• before he joins you, he’ll get every comfort food you like and that’s in the house and some tea/hot cacao/ coffee (your favorite drink)
• thereupon it’s all about cuddling, he pulls you into a tight hug, planting a kiss at the crown of your head “don’t let this shitty day get ya babe”. He’s running his hands down your back, rubbing small circles; his fingers are brushing through your hair, gently massaging your scalp; if he feels like you need to laugh, he will pepper your face with tiny little kisses
• you can ramble on about your day and he will almost cry some manly tears, telling you that you were so strong pulling through the day
• he’ll try to lift your mood up a little “want me to tell ya the story about that one time I caught Bakugou singing an opera in the dorm bathroom?” - it’s supposed to be a secret, but he’ll take any risk to curve your beautiful lips into a smile

The meaning of Mercytale!

My Au Mercytale also has a little meaning behinds all this story with Frisk not being accepted because of how or what she wears looks like!

Here it is: The meaning is That even if You think People might look ugly just because of what they wear. Then You haven’t meet The real person That they trully are!

Just show Mercy and they Will show it back!

I chosed The name Mercytale because i wanted for People to know That it’s always The good to accept Mercy and also because i didn"t People wanting to judge others.

Some People might think That another person is angry and mean just because of how they look like while The person could be a total sweetheart!

So…what im trying to say is!

Show Mercy! Everyone deserves it! Even if they have done some bad things…everybody derserves Mercy!

Stay determined everybody!


Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader 

Summary: Barry had just been dumped by his, now ex, girlfriend and you knew that it was your job to help him through the heartbreak. Even if that meant getting your heart broken along the way. \

Warnings: None.  

a/n: hey guys! so im setting a notes goal for this imagine. I want it to hit 150 notes! please make it happen! like and reblog it for others to see. remember, sharing is caring haha 


*two weeks ago* 

I watched as Barry trudged down the hall. It was the night of the Central City Police Department Ball and Barry had walked in with his girlfriend Mandy when the night had started. He was happy and giddy and just… Barry.  Now here I am, two hours later, witnessing a paranormal event. Or what seemed to be one. Barry was walking so slowly. His head was hung low. He looked as if he had left his body, and only the shell remained, walking around aimlessly.  

I shifted my blue skin tight dress, pulling it down my thighs because it had risen up to an inappropriate height. I made my way over to Barry, my silver stilettos making noise as they hit the floor. “There you are,” I said. “I’ve been looking all over for you. What happened?” Barry shook his head, keeping it low. Was he… crying? “Barry, tell me what happened. Now.” I said, using my overprotective voice. 

“M-mandy. She broke up with me.” 

“What,” I said softly. 

“She was only using me. She knew I was The Flash before we even started dating and she used that as leverage. The ‘oh, yeah, I am dating The Flash’ thing until she found someone better. Which she did. Who, by the way, she admitted to seeing behind my back for a month.” Barry dropped his head again. 

I was shocked. Not that she broke up with him. Mandy was always a bitch. But more shocked at how she did it. That was the lowest any person could have gone. I was fuming. I wanted to march through this crowd of people and find her, then give her a piece of my mind. Maybe throw in a punch or two to her already deformed nose. 

Instead I kept calm and tried to soothe Barry. “Hey, hey. It’ll be okay,” I comforted as I took his face into my hands.  

“I really liked her, (y/n).” 

“I know you did, Bar. Here, I’ll go tell Joe that we are taking off and you can come back with me to my place. Okay?” Barry nodded. “Good. Stay here. I’ll be right back.” 

I made my way through the crowd. Luckily there was no sign of Mandy. I knew something was wrong the minute I met her. I just never said anything because she made Barry happy. And that’s all I wanted for him. I was also thrilled, however, because I’ve loved Barry for longer than I can remember. But I knew that whatever happened tonight, or tomorrow, or any day after that would mean nothing. Barry just needed someone to comfort him. And that’s what I’ll do. Because he’s my best friend and I love him.

I found Joe and told him what was happening. Then I made my way back to Barry and he was standing where I had left him. I drove my truck to the ball, so I told Barry I’d drive us home. I didn’t want him speeding through the streets in the state he was in. 

We hopped into by blue Chevy Colorado and Barry said, “It still amazes me you drive a truck.” 

I smiled to myself. “Yeah. I was just lucky I could afford it,” I said and pulled out of the parking lot. 


I fixed Barry a cup of tea to calm him down. It helped a little. We watched a bit of TV, but eventually migrated to my bedroom. I left to change and I assumed Barry was wondering what took me so long ‘cause he soon ended up walking in on me smoothing my shirt over my body. Everything was covered. 

We were sitting on my bed talking for a while until Barry started crying softly again. I pulled him into me and we laid there like that, his head on my chest while I gently stroked his hair until both of us fell asleep. 


*present day* 

I sighed as I bent down and stuck half my body into the dryer, trying to unload what  clothes I had in there. Once that was done, I threw what was in the washer into the dryer and turned it on. I heard my front door shut. I knew it was Barry. He was the only one that ever just walked in without knocking. 

“There you are,” he said when he found me. “You left early.” 

“Yeah. I had some stuff to do around here.” Truth was, I needed time to myself. I love Barry, but all the time I was spending with him just made my feelings stronger. And it depressed me a little because I knew none of this would last much longer. 

“Are you alright? You look like you haven’t slept in days,” he said. I hadn’t. But I wasn’t about to tell him that it was because of him. 

“I’m fine, Bar. Honestly.” 

“Okay. Then I think we need to talk.” 

I froze slightly. I knew what this was about. And I will have to keep myself from being heartbroken. 

“Okay.” I said. “Just let me finish up this load and I’ll meet you in the living room.” Barry nodded and walked out. 

I finished what I was doing and walked into the living room where I found Barry sitting on my couch. I sat on the other end and turned to face him. 

“I wanted to talk about these past couple of weeks,” he said. “Let me start by saying thank you. I know I was a mess and you were there with me through it the whole time. You’re my best friend. I came to you for comfort and you did just that. But-” 

“It’s okay, Barry. I know what you’re going to say. I get it. You love me, but not like that. And I totally respect your decision,” I said and I felt my heart shatter. I shifted to stand up and walk towards my kitchen to start on some dishes that have been sitting there for ages.

Barry looked at me quizzically and just continued. “But I realized during that time that you are not just my best friend. You’re my better half, my partner in crime-literally- and I was finally able to admit what I was scared to admit all along.” Now I was the one who looked at him quizzically. “I love you, (y/n).” 

“Oh thank god,” I said and let out a breath that I wasn’t aware I was keeping in. “I don’t know if I could have recovered from that one.” 

Barry chuckled. He reached out and grabbed my hips, pulling me closer to him. His green eyes looked into mine with such passion. Then his lips landed on mine. It was warm, and slow, and perfect. His arms snaked around my waist as mine snaked around his neck. We pulled apart for a moment, our foreheads resting on each other. “I love you, too, Barry.” 

Barry smiled. “Do you want to go see a movie?” 

“Please. I’ve had enough cleaning for one day.” 

“Okay. We will go. Under one condition.” 

“No. You cannot call me shmoopaloo in public,” I said, very sure that’s what he was going to say. 

“Actually, I was going to say you needed to do the dishes first.” 

“But, Barry,” I whined. 

“Oh, c’mon. There’s literally like six dishes there. You can get those done in ten minutes.” 

“Fine,” I groaned. 

Barry kissed me again. I stood up and he smacked my ass as I turned to walk away. I looked at him and his smirking face. “I’ve been waiting forever to be able to do that.” 

“Is it weird if I were to say the same?”

We both laughed and Barry stood up to help me clean the dishes. It went a lot faster with his help. And within ten minutes, we were on our way to the movies. 

I was beyond happy. I guess having a little faith is worth the try. 

Comfort Prompts

“I’m here, I’m not gonna leave you.”

“Don’t say that you love me more than I love you. Trust me, you are the glorious sun to me, my everything and I love you with all my heart.”

“Repeat after me; I am worthy, I am worthy, I am worthy…and believe it, ‘cause you are.”

“Darling, perfect is just a word. Perfection is impossible and chasing after it will lead you nowhere. Just do your best and accept that the result is good.”

“When the most broken put themselves back together, they become the most beautiful angels. It’s okay if it’s sloppy or if a crack is still left open, you’re even more ethereal to me.”

“The longest and most difficult roads in life end in the best places. Be patient and keep going.”

“So what if the world is complex and overwhelming? So what if you can’t do it all, can’t be the best? Stop focusing on your image and focus on yourself. You have these years on this earth, enjoy them, don’t overthink it. “

“I’m love with your mind, soul and body.”

“The best thing you can do in life is to love yourself and let your passion help others to love themselves too.”

“I know you may feel alone right now but just remember how big the world is. How many souls will love you for who you are. They’re out there, don’t worry. Just get through, explore and you’ll find them. Just don’t forget to find yourself.”

“Can I kiss where it hurts?”

“Hey, it’s going to be fine. We’ll get through this together, hand in hand, okay?”

“It’s all about the little things. Your favorite tea, good stories, sparkly eyes, beautiful skies, the thrill of adventure, passion, the feeling of home. Enjoy them.”

“You’re not broken. Your mind is just built differently, get to know it, have a little chat with yourself. The most complicated minds tend to be the most beautiful ones, just don’t let it use you, learn to cooperate with it.”

“Hey, beautiful, you okay?”

“You’re amazing, did you know that?”

“I think I’m going blind from your beauty.”

“Everyone’s different. Everyone’s beautiful. You’re the most beautiful human I’ve met, and I’ve met myself!”

“Breathe, darling, breathe.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know that triggered you, I’ll never do it again.”

“Here, I’m going to make you some tea and we’ll watch a movie, that sound good?”

“ Magic is real. It’s not spells and cauldrons, no… it’s more subtle. Like, when the air seems electrified, when eyes speak more than words, when you sense something none of your normal senses detect. If you stop for a moment and look beyond, you’ll find it.“

“I know you don’t want to, but in the end, it’ll pay off. Just breathe, keep your head up and you’ll be fine.”

Commission for @inarelashionshipwithmyself

Lance had been cranky the last few weeks. On it’s own that wasn’t too unusual, Lance got cranky about the weirdest things.
About running out of the good face masks and having to use different ones that Allura gave him. About the mice not being in the mood to play with him when he wanted. About getting too little sleep. About getting too much sleep. About an alien he’d never seen before and never would again rejecting his embarrassing advances.
But usually his mood brightened again as quickly as it had soured and this lasting slump was starting to worry them.

Keith wasn’t the first who’d noticed it, he hardly ever was when it came to these things. But after Hunk had addressed Lance’s recent attitude and he’d started to pay attention, the signs couldn’t be ignored anymore.
Usually Lance chattered endlessly during their meals and meetings, now he hardly ever said a word, leaving the group as soon as he could where he’d despised being alone for long periods before.
He seemed tense during training sessions, focused but way too stubborn to really make anything out of it, the slightest mistake throwing him off for the whole day. Keith had caught him more than once on the training deck, using it late into the night, expression hardened and determined.

Whenever Hunk or Shiro or, lately, even Allura tried to talk to him he’d put on a cheery mask and pretend everything was fine before retreating to the shooting range to utterly destroy every target the ship gave him.
Keith didn’t know what to do, didn’t know how to reach Lance if not even their most empathetic team members could. He hadn’t felt this helpless since he heard the reports about the Kerberos mission failing.
Until the afternoon he was paired up with Lance for hand to hand combat training.

“That’s – okay, that’s enough”, Lance spat, squirming helplessly where Keith had him pinned, one hand tapping a fluttery rhythm against the floor. “I yield! Fuck, I yield!”
Keith furrowed his brows, not used to the other boy giving in this easily, but he still stepped back, offering Lance a hand to help him get up.
Lance scoffed and slapped the hand away, pushing himself upright. Frown deepening Keith watched him.

“You okay?”, he asked, wiping sweat from his forehead. They’d been sparring for a while already. Where Lance had been almost tenacious in the beginning the fire in his eyes had subsided with every failed try to overpower Keith, every time it was him tapping the mat instead.
Now he leveled Keith with an icy glare but instead of getting back into stance he turned away.
“Leave me alone”, he mumbled before he left the training deck.

Shiro perked up from where he was pinning Hunk against the floor, the yellow paladin about to twist free from the hold and counter it when he also noticed Lance’s retreat.
Allura stepped forward, hands on her hips as she called after him: “Lance! Lance, we’re not done, where do you think you’re…”
“It’s okay!”, Hunk called, having used the distraction to free himself and scramble to his feet. “It’s okay, I’ll go get him!”

“No”, Keith said, body moving before he could even think about it. “I’ll go, I’ll talk to him…” He could feel their eyes on him, skeptical and unsure. Could hear the breath Hunk took, the careful “Um, Keith buddy…”
But he just shook his head, going for the doors.
“I got this.”

As expected he found Lance in his room, already changed halfway out of his armor, the leg pieces still clinging to his body.
“I told you to leave me alone”, Lance mumbled, no emotion to be heard in his voice, but Keith still stepped further into the room, arms crossed and face determined.
“Yeah”, he answered, taking a look at the helmet and armor pieces Lance had put on the table for now. “But I wanna know what your deal is. You’ve been … weird.”
Lance huffed a dry laugh and shook his head.
“I’ve been…? No. Nothing. No deal, everything’s just … peachy.”

“Bullshit.” Keith shook his head. “You can tell Hunk and Shiro that. Because they want to … respect your privacy or whatever. But something’s wrong. I wanna know what.”
Lance groaned, throwing another armor piece onto the table.
“What, so you can feel even better about yourself? Just go away!”
Keith huffed and leaned a hip against the desk, trying to catch Lance’s gaze but the blue paladin already turned away from him again.

“Listen”, he began, not quite sure where this would lead but just going with it for now. “Just because you can’t beat me at hand to hand doesn’t mean…”
“Hand to hand? What can I beat you at then?”, Lance spat, whirling around to finally meet Keith’s gaze and there it was again, that fire he’d seen at the beginning of the training session. “You’re the amazing pilot, the martial arts expert, the brave one everybody loves and wants to be like! What else is there, what else … what else can I contribute?”
Keith frowned.

“You … you want to be like me?”
“Oh piss off!”, Lance cursed, turning away again with an exasperated huff. Slowly but surely Keith began to suspect he really wasn’t the right one for this job, that he was only making worse. Maybe he should retreat and send one of the others instead, to settle what he’d done wrong.
“I’m … I’m not good at this”, he began, already setting up to excuse himself when he had an idea. “At uh … talking to people. When they’re upset.”
“Oh really…” Lance’s voice was dripping with sarcasm but Keith pressed on.

“Or just in general. I just can’t seem to … connect with others. I’m not good at that. You are.”
Even though Lance’s back was turned to him Keith could see how he froze, head tilted a little. Listening. He took his chance and went on.
“Remember when we were on that desert planet and neither Pidge nor me could convince the aliens to let us evacuate them? But then you came in and only needed two minutes with their leader to make them trust us?”

Lance shook his head.
“You were still wearing your helmets, that was rude to them.”
“Yeah but we didn’t know! We never would have figured that out if you hadn’t!” Keith took a careful step forward, around Lance, to look at him again. Some of the tension had seeped out of the other boy’s shoulders and his expression wasn’t quite as hardened as before.
“Yeah”, Lance mumbled. “You guys would’ve been lost without me.”
“We would have been!”, Keith insisted, still not sure what he was doing, only that it seemed to work at least a little.

“And … and that’s not the only thing! You’re … you’re a great shot. An incredible shot! There’s a reason your bayard is a rifle and mine is for close combat. You’re our long range guy, yeah? You don’t have to beat me at hand to hand when you can beat me in a shooting competition any day. And your bond with your lion…”
That was apparently the wrong thing to say. Lance rolled his eyes and shook his head.
“Yours is better. The things Red does for you, it’s crazy…”

“Oh god!”, Keith groaned, throwing his arms out. “Stop comparing yourself to me! You’re your own person! And you bring your own skills to the team! We all need you and if you can’t see how much Blue adores you, you’re an even bigger idiot than I thought!”
There was a pause, Lance squinting at him as if deciding to trust him or not. Keith stubbornly held the gaze.

“You mean that, don’t you?”, Lance asked after a while, expression shifting from suspicious to thoughtful. He sucked his lower lip into his mouth, biting down on it.
“In case you haven’t noticed”, Keith said, posture relaxing again. “I’m also a really bad liar.”
Lance huffed another dry laugh at that but the creases around his eyes vanished as he relaxed.
“You really are”, he smiled tentatively and Keith couldn’t even bring himself to be mad at him. Not when he just coaxed a smile out of Lance. The first one in weeks.

Then Lance reached out to take his hand, squeezing it tightly, and Keith was way too surprised to react. The grip around his fingers was strong and warm, oddly pleasant.
“Come with me”, Lance said, tugging him towards the door without a care in the world for his half dismantled armor.
“What … where…”
“Shooting range”, Lance answered, completely nonchalant with a little shrug. “Wanna beat your ass at something right now.”
Keith snorted but let himself be dragged away. If that’s all it took to make Lance smile again he’d lose a hundred shooting competitions against him.

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