As Straight As A Ruler? Yeah Right (Phan Fiction)

Ages: Dan- 16, Phil- 18

Summary: Dan and Phil hate each other. Mostly because they’re both in love with the same girl. But maybe they’re not completely straight. And maybe she’s not interested either.

Partially based off the song Pity Party by Melanie Martinez

Also, Dan is smaller than Phil by a lot. Like he’s a foot shorter.

Dan’s POV

Phil didn’t understand. Elizabeth had been my best friend for four years. He wasn’t allowed to just step in and take her away from me. I wanted her to be my girlfriend but Phil seemed to have the same idea. He hates me. I know it, he’s only doing this to spite me, and he doesn’t actually love Elizabeth like I do. She’s so beautiful. Tall and pale with the softest brown hair and these beautiful eyes that change from brown to green to grey. I’ve always been fascinated by people whose eye colour changes. She’s seventeen but is actually in the same year as Phil as her birthday isn’t for another month, so she’ll be turning eighteen at the end of this year.

It’s the end of May so my birthday isn’t for another two weeks. It’s weird to think that she’ll be eighteen while I’m still sixteen even though we’re only a year apart. I’ve known Phil for two years. He joined our school for sixth form and I very much wish he hadn’t. As soon as he arrived he began picking on me and teasing me because I didn’t have any friends in my own year.

Currently, I was glaring at the back of Phil’s head as he sat with Elizabeth two tables in front of me. We all had a free period so we were in the study room but Phil had sat next to Elizabeth before I even got into the classroom. They were giggling quietly at something Phil was showing her on his phone.

My eyes widened when he turned to look at me, a smirk on his face before leaning into Elizabeth to press a kiss to her cheek. My eyes narrowed at the way she blushed and giggled, placing her hand on his arm. But she looked a little awkward. Maybe she really didn’t like him after all. I watched as she said something to him and he nodded before backing away from her slightly. So maybe she really doesn’t like him.

Before I could get my hopes too high, I saw that she was laughing again and looking at him the way she usually looks at me. That dick. He’s over stepped his boundaries.

The bell went a couple of minutes later, indicating that it was lunch. I immediately got up out of my seat and headed over to Elizabeth who was in the middle of packing her bag up. “Hey, Elizabeth, are you coming to have lunch with me?” I asked, smiling brightly at her. Not a day has gone by where she hasn’t sat with me. So it will be nice to have some alone time without Phil around.

“Actually, Dan, Beth is having lunch with me today.” Phil interjected, standing closely behind Elizabeth. I glared at him when I heard the stupid nickname. She told me that she prefers Elizabeth. So why is she smiling so much even when he used a dumb nickname?

“I’m sorry, Danny, maybe tomorrow.” She said and she genuinely looked apologetic. And even though I knew she was sorry, the nickname annoyed me. Since when was I ‘Danny’ and since when did she give people nicknames. This is stupid.

“Okay. I’ll see you tomorrow then!” I cheered, not wanting Phil to have the satisfaction of seeing me upset. I gave her a fleeting hug before leaving the study room and heading to the lunch area. However, when I got there I realised that I had no one to sit with. I cautiously approached the table that Elizabeth and I usually sat at and took a seat. I stared around the hall aimlessly, hoping that perhaps someone would want to sit with me. It wasn’t long before Phil and Elizabeth walked in, laughing stupidly at a joke I would never know before sitting with all of Phil’s friends. They didn’t even glance my way.

Twenty minutes of sitting at the table in silence passed and I decided to just plug in my ear phones and listen to music while playing some games I had on my phone. Just as I put on my music and plugged my earphones in, I saw Phil walk past my table. I watched him as he walked over to the water machine and poured a glass. He gulped it down next to the machine, his rose lips parted slightly to allow the water to pass through and his throat constricted slightly as he swallowed. His jaw was relaxed and his shoulders higher than usual. He put the cup down and began walking gracefully back to his seat.

That dick.

I looked away and turned my attention back to my phone where I turned my music up louder and started playing random games.


The next day, I approached Elizabeth during lunch and asked if she would be sitting with me. “I’m so sorry, Dan, I said I’d sit with my friends again.” She said apologetically. That hurt, though. Am I not her friend? Can’t I join them at their table?

“It’s okay.” I said quietly. “I have some work I need to do in the library anyway. Got a presentation coming up.”

“Look, Dan, there’s a party going on this weekend, why don’t you come with me?” She offered, biting her lip hesitantly.

“Really? I thought your friends didn’t like me hanging out with them.” I asked quizzically. Usually they said I couldn’t go or that I should find some friends in my own year. More often than not they would simply not tell me when they did things. They’d try not to let people know full stop.

“They don’t.” She said simply. “But I do, so none of those losers matter.” She gave me a big smile and opened up her arms. “So how about it? Shall I pick you up at eight tomorrow?”

I nodded with a smile before giving her a quick hug. “Don’t be late.” I said cheekily before skipping off to the library, much happier than I had been. I mean, this is practically a date! Oh wow, I’m going on a date with Elizabeth. Oh shit, what am I supposed to wear? I entered the library and was about to walk over to the computers before I walked straight into someone.

“Hey, watch where you’re going.” A deep voice came from above me and I looked up only to be faced with Phil. “Oh, it’s you. Come here to hide the embarrassment of sitting on your own at lunch?” He asked, glaring down at me.

“No, actually, I have work to do.” I said, standing tall with my hands on my hips.

“Oh really? I would have thought you were just sad about your girlfriend spending more time with me than she does with you.

“She’s my best friend, not yours. Besides, we’re going on a date tomorrow night.” I said smugly, holding myself up higher.

Phil snorted. “As if.”

“It’s true! She just asked me.” I said indignantly.

“Oh honey. I feel like you’ve gotten the wrong idea.” He then leaned down so that he was eye level with me which was rather intimidating when he was so much taller than me. “Beth doesn’t like you. She never really has. She just felt sorry for you. And now she’s realised what a waste of her time you are.”

I sincerely willed my bottom lip to stop trembling but it didn’t seem to be working because I could feel my ears burning with tears. “That’s not true.” I had intended to say this strongly but it came out much weaker than intended.

“I wouldn’t be so sure of yourself, buddy.” And with that, he was gone.

It was only fifteen minutes later of mindlessly studying in the library when someone was stood above me. I looked up and smiled when I saw that it was Elizabeth. However, my smile quickly faded when I saw the sad and angry look in her eyes. “Elizabeth, what’s wrong?” I asked worriedly.

“You, Dan, you’re what’s wrong!” She whispered harshly.

“What do you mean?” I asked quietly.

“Why did you go and tell everyone that I asked you on a date? Where the hell did that one come from?” She asked, clearly quite distressed.

“I thought- earlier- you said-“

“Well, you thought wrong, Dan. Now everyone is making fun of me and laughing and I can’t take that shit, Dan. You know how bad it got last time.” Elizabeth had moved here at the beginning of year ten for her, year nine for me. She’d been really bullied at her old school and so had to transfer over to ours. She really didn’t handle being teased for fear that she would start being bullied again. I wouldn’t blame her. I’d never want her to feel like how I do a lot of the time.

“I’m sorry, I won’t go tomorrow. It’s fine and then no one will make fun of you, yeah?” I said encouragingly, smiling softly up at her.

“Thank you, Dan.” She whispered before running off out of the library.

I slumped back down in my chair and frowned a little. Well, there goes my shot at spending more time with Elizabeth. And all because I couldn’t keep my bloody mouth shut and got my hopes up. Of course she doesn’t like me.


Two weeks later and Elizabeth and I hadn’t really spent time together at all. But it was my birthday this the weekend so I decided to have a party. My parents had gone out for the weekend and my brother was staying at a friend’s house so I had the whole place to myself. I had sent out the invitations a week ago. There was one for Elizabeth and a few of her friends. And then I had sent some out to the people in my year that didn’t bully me. Overall I sent out about thirty invitations. I only sent out so many just in case a couple of people couldn’t make it.

It was seven o’clock so people should have been arriving any minute. Technically my birthday isn’t until tomorrow but my parents come home tomorrow evening so I thought it would be best to do it on the Friday instead. I waited patiently on the sofa for someone to arrive. I had decorated the place nicely with some balloons and banners up. There were these really pretty streamers as well that were all really soft, pastel colours. There was plenty of food laid out on a table at the side of the room with a cake in the middle of it all. And there was music playing softly throughout the house.

I was wearing some simple black skinny jeans with a white shirt that had the sleeves rolled up and top two buttons undone while my hair had been straightened ten times over to make sure it would stay flat throughout the evening. I wasn’t really one for dancing but if Elizabeth wanted me to then I would happily get up and dance with her.

Just as I was beginning to think nobody would show up, I got a text from Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: hey dan, can’t make it tomorrow cos my grandparents are coming over tomorrow, sorry  :/

I looked at the message with a frown. Tomorrow? Did I make a misprint on the invitations? I quickly ran up to my room to check the spare invites but they all had todays date on them]

Dan: I don’t understand, the invite says tonight?

I sent the message and waited patiently. Maybe she just read it wrong or something. I’m sure everyone else will still be here and she’ll probably come now that she knows it isn’t tomorrow.

Elizabeth: i know but u sent out that email telling everyone the date changed

Now I was very confused. I hadn’t sent out any emails. I got up my emails and checked my sent messages. Sure enough there was an email that had been sent to everyone saying that the date had changed. Well nobody is going to come now. It’s far too late notice and I can’t do it tomorrow either way.

Dan: oh yeah, forgot about that, it’s okay  :D

I then sent an email to everyone saying that the party was cancelled. Nobody responded. I sighed as I slumped down onto the sofa. Who would have done that? Who would honestly hate me so much that they would go onto my emails and effectively cancel my party? Well, I’m pretty sure Phil Lester would. He’s such an asshole. I just know that he’s the one that did this. In a moment of anger, I got up Phil’s number on my phone and called him.

“Hello, who is this?” Phil’s voice asked pleasantly down the phone.

“You dick. You absolute dick. Why the fuck would you do that to me? Do you seriously hate me that much? You have no idea how much I hate you right now. Elizabeth was my only friend and now I have no one. And my party is ruined and why can’t I just have one night where I can pretend that people like me? Why can’t you just let me have that, you asshole?” I sobbed down the phone, tears rushing down my face while my breathing sped up erratically.

“Dan? Are you okay?” His voice asked down the phone, sounding genuinely worried.

I tried to respond but my throat constricted and all that came out was another broken sob. “Oh shit.” I breathed as I became lightheaded. I’d worked myself up too much and I was positive I was about to pass out.

“Dan?” Phil’s voice came down the phone, much more urgently. However, I didn’t have the chance to respond as I fell back onto the sofa and passed out, the phone still pressed up against the side of my face.


“He just called me and he was really angry and yelling and then he was crying and then it went silent.” There was a muffled voice above me and then there were hands turning me over.

“Oh god, Dan, why do you work yourself up like this?” I much softer, feminine voice sounded and then there was something warm over my entire body.

“Do you reckon he’s alright?” The first voice asked.

“Yeah, he’s fine. This isn’t the first time this has happened.” The second voice said and I groaned a little as I tried to open up my eyes. “Dan, you awake?”

I slowly opened up my eyes to see two blurry faces above me. I blinked a few times before the faces became clearer and I could make them out to be Elizabeth and Phil. “W-what are you doing here?” I asked hesitantly, voice still croaky.

“You passed out on the phone to Phil so he called me up and we came over.” Elizabeth explained and I turned my attention to Phil who was looking down at me worriedly.

“Well go away.” I said and turned onto my side so that I had my back against the back of the sofa and was facing the floor. I didn’t want them here after everything that had happened. I just wanted to sit on my own and cry.

Elizabeth crouched down beside me so that she was at my eye level. “Come on, Dan, why don’t we go and watch some movies or something?”

“I don’t want to do anything with you two.” I complained, closing my eyes tightly. “Besides, you haven’t spoken to me in weeks.” I mumbled that part. I had tried to play it off as nothing but now that I had voiced my concern about our lack of communication, it was all I could think about. I mean, are we even friends anymore?

“Don’t be like that, Danny.” She whispered, moving closer to me so that I could feel her breath hitting my neck. “Please, I’ll buy you some chocolates.”

“There’s enough food on that table to feed thirty.” I said stubbornly, waving in the general direction of the food table. “Take what you want and leave so I can have some peace.”

“Okay, I get it, you want to be alone. That’s fine. I’ll call you tomorrow, okay Dan?” Elizabeth murmured, her hand resting on my shoulder.

I just nodded and listened as her footsteps faded away. However, I still felt like I was being watched so I cracked my eyes open to see Phil staring down at me. I gave him a quizzical look but didn’t say anything as he looked down at me from where I was curled up on the sofa. I pulled the blanket that was over me further around my body and just looked back at him tiredly. “If you’re not going to say anything could you get me a drink of water?” I asked quietly and then pointed over to the food table where there was a jug of water at the back along with various fizzy drinks.

I closed my eyes again as Phil walked away, heading over to the table. “Who made this cake?” I heard him ask.

The cake was a large, round vanilla sponge cake with white icing all over it. It had been decorated with swirling patterns in all different colours around it so it looked slightly like a tie-dye shirt. I just thought it looked pretty and the colours were all pastel so they went with the decorations. I had seen a tutorial for it online and so made my own version. “I did.” I responded to his question.

“Well it looks really cool.” He said and he sounded genuine which was strange when he had done nothing but tease me since we met. I felt a tap on my shoulder and looked up to see Phil holding a glass of water out to me.

“Thanks.” I mumbled as I sat up and took the glass from him. I drank it slowly, trying not to feel uncomfortable with the fact that Phil was just watching me. “If you’re going to stay you might as well sit down.”

“I’m sorry.” Phil said and I tuned to him, surprised. He was looking at me sadly as he sat down on the sofa beside me. “I didn’t think you’d get so upset. Can’t you just do the party tomorrow night?”

I stared at him for a minute before shaking my head. “No, my parents are coming home tomorrow. Besides, Elizabeth can’t make it so what’s the point?” I told him honestly.

“Why are you so hung up on Beth, she has her own life you know?” Phil said and I rolled my eyes, turning away from him. Stupid Phil would never understand.

“Because she’s my best and only friend, you wouldn’t understand. I’m fully aware that no one likes me but people at least put up with me when I was with Elizabeth. Now no one even goes near me.” I sighed and curled up on the sofa once again. “Right now I’d just appreciate if you left me alone.”

There was silence for a little while but I stayed still, breathing in and out steadily. After a few minutes I could hear Phil stand up and leave at which point I got up from the sofa and picked up my birthday cake. I took it over to the sofa and sat there with a fork, eating the cake from the whole rather than cutting a piece. I didn’t care what I looked like right then or that my curtains were open so Phil would probably see me if he looked back at the house. I just wanted to sit and eat cake and cry.


The following week dragged by slowly. I spent most time on my own or in the library. I saw Elizabeth on Monday and she apologised about the weekend but after that we didn’t talk. It was incredibly lonely. I don’t think I was even sad. I was just numb. It was strange to not have anyone to go and talk to and it was as though I didn’t really know what to do with myself. I did get a lot of work done, however, and my teachers seemed pleased with the change even if they had no idea how lonely I was all the time.

It was at the end of the week that things started to get a little worse. People started glaring at me and sending me harsh looks. And then on Thursday someone shoved me in the hallway and called me a ‘gaylord’ which didn’t make any sense and yet, somehow, it still hurt.

Friday was when I found out why. “Heard you sucked Jayden off last week.” One of the guys on the football team said as him and a group of friends approached me.

“What?” I asked, utterly shocked at the suggestion.

“You heard me.” The same guy said. “Apparently you begged him like a little slut.”

“I don’t-”

“Oh shut it, Howell.” The guy sneered, pushing me up against the wall by my shoulders. He was much taller than me and I suddenly felt like an ant with the way he was standing over me. “We all know it’s true. Anyone would have guessed you’d turn out to be a faggot.”

“I didn’t-”

This time I was silenced by a punch to the stomach. “Just shut up.” He growled, letting his large fist crash down against my stomach once again.

“Get off of him!” A loud yell came down the corridor and I tuned to see Phil and Elizabeth running over. Oh great, just the people I wanted to see right now. “I said get off!” Elizabeth growled and the guys let go of me before running off. I guess it’s because Phil is popular and could ruin their reputations. “Dan, are you alright?” Elizabeth asked, standing in front of me.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” I said, a little bit dazed and not really concentrating on Elizabeth.

“Come on, let’s go and get a drink.” She offered, smiling kindly.

“I’d rather not.” I said, looking over at Phil who was stood way too close to Elizabeth. She looked between us two before sighing and taking my hand.

“Dan, I think all three of us really need to talk. Now, let’s go and get a drink.” She said and led us all out of the school and down the road to the coffee shop near the school. It was fairly busy but we managed to find seats at the back of the shop that me and Elizabeth sat in while Phil went to go and get drinks. When he returned, Elizabeth took her drink and looked up at both of us.

“Right, let’s get down to business.” She said and took a long, slow sip of her drink. “It has come to my attention that you two have been squabbling because you both have a crush on me.”

“Beth, where did-?”

“What, no I never-”

“Don’t try to deny it. I can tell you guys are like a couple of lovesick puppies.” She laughed a little. “But I have something to tell you that might affect that. I’m asexual. And aromantic. Which means I don’t feel sexual or romantic attraction. At least that’s how it is in my case. Asexuality is different for everyone but I personally don’t experience either sexual or romantic attraction at all. As much as I find you both to be lovely, I’m not interested.”

There was silence for a little while and I looked down at my hands. I felt so utterly stupid. All this time I was acting like we had something more than friendship and it was probably just making her uncomfortable. That’s probably why she stopped hanging out with me. I’m such a bloody idiot. That explains why she was so upset when I said we were going on a date. I felt my shoulders droop as I thought about it all but no one spoke.

“That’s okay.” Phil finally spoke up. “It’s okay if you’re not interested. I’m sure we’ll both move on, right Dan?” My head snapped up at the mention of my name and I looked up at Phil who was looking at me worriedly.

“Oh Dan, I didn’t realise you liked me that much. I would have let you down a little easier.” Elizabeth said and I sniffled, trying not to show that I was upset because she was taking it the wrong way.

“No, it’s not that. I just feel like an idiot because I probably made you so uncomfortable and I promise you I didn’t mean to.” I said quickly, taking a deep breath at the end and looking down once again.

“Dan, you silly boy, you didn’t make me uncomfortable, its fine.” Elizabeth said, pulling me closer to her so that she could wrap and arm around me. “You never did anything to make me feel uncomfortable. Phil on the other hand…” She trailed off and looked over to Phil who was smiling sheepishly.

“I’m sorry.” He admitted, his eyes pleading and sincere even if his voice was small.

“It’s okay, hun, you can just buy me chocolates to make up for it!” She exclaimed before getting to her feet. “However, I am going to leave you two to chat. You’ve been fighting for too long and honestly, I think you’d actually both be really good friends now that you have nothing to fight over. So talk.” And with that, she skipped off out of the coffee shop and left Phil and I alone at the table.

I looked down at the table and played with the sleeves of my sweater as Phil looked over at me. “I’m sorry, you know?” Phil said softly and I nodded.

“Yeah, I know, me too.” I said in a hushed voice, feeling incredibly awkward.

“I guess I never really liked Elizabeth in that way anyway.” He said and I looked up at him in confusion.

“Well why did you take her away from me then? Was it just to spite me?” I asked sadly. What was the point in doing all of that if he didn’t even like her?

“I guess I wanted to make you jealous.” He mumbled and now it was his turn to look down at the table and I could see that he was blushing slightly.

“Why would you-?”

“Because I like you.” He cut me off and I stared at him with wide eyes. His eyes met mine and I was frozen in place. How was I even supposed to react to that? “From the minute I saw your cute little face I knew I was fucked because I was so attracted to you but you wouldn’t even give me the time of day. You were so hung up on Elizabeth and I wanted your attention. I got it. Just not in a positive way.”

I had no clue what to say to him. I picked up my hot chocolate and occupied myself by drinking it slowly. However, I finished the drink much quicker than I had intended. After placing the drink down, I fumbled with my sleeves and stared down at the table. “I don’t- um, I don’t understand.” Okay that was a lie. I understood perfectly well, I was just trying to buy some time.

“Dan.” Phil said softly and then his hands were pulling mine away from each other and he was holding my hands in his. “It’s okay. You don’t have to say anything. Go home and have a think, okay?” He cooed as he held my shaking hands tightly in his own. “I’ll see you on Monday.” He smiled at me before getting up, waving slightly and then he left.

I let out a sigh after he was gone. Well if this wasn’t an eventful day then I don’t know what is anymore. My brain hurt with how much information I had just taken in and I had a headache so I walked slowly home.


“So, Phil told me about what happened!” Elizabeth said excitedly. She was currently sat on the bed in my bedroom while I was sat on a bean bag on the floor. It was Saturday and she had invited herself over because we hadn’t spoken in so long and she wanted to get back to how we used to be.

I buried my face in my hands. “Can we not?” I asked, giving my best puppy eyes.

“Nope, we are talking about this whether you like it or not.” She grinned mischievously. “So, are you gonna go out with him?”

I sighed loudly. “Elizabeth you can’t just ask people that and I don’t know. I didn’t think I was gay but…”

“But what?” Her eyes bulged as she sat forward so she her head was hanging off the bed while her body was spread out across the entire double bed. “You’re gay as fuck, aren’t you Howell?”

“Okay never call me ‘Howell’ again and I don’t know!” I said, exasperated. “I didn’t think it was. To be honest I’ve never really felt about it before but I mean when he was holding my hands everything kinda slowed. Like, I was so anxious after hearing what he said and my hands were shaking but once he was holding them it just… went. I wasn’t so nervous anymore.”

“That’s a good thing!” Elizabeth encouraged.

“Is it?” I asked, raising an eyebrow. “Aren’t you supposed to feel butterflies when you’re with someone you like?”

“If you ask me, that’s bullshit. No one is going to feel the exact same when they’re with someone they love. And quite frankly, I’d rather feel peaceful than like I was about to throw up.” She said.

“You know a lot about romance for an aro/ace.” I commented, nudging her playfully.

“It’s cos I have an outsider perspective. Completely unbiased.”

“Or you just read too many romance novels.”

“Yeah, maybe.”

“And you go on tumblr too much.”

“Alright, that’s enough.”

I couldn’t help but giggle as she threw a pillow towards me that I managed to catch and throw back to her.

“So, Phil.” She said, her features softening until she was just smiling slightly. “What are you going to do about it?”

“I have no idea.” I admitted. “Half of me wants to just not think about it and hope the problem goes away.”

“What does the other half of you want?” Elizabeth asked.

“To make out with him.” I said bluntly and Elizabeth burst out laughing.

“Okay I think we’ve solved your problem.” She laughed. “Clearly you want to be with him in some way.” She said and wiggled her eyebrows while making a suggestive face.

“Oh fluff off.” I said, pushing on her shoulder lightly.

“I’ll stop if you ask him out on Monday.” She said cheekily.

“Fine.” I admitted softly, Honestly, I wanted to do it anyway but I also very much wanted my friend to stop being so weird right now. “Now let’s watch some movies.”

“Okay but no Netflix and Chill.”

“Seriously that joke is so old, get over yourself.” She just grinned up at me before moving over so that I could join her on the bed with my laptop.


“Dan!” Phil called as I walked up to him at school on Monday morning. Some people looked around curiously at what was happening because since when did popular kid Phil Lester hang out with loser boy Dan Howell?

“Hi.” I murmured shyly as I walked up to him. “Um, so I thought about the thing.”

“Oh yeah? You don’t have to say anything now. You can have as much time as you want.” Phil told me sincerely as he closed his locker and turned his full attention on me. Stupid tall Phil Lester making me crane my neck to look up at him.

“No, it’s okay.” I told him. “I thought about it and well, I like you back. Turns out I’m kinda gay.” I admitted and looked down shyly, hoping that the other students in the hallway couldn’t hear our conversation.

“Well I already knew you were ‘kinda gay’ you practically scream it, Dan.” He said, laughing lightly. “So would you, Kinda Gay Howell, take me, Very Gay Lester to be your hot ass boyfriend?” He asked and I couldn’t help but laugh loudly at his words before nodding.

“Yes, yes I would.” I replied, grinning shyly up at him. I then tried to get on my tiptoes so that I could kiss him but even then I only came up to his shoulder. I ended up pouting up at him as I tried once more to reach up.

“Come here, you little squish.” He chuckled before picking me up by my waist and kissing me softly once I was at his height level.

“Okay that was lovely but also terrifying.” I said when he put me back on the ground. “I was not prepared to be picked up.”

“Well, you better get used to it because I plan on kissing you a lot more and I don’t intend to bend down every time.” He told me as he took my hand in his and started heading towards the study room.

“You know, I think I’ll be okay with that.” I said, grinning up at him happily.




So, I liked writing this ^_^

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Also, I very nearly had an issue with saving this and I was ready to start crying

Hope you enjoyed!
As Straight As A Ruler? Yeah Right

Summary: 16 year old Dan and 18 year old Phil hate each other. Mostly because they’re both in love with the same girl. But maybe they’re not completely straight. And maybe she’s not interested either.

Partially based off the song Pity Party by Melanie Martinez

Also, Dan is smaller than Phil by a lot. Like he’s a foot shorter

Extra tags: height difference, songfic

anonymous asked:

so I found this fic when I was looking through the phanfiction tag earlier than I lost it and I can't find it anymore :c I think it was published today and it was like something like about dan being upset and then building a fort or something. I didn't get to read it yet and I really want to. help?

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Title: Hotch’s Embrace
Author: Violetoak
Rating: T
Prompt/Summary: Hotch comforts a recent victim and allows himself to get too close.
Main Character(s): Hotch, little bit of Rossi, ofc
Trigger Warning: Mentions of being the victim; nightmares
Word Count: 1440
Multishot: no
Author’s Notes: This was a request from my own page.

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Words: 1176

Type: Angst, comfort

Triggers: depression, medication, therapy

Summary: Sequel to “Frozen”. Dan returns home from the hospital and the hard work towards recovery begins.  Fortunately, he has Phil by his side to be his strength and his guide.  This story was inspired by the “College Dropout” video, which I recommend you watch after you read this chapter for best effect.  Thank you guys so much :D

Better Safe Than Sorry

Pairing/Characters: 2009!phan

Genre: Angst, kinda, Fluff, kinda, Comfort, kinda. DRABBLE.

Word Count: 673 (yikes short I know)

Warnings: Implied family issues

Description: Sometimes Dan’s parents argue. A lot. Phil wishes he could do something to help.


He could faintly hear Phil’s voice coming from the headphones that had slipped off of his head in his rush to turn and look towards the bedroom door. It was still closed, but tonight it was so loud that it might as well not even been there.

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I’m at the point where I’m skipping class because I feel lonely or not in the mood, smiling when I’m sad, reading through old texts to rekindle feelings of being wanted, and relying on music to comfort me when nobody else will…
—  Many listen and know where I stand, yet,
Only my shadow truly understands.