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For the TV show recommendation post, I'd add لو (Lebanese drama), روبي (Lebanese/Egyptian drama), إس إل شي SL Chi (Lebanese comedy show), شنكبوت (Lebanese web series), بلا حدود (Lebanese 'human interest story' show), هيك نحنا منغني (Lebanese music show). All of these helped me with Lebanese vocab! Does anyone have any recommendations of shows from other Levantine countries? For example, can *you* recommend any classic/famous Palestinian shows - comedy, drama, whatever you like?

Thank you for the additional recommendations! I’ll add them to the post.

I’m not sure if my recommendations would be interesting since I don’t really watch much tv but here you go :

  • I like watching huroof watan حروف وطن, it’s a series about the different villages and towns in Palestine where they interview elderly people and ask them about the history of the village it’s really nice [link].
  • There are Fly with Haifa’s videos, she’s a Palestinian girl who makes travel videos and vlogs and she speaks in Palestinian arabic and in English too  [link]
  • I enjoy watching videos about teaching Palestinian dabkeh, so here’s a link to the YouTube channel called Shabab El Quds شباب القدس [link].
  • The movie  يا طير الطاير (The idol) is about Mohammed Assaf , the Palestinian from Gaza who won Arab idol contest and the difficulties he went through in order to win [link].
  • There are two series about Palestinians even though they were produced in Syria and they are عياش and التغريبة الفلسطينية

I watched many documentaries but I don’t remember the names, I’ll add them to this list if I remember them.

If anyone can recommend any good Palestinian tv shows/ series/ comedies/ dramas/documentaries/ etc. please do.
15 Stars in Sundance 2018 Movies
Kristen Stewart (/name/nm0829576) The Twilight (/title/tt1099212) star, who has established some impressive indie credits since the end of the vampire series in 2012, plays maid Bridget in psychological thriller Lizzie (/title/tt5160938), based on the infamous 1892 murders of the Borden family. Lizzie Borden, with whom Bridget enters an intimate relationship, is played by Chloë Sevigny (/name/nm0001721).

15 Stars in Sundance 2018 Movies

Kristen Stewart

The Twilight star, who has established some impressive indie credits since the end of the vampire series in 2012, plays maid Bridget in psychological thriller Lizzie, based on the infamous 1892 murders of the Borden family. Lizzie Borden, with whom Bridget enters an intimate relationship, is played by Chloë Sevigny.

Robert Pattinson

Like his Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart, Pattinson has carved out an impressive indie career playing a wide range of characters in the wake of that blockbuster franchise. Damsel appears to be another such addition. Pattinson plays Samuel Alabaster, a businessman who travels West to join his fiancée in the mountains. Co-starring Mia Wasikowska, the movie is described as a comedy-drama Western. Consider us intrigued.

2018 Project List

I was tagged by @jro616 and @frau-argh - thanks guys!

Hoo boy.

  • RBB Business I can’t talk about yet, because I don’t know
  • I’m under the impression that the books I’m writing/co-writing still somehow have homes with their respective publishers, so let’s see if I can overcome my CRIPPLING FEAR OF DOING IT WRONG

  • I Guess That This Must Be The Place, a feels-filled comedy-drama in which the Grandmaster plays the largest-scale game of hide-and-seek he’s ever played in his whole life in the name of love and soulmates and all that jazz.

“Okay,” he began, puffing out a slow breath.  "Thor, brother, do you remember, on Sakaar, that nice man with the gold robes and the whole arena and the… party ship, all that?“

"The Grandmaster,” said Thor.  "Wait, nice man?“

Loki smiled sheepishly.

"Yeah, about that,” he said.  "Great news, I’m seeing someone!“

  • Sextown, U.S.A., in which we learn the true story of how Steve Rogers and Wade Wilson became such good friends.  Features Steve’s Feelings, an outlet mall, and a prominent Canadian singer-songwriter.

The message was otherwise vague on details, but the urgency in Wade’s voice told Steve it was serious, and that he should come alone.

"Help me, Steve Rogers,” he pleaded.  "You’re my only hope.“

Steve had to admit that that got to him.

(It would be three months before Steve would see Star Wars for the first time.  Needless to say, he was not amused when he did.)

  • Untitled Series Of Intertwining Character Narratives, including a missing piece of Notes From A Dirty Attic, a ton of stucky feels, Sharon’s gay and also a good bro…  uhh, basically three intersecting Days In The Life somewhere between catws and cacw.

Sometimes, just before I fall asleep, or if I let my mind be idle, I wonder what Steve is doing.  Sometimes I think of him just doing ordinary things like laundry or painting, or going for a run in the park.  Sometimes I wonder if he still takes the subway like we used to.  I wonder if he lines up for Sunday brunch with his friends, the ones whose faces I know, and sometimes what I imagine other friends might look like.  He’s ordered the blueberry pancakes and he’s already on his second refill of coffee.  His lips are stained purple from the dark berries, smiling.

He looks like a goddamn idiot.

  • Untitled Adventure, in which Kate Bishop is like the sister Tony Stark never had, and Tony is like the sister Kate never talks to, except they talk, and sometimes they engage in covert operations to pre-emptively save the world from a probably really bad thing.

"Hey, are you texting Clint?” asked Natasha.

“Yeah, just letting him know the neighbour’s dogsitting for a few days,” said Kate.

“You should tell him we’re going to blow up the Death Star,” Natasha grinned.  "He’ll be so jealous.“

"That is super mean,” replied Kate.  "I love it.“

And other things in no fit state to be seen (Stevey and Buckaroo Get Married, perhaps?) and who knows if I’ll finish any of them.  Paintings of stuff, more soft stucky than you can shake a stick at, things I expect to arise as a result of either enthusiasm or salt for upcoming films as and when they’re released.  Yanno, the usual gubbins.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

(It looks like a ton of people I know have already been tagged to do this, so if you haven’t yet and want to be, then do this thing and tag me in it so I can see what you’re up to!)

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I just read your script for the gmw episode and i am honestly so impressed with how well you wrote the characters, like i could literally hear their voices. I really hope you are able to get your own show some day bc im sure it would be amazing. literally the drama and comedy in that spec was amazing and so perfectly balanced agh

Thank you so much! There are still a few parts I’m not totally happy with, but I really appreciate that feedback! Inspires me to keep going. I’m so happy I would have a least a few viewers if I had my own show :)

;dimple (m)

pairing—kim seokjin x reader
genre/warnings—smut, comedy, slight angst/drama, romance, slow burn, roommates/friends
words— 14,725

:: summary— What’s the rule again? How many dates does it take for you have sex with a guy? Three? Five? Ten?! What if all this waiting and you can’t remember how to do it? It’s been so long since the last time you swear you’ve forgotten! You’re desperate, and that’s how you end up asking your roommate for help. Only trouble is, you get much more than you bargained for…

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Spoilers for the One Punch Man Maji CD Vol. 1 drama tracks are all over Twitter, and I translated a few tweets that explains the basic gist of the Middle School Alternate Universe drama track (it’s basically about Genos being over the top and crazy for Saitama LOL). I will translate the entire drama once I get my copy too! Enjoy~


“The One Punch Man Maji CD Middle School Drama is basically a shojo manga about first love [for Genos]”

“The middle school drama has Genos eating lunch with Saitama at school everyday, buying food together, sitting in the bus together, and baking cookies for Saitama to give him as presents.”

“The middle school drama is exactly what I imagined- a love story about Genos’ first love…basically a love comedy.”

“The main drama track is also a rom com about the daily lives of a married couple (Saitama and Genos) lol. Natural borne crazy disciple Genos is the best!”

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wait iz what’s the running list you have of all harry’s tats?

here you goooo, i think this is all of them:

upper body:
1. swallows
2. 2 crosses with M & K under them (left side)
3. 17black
4. 1957 (supposedly des’ birth year)
5. 1967 (supposedly anne’s birth year)
6. cursive a (for anne)
7. cursive g (for gemma)
8. half a heart (matching w/ nathan followill)
9. comedy/drama theater masks
10. closed birdcage
11. SMCL
12. X
13. butterfly
14. ferns
15. cross with B under it (right side) xx
16. might as well… (coved by ferns)
17. love banner (covered by swallows)

left upper arm:
18. 5 point star (first tattoo, not filled in originally)
19. won’t stop til we surrender (temper trap song, nearly faded, lyrics incorrect)
20. 3 nails
21. coat hanger
22. Hi
23. NY
24. LDN
25. LA
26. gemma in hebrew
27. black filled in heart
28. packers logo (got it bc of a bet)
29. pingu
30. iced gem
31. can i stay?
32. dark side of the moon pink floyd album cover
33. ship
34. shaking hands
35. skull w/ top hat
36. silver spoon
37. guitar
38. anatomical heart
39. you booze you lose w/ liquor bottle
40. late late
41. home made (covered up by ship)

left lower arm:
42. A (for anne, done by zayn)
43. holy bible
44. rose
45. mermaid
46. anchor
47. padlock
48. key
49. 99p
50. shamrock w/ the letters SSC in it
51. aquarius symbol
52. R (most likely for robin, possibly for his goddaughter ruby)
53. jackson (godson’s name)
54. arlo (rumored godchild’s name)
55. fly
56. things i can’t (covered by bible)
57. i can’t change (covered by anchor)

left hand:
58. cross

right arm:
59. eagle
60. things i can (covered up by eagle)

left thigh:
61. tiger
62. Brasil!

63. BIG (on big toe)
64. never gonna dance again (across both ankles, george michael song)
65. screw on each ankle (done by and matching with zayn, lilo later got them as well)